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Part 56: Ruins of Obel (VI)

There isn't technically any "post-game" content in Suikoden Tactics, but as our levels keep going up, the enemies we'll to be facing from here on are going to start getting more dangerous than even the ones on the final maps. Let's get started!

Today, we're going to visit the Rage Chamber beneath Obel. Originally I was planning to do this pretty soon after the Mother Earth Chamber, but things dictated otherwise, and, well, here we are.

To get back to the dungeoning, this quest may seem familiar. Whatever we do, it is important that we do not accept it at this point.

Arriving in Obel on a fire day requires some sitting around, so here's a thing that happened while I was waiting.

Please do.

In Kooluk...


Are there any fun places to visit?

Umm, well, you know... Like places where we could all go to relax, or eat good food...

Or hunt for treasure...

I think Rita is the most normal out of the group, and in case you were forgetting, this is the girl who beats things to death with a hammer bigger than her head. But at least she has healthy hobbies like, uh, gaming, I suppose, whereas Rene is all BEEP BOOP TREASURE HUNTING and Corselia is all... whatever it is Corselia does.

Hmmm... I really can't think of anywhere like that. Even if there are any, I've never been to them.

Okay... Well, they've got to exist, right? Let's go discover some!

Yeah, wouldn't it be great if we explored a bunch of new places?

It would. I'd love to find somewhere where we could all just have a good time.

I guess that still wasn't an A-rank support or anything because we're not getting a different ending regardless... wait, I think I'm confusing my Japanese SRPGs again.

Anyway! I've already beaten the game with a reader-decided party, so today I'll see if I can wring some support conversations out of some of our less appreciated people. And the Obel royal family, because they're like one convo from unlocking their unite attack.

Excellent! Let's get on with it!

Case in point.

Family Attack is pretty boring...

...and it doesn't hit all that hard, either. In IV, this had a chance to flop, which would cause Flare to put an arrow in Lino's behind instead of the enemy, but I don't know if that happens here. Probably not, but I'm not about to experiment because as previously stated, it's boring.

They aren't the only ones working on their supports today.


I'm not as easy as Kyril. I don't completely trust you yet.

Ha! You're a frank one, aren't ya? Fine, then. Keep an eye on me!

That's exactly what I'll be doing.

I'm not sure how they got good will out of this, but apparently they did. There's an even worse one later on, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I have no regrets when it comes to benching these two. It really wasn't worth the trouble getting them up to par.


Wow, you're cold. Why the mood?

If we had trained them, Sigurd is basically a slightly better Kate, and as you've seen, Kate is pretty good.

No offense... I just don't feel like having to say "hi" all the time. I see your face every day, anyway.

I think she beats him in the personality department, though.

All right, all right, I get it. Sheesh...

This, too, results in good will.

This doesn't, but look at those +2:s! Look at them!

This one came as a bit of a surprise.


I didn't think they had anything left to say.

Kooluk is... It's completely different from what I expected.

But when I think about it, I've never used Flare that much, so it's only natural that I haven't seen everything she has to say.


I used to think that everyone in Kooluk was greedy, just a bunch of profiteers. I'm ashamed to say it, but that's all I thought they were.

Well, Kooluk did mount that invasion of the Island Nations, unprovoked... So, I don't think it's su surprising that you felt that way about the whole kingdom...

And hey, what do you know - character development! Sort of, but I'll take what I can get.

Meanwhile, Andarc.

And Andarc's stats.

He killed everything, so reinforcements spawned in...

...but Lazlo hits the exit and that's that.

I don't think these two are going to have a lot to say so soon, so Flare gets an opportunity to practice her guilt-tripping skills instead. I'm getting Rene in here instead, just because.

It's not that I'm expecting anything great from the second floor, but I might as well dig for it if it's there.


Well, well. How the mighty Kooluk Empire has fallen. Can't even police our own borders.


And that really can't have left them feeling much better about each other, but the game says it did, so apparently it did.

Meanwhile, Andarc, again.

And Andarc's stats, again. Not as much of them, but he's got it where it counts.

Lino doesn't guilt-trip. It's not in his nature. He just grumbles.

This is seriously outdated and I doubt I'll even be bothered to sell it.

Of course, Kika supports with all the pirates.

Hiya, Lady Kika! How can I be of service?

How about doing some off-screen training and coming back 40 levels higher? I'd like that.

You're in a good mood, as usual.

Darn tootin'. He's just been let off the bench for the first time since... well, forever, really! I'd be happy too.


This time, I don't see any problems with the good will they get.

Don't see any problems with this, either!

All the pirates. All of them.

Don't worry about it.

Very well. I'll keep helping Kyril's group, then.

Please do.

Actually how about you just go back to the bench because you're still level 4 and bringing you along in any serious situation would likely be more harmful than helpful.

Coop's level is a lot higher, but he's still kind of shit. He can't actually die, though, so I'll just deal with it.

Huh? Are you about ready to go?

No problems over here.

I'm ready, too!

Should I be listening in on this conversation?

...oh, they just learned a unite attack. Very well, then.

It's basically Family Attack. Sheesh, we're hitting Suikoden V levels of boring unites here.

Hervey gets a level out of it, though, so I guess that's something.

Rene digs up a second useless treasure...

...and Lazlo nukes the map's only chest for a Balance Orb, a rune which prevents unbalance - pretty nice for spear or claw users, or I guess you could put it on Kika and make Falcon Storm Thrust even more hilarious.

Or you could not bother because nothing will be around to take advantage of that unbalance after FST anyway.

Despite getting Coop killed, I actually got an A rank here. And of course...


Every last fucking one of you, die, now, okay please. Thanks.


Andarc never changes.

(Actually yes he does, that's kind of the point of these things, he's constantly changing in a positive direction and )

Again, crossing an invisible line causes reinforcements to spawn in. They are not a threat.

They do delay us long enough for this to trigger, however.

I suppose we should give it a try...

Uh, yeah...

This attack, like Dying Wish, is a pain to set up. The AoE is worse, too.

We've nothing to use it on, either. Time to move on.

It's the same fucking enemy configuration as last time! And the pirates don't have anything to say to each other, so they tag out.

You sure you don't need me?


I'm itchin' to go!

...if you need to go, could you please tell me before we get halfway through the dungeon...

Hello, Rachel. Looking forward to working with you...

What's wrong? You seem a bit down.

N-No... I'm always like this...

Poor emo Eugene. He can't even cut himself because his DEF is higher than his STR.

Well... okay, then. Good luck with that spear!

Thank you, and the same to you.


I really don't like this setup. Those fucking fly lizard reinforcements. Whyyyyy.

They'll stall us long enough to get some more supporting done, though.

Oh, Your Highness!

About that... Please, call me "Lino" for now.

I... uh, okay... I'll try to call you "Lino" from now on.

Much appreciated.

And that's that.

Time for the other one.

Oh, I-I'm fine...

Put a little more life into it! That's what I'm doing!

I'll do my best, sir...

So about that unite attack... any time now, guys.

Flare makes up for her great level from last time with a kind of crummy one.




Eat plot lasers.

Lazlo may have mastered his rune, but he still has kinda crummy luck. I think it's still better than Snowe's though...

Flare makes another attempt and manages better this time.

Not even going to try to dig for treasure here, as I'm pretty sure I got it all the first time, so all that's left is to murder everything and hit the exit. Next: more dungeon, more talking!

Bonus content:

Family and Pirate Attacks, "not a shitty gif" version.