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Part 60: Ruins of Obel (VII)

We only have one chamber left to dig through, but I'm going to take a side tour for a revisit first.

Nothing much of interest happened on the way down. I don't remember if we've seen water spirits before, but they're a nice shade of blue.

Another formation we haven't seen before.

There wasn't any treasure when we fought the mercs, and I need the dragon meat for that quest, so here's the Flowing Chamber again.

Predictably, the Flowing Dragons are bluish.

Lazlo is getting a bit of actual help this time, because I need someone who can fly up to those platforms. Flare will be spending most of the fight hiding in the corner, but she'll get a few shots in later on.

...clever! Each dragon has a high tier elemental rune, so of course these ones can cast Silent Lake. And, given who they're up against, it's the smartest thing they can do.

Still, it will only prove a slight delay. The biggest difference is that Lazlo is now limited to killing one enemy per turn.

I didn't even upgrade his weapons fully; he's just a really good character. The fact that he's several levels higher than most of the enemies probably helps as well.

The dragons seem content to stay up on the rear platforms until all the spirits have gone down. It's only at that point that they start moving. And at this point, so does Flare because I've grown bored waiting for Lazlo to start lasering things again.

Wow, that's bad. Losing the effect of Battle Lust really tanks her damage output.

Around this point, Lazlo regains use of his voice (and Rune) and blasts away the other dragon. These dissolve into bubbles when they go down.

And Lazlo gets more overpowered.

This again! It won't help, you know. You'll only die slightly slower.

Lazlo can't reach the dragon this way, so he starts looting the chests instead. This is the strongest armour we've picked up so far, though it has no special abilities. Only women can wear it.

Meanwhile, Flare keeps poking the dragon for minor damage.

We already had one of these.

It takes a while, but Flare finally shoots down the dragon. I'll have Lazlo get rid of one of the elementals so it doesn't get in the way while we treasure hunt.

...we can do better than that, right?

As it turns out, we can, but only barely. We already had one of these, too, and we're not even using it.

Anyway, that's the end of this map.

(Of course, I'm not actually putting this on her. It's solely for the sake of demonstrating the DEF boost.)

But there's still treasure to find in the ruins, so here's another dive. Flare proves her usefulness again by slipping past all the reinforcements and hitting the exit without having to lift a finger.

The last elemental chamber is the wind elemental one. The "cyclone" is a swirling pillar of dust in the lower parts of the level. I guess it's hard to make a level based on something you can't really see.

Four characters start in the top corner; another four can get in from the bottom one, but I don't need them.

The dragon cast The Shredding, and that was all I was willing to let it do. It was a lot better at it than the bats, but, well. Lazlo.

Speaking of bats, the most interesting thing about this chamber is that I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be a couple of bats in this formation, but they didn't show up.

The enemies have made their way up the path, but Lazlo has the high ground and can zap the lot of them before they get close. Definitely the easiest and most painless of the chambers! Although I suppose the fact that Lazlo's level keeps going up may have contributed to that as well.

This is arm gear. It boosts the Cross Counter skill by two levels, and is useless to us because even if we cared to use Karl, he'd have maxed it all by himself at this point.

This is more useful - it gives a +30 bonus to EVA and an evasion buff. The DEF is not that high, though, but with all that evasion, it shouldn't be necessary.

Rene digs up the map's only buried treasure. Sadly it's shit. I hear you can get Windspun Armour down here if you luck into the right setup, and it'd be nice to see how it stacks up to the other stuff in this game, but, oh well.

Finally, Lazlo hits level 45 killing the wind elemental I had left alive. We're done with the ruins. Permanently. We never have to go back.

Like I said way back in part 19, I really like the Obel ruins. They can be accessed from early in the game, and you can do as much or as little in there as you like, at any time you like. However, it's definitely possible to get too much of them, and having to go through the first five levels six times to see all five elemental chambers... does start to feel like too much. And that's not even getting into the fact that each chamber has three different sets of enemies and treasures! I'd have to make a minimum of ten more trips through the ruins to dig up all the treasure, and, well, that just isn't going to happen.

Two types of dragon meat, two types of bun, two loads of 5k Potch and 1k SP, and that's the last quest in the game! (Apart from the "X" questline, which we're not doing because of democracy.) We don't get anything special for finishing them all, and Chiepoo upgraded to his final form some time ago so the dragon egg one was technically pointless as well, but we can take some satisfaction in a job well done.

All that remains is to have a little rest.

What is it?

What was your father like?

My father was an amazing person, so dedicated... He never stopped searching for Rune Cannons.

So, you're kind of following in his footsteps?

I try. It's what I have to do. And what I want to do. Why do you ask?

I've just been thinking...
I don't even know what following in my father's footsteps would be like. I still know so little about him.

I guess... I guess I am chasing my father, in a way. But I'll finally be free once I get rid of all the Rune Cannons out there.

I wonder if I'll be able to decide my own path by then...