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Part 9: Duel at High Noon

Some time has passed since Frey's sweet sewer subquest, and we tune in again...

...just as the Sacred Games are about to begin! (music)

The dragon cavalry are putting all that training to good use.

The generic NPCs love it.

Lym seems to be enjoying the show, too.

Even Alenia is impressed!

(Meanwhile, Georg just sits there being all "bah, I've seen real dragons.")

Generic dragon cavalry dudes light the torches on the sides...

...while the playable-units-to-be run up the stairs...

...and ignite the big one in the middle.

Welcome to the Olympics!

To choose one worthy of becoming Princess Lymsleia's husband, I hereby proclaim the start of the Sacred Games!

Ferid has practiced for days in order to be able to say that without choking on his own tongue.

Lensflare! Just a reminder that he could still kick the butts of everyone present here, likely at the same time.

Wave to the crowd!

Surprisingly, some of the seats are actually empty, but most of them are occupied.

Referee: Our Prince will now participate in the ceremonial match!

...wait, fuck.

Nobody told me about this!


actually let's just try to play it cool.

Good. I'd feel better if you didn't overdo it.

But all my fans will be disappointed if I hold back!

Oh, and, Prince, you do know how to compete in a Sacred Games duel, right?

Rules? What? I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go.

(I actually pick the other option, because I'm smart like that.)

Okay, be careful, then, and good luck!

I don't need it. I have skill Gamefaqs.

Before heading out, I'll say hello to this person who has mysteriously appeared. Good thing, too, because I'm about to launch someone into low orbit.

If you get injured, Your Highness, just come see me, and I'll patch you right up.

Never gonna happen!

...wait. Don't I know you from somewhere?

Watch Frey rearrange Shoon's face.

Lots of bowing going on...

...first to the royal family...

...and then to the opponent.

I'm looking forward to this!


Don't disappoint me. It would be difficult, because I think you kind of suck, but I'm sure you could find a way if you really tried.

You got it. I wasn't planning to, anyway! I'm gonna give it everything I've got!

It's on. (music)

(After Frey shows off his stick-twirling skills a bit.)

Shoon isn't too impressed, but he will be soon.

Suikoden V has probably the best duels in the series. They're mostly the same as they've always been, but instead of a menu you have a button setup, as shown on screen, and three seconds to make your decision.


Like IV, animations are unique for every duel, but they're generally better. Some of them can get pretty brutal.

Sure you can!

...okay, maybe not.


Payback time.

Whammo! How do you like them apples?

In IV, attack against attack didn't do anything. Here, you lock weapons for a bit and have to mash buttons. The one who has the biggest bar after a couple of seconds wins.

In this case, it's me. Eat stick!

That doesn't go well for him.

The finishing blow gets a unique animation.

It's not subtitled, but Shoon says "Thank you for letting me fight you" after you beat him. (music)


Did you expect anything else?

???: Frey!!!

It seems someone was expecting something else. (music)

How the heck did you make it down here so quickly on those short legs?


Wh-What in the world were you thinking, winning the match?! I-I-If you keep winning... I-I'll have to marry... No way! It's just not right, Frey! Brothers and sisters can't get married! Don't you know that?!'ve been talking to Miakis again, haven't you.

Let's have a bit of fun with this.


Prince, stop it! You're going to give your sister a heart attack!

No worries, we have a doctor standing right there!

Um... Princess?

The Prince's match was really just a formality -- a ritual to start off the Sacred Games. Regular matches haven't even started yet, and the Prince isn't going to participate anymore.

But you may see a masked stranger who looks a little bit like the prince who calls himself Yerf. This is entirely normal and you should pay it no mind.


I think we all know who the culprit is.

I forgive you, though. It was pretty funny.



That sounds awfully familiar.

Arggghhh! Shut up! You! You tricked me again!!!

Oh, my, my... Prince, did you tell her the truth? Why'd you have to spoil all the fun?

Hey, I'm completely innocent! Blame Lyon for this.

Fun, huh?! So you get a kick out of lying to me, huh?!

It's just that you get all cute and flustered when you're embarrassed, that's all.

She's right, you know.

Hmph! Mother and Father are waiting! I'm going back!

And so should we. But first!

Since this is a tutorial duel and all (and also because plot reasons, I guess) we're allowed to lose this duel! So, I'm going to reload my game and throw the fight.

Watch Shoon rearrange Frey's face.


God damn!


Don't look so terrified, I didn't need those ribs anyway.

Or my dignity. (Shoon says "Are you all right?" when he wins.)


...we can at least squeeze some sympathy out of Lyon.

Oh, what a relief...!

That was a good match. My heart was racing!

Mine nearly stopped beating, but that could be the repeated punches to the chest.

Lym's reaction is a lot different if you lose.

Don't worry, Princess.

Thank goodness! You look okay to me. Don't scare me like that!

Now I'm wondering what gave you the bigger scare: this event or Miakis' little joke before.

But that other guy, "Shoon," was it? I thought he was supposed to be your friend? If he's your friend, shouldn't he have gone a little easier on you?

This would be a little more poignant if I hadn't lost to him on purpose, but vv

I don't get it. What do you mean?

???: People can easily tell when their competitors aren't doing their best.

If the Prince had won just because the opponent threw the match, he would've been a laughingstock.

It's... Uh... It's nothing!

Th-That's right! Nothing!

What? N-No! Of course not!

That hurts. I'm a Queen's Knight, too, you know. Have a little faith.

She certainly never acts like one...

What's that, Princess?

N-Nothing! Nope, nothing at all!

I know I'm repeating myself and all, but god damn I love these characters.

Anyway... it was very nice of Shoon to be so considerate of my brother.

Maybe I should have a word with him, tell him how grateful I am.

I'm not entirely convinced she doesn't mean "beat him senseless."

But, Princess, regular matches are about to start. Her Majesty is waiting for us.

Hmm... Oh, all right...

Frey! Lyon! Come on, let's go!

And off we go.

It's to ensure that there's no foul play, you see. I hope you understand.

We're free to talk to the NPCs before we head up, but they don't have that much of interest to say.

All according to plan, my good man.

And that, as they say, is that.

Next, we watch the games start for real, and make another new friend.


Miakis outfit details.