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Part 10: The Kanakan Swordsman

After the duel, we need to make our way up to the royal quarters again, as Lyon will handily point out in case you forget.

The rooms where we're staying are just inside this place.

You did well, Frey. That was an excellent ceremonial match. I believe these Sacred Games will go splendidly.

I'm not so sure about that.

Sialeeds is Sialeeds, as always.

That doesn't seem like a very princess-ly thing to do, but

Before we do that, however, we can go around talking to the people up here.

Please have a seat, Your Highness. Otherwise, I'm going to sit next to the Princess!

That's my seat you're looking at. Mine.

Well done. You fought valiantly.

Most of the comments you get here differ a bit depending on how the duel went, though Galleon's remains the same (and works for either outcome). It's a nice touch - I like when the world reacts to my actions!

Your Highness! Pardon me for speaking bluntly...

'course, it's not always a good thing.

How do you think it looks when a man of Falena's royal family is defeated by a gladiator -- a mere slave?! There are times when the upper-class must demonstrate their superiority! Never forget that! in point. Fuck you too Alenia t

Had trouble reading your opponent, huh?

No, no, you misunderstand. If I had just been guessing, odds are he'd be decorating the arena floor about now.

Don't sweat it. This was probably your first time fighting in front of so many people. You just got nervous.

This is actually only my first time seeing these lines.

Nice fighting. You know what they say: You can't win 'em all. Don't let it get you down.

Maybe that would be easier if you'd all stop reminding me of my crushing defeat.

Ceremonial or not, I bet you don't feel terribly proud about losing that match, do you? Well, I'm not going to tell you to forget about it, but be patient. I see a lot of potential in you.

I think he's a bit disappointed.

The ceremonial match is not about winning or losing. It's about giving it your all -- which you did splendidly. So lift up your head and be proud!

Frey! Come on and sit down! Here! You can sit next to me!

We'll do that. And so, the games begin...

Yes, that's right. Childerich. Strange... I didn't think he'd be up first.

"What's that, you say you wanted a fair fight?"

"Well nuts to that."

That didn't take long.

I won't lie, I kind of enjoy watching Euram having his hopes and dreams crushed.

Yeah. Not terribly sporting, though.

Princess? What's wrong?

Oh... nothing... It's just scary watching all these sword matches, that's all.

That's why you don't bring your kids to M-rated entertainment shows.

The weapons used in the Sacred Games don't have blades, you know. Nobody's going to get hurt too badly.

I have to assume that's a terrible translation job, because most of them certainly do have blades! I imagine they don't have sharp ones, though.

I know... But I have this cold feeling in the pit of my tummy for some reason...

I don't think mummy dearest would agree with us if we took the other option, so...

Also, Frey's expression here is kind of hilarious. They really did a good job with the animations in this one.

The Prince is right, Lym.

Older brothers are always right, you know.

Those men down there are fighting for you, dear. You can't just simply walk away.

But Mother, I never ASKED them to fight for me!

For instance, if a war were to break out over 100,000 soldiers would be called to fight and possibly die in your name! If you can't even watch the Sacred Games, how will you be able to handle something like that?

I understand now, Mother. I'm sorry, I was wrong.

And the games...


Referee: Entering the arena, representing Lord De Beers...

"Lord De Beers" is the best name and I'm sad he doesn't play a bigger part.

That is a big hammer!

Kanakan. Chief exports: wine and playable characters with falcon runes. This doesn't look like a beverage, so I expect a good fight.

Is the little guy gonna be all right?! *gasp* What if that hammer hits him?

Also while we're on the subject of weapons having or not having blades, I really wonder how they thought that through. Maybe it's made of cardboard tubes and papier-mâché or something.

He'll be fine. I'm more worried about Jinku.

In case you aren't watching the video, the U in Jinku is silent. Not that it matters, because he's not exactly going to be around for long.

Well, well. So YOU can tell, too, Lyon?

No, he isn't. We've never heard of him before today. But, just the same...

A Queen's Knight can always assess the skills of an opponent, even if he's never seen him before.

But what if he's hiding his power level, huh? What then?

Just watch. This match ought to be a good one.

Oh, okay then.

"I could totally kick his ass though."

Jinku waves his hammer a bit.

Belcoot is unimpressed. Hope you didn't need that kneecap!

The winner is... Belcoot!

To no one's great surprise.

"What? What?!"


*scheme scheme scheme*

Yeah, and now you don't have to marry some guy called "De Beers." That's a plus, too.

It's matchups like those that make the Sacred Games so interesting!

I hate to give a barbaric swordsman from some backward land any credit, but he is good with a blade...

A barbaric swordsman, you say? When Ferid came to this country, he was FAR more "barbaric" than that!

The best royal family.

No, I-I didn't mean...! I'm terribly sorry!

Open mouth, insert foot.

Aww, can't you throw her in the dungeon just for a little bit? It would be hilarious.

Hmm... Seems very interesting, this Belcoot fellow. Interesting indeed. How about it? What do you say, Frey? Would you like to meet him?

I'm thinking you have more in mind than just getting his autograph.

Really? So you're curious about him, too, huh?

Nah, I just know I'm going to have to talk to him sooner or later anyway. Might as well be sooner.

I need you to find out just what kind of fellow he is for me.

Alenia pops up over Ferid's chair like a jack-in-the-box.

Oh, come on! Belcoot is probably staying at some place in town, so you can just pretend to run into him by accident.

Just the kind of underhanded scheme I'd expect from a barbaric swordsman from some backward land!

It's settled, then. Lyon, I want you to go with him.

Yes, sire!

Sialeeds, Georg, I want you two to go, too.

All right.

Sure. I'm quite interested in the man myself...

Hands off, auntie. We don't want all Lym's potential husbands to be your used goods.

Ooooh... Frey, tell me about it later, okay...?

And speaking of Lym...

Good girl, Lym. You really held out.

It's true. You did wonderfully!

as fuck.

Good timing, too. Now we can head right out!

I bet we don't even have to check around the inns. We'll probably run into him in the neighbourhood.

Huh? What makes you say that?

You'll see. But we should hurry...

We'll find out soon, but as soon as we try to exit the building...

???: Dammit! Let go! Let go of me!

...a commotion starts.

Patrol Guard: Pipe down! Tsk. Cheating at the holy Sacred Games! They won't go easy on you, you know! You better have a good excuse if you want to live!


And they drag him off.

I think that was... the winner of match six.

I wonder what happened...

Who are you...?

You're that doctor I met before, right?

I don't know if you get a different line from Lyon if you didn't talk to this guy before, but I doubt it'd be anything too important even if you did.

That's right. The name's Murad.

An anasthetic, huh?

Now that you mention it, I thought that match ended a bit too quick...

Yes, that made me suspicious, too, so I examined the losing competitor. And just as I feared, he had all the symptoms of having been given an anasthetic. It was rather mild, probably in the hopes that it'd go undetected, but you can't fool a doctor.

So the doctors here don't just treat injuries?

Oh, no. There's no end to the number of people who try to win by using poison or drugs. The doctors here have to be able to detect that kind of cheating.

I see.

Wow... Cheating on the very first day, huh...?

True. During the last Sacred Games, there were quite a few brutes that woud've gone to any lengths... Drugs would've been on the subtle side for them.

Now I'm even more worried about Belcoot.

We should probably get going, then.

Oh, you were in a hurry? I'm sorry I held you up. I should be going, as well. I have a few questions to ask that fellow now.

Murad walks off, and we're free to leave. However, if we go after him instead, there's something vaguely interesting to see inside.

Not this guy though.

Here's the interesting bit.

You're a disgrace to the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade! Go hang yourself! If you ned a rope, I've got one.

Lyon did mention that one of the challengers was from the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade. Looks like he didn't get very far...

You didn't seem too concerned during the fight, but as soon as I got hurt, you rushed to my side! Deep down, I know you love me!

Uh. Should we... perhaps be waiting outside...?

I'll keep the rope. I'd rather hang you myself.

It would be an honor to be put to death by you, Sir Mueller!

Then I shall have it arranged immediately!

Hey, I was just joking!

I wasn't.

Hey, don't involve me in this! He looks scary!


You'll miss this entirely if you don't explore the arena before heading out to look for Belcoot. Of course, we can also talk to them after the scene ends...

Phew! Thank goodness! Sometimes Mueller can get pretty intense.

Intense isn't exactly the word I'd use. I'm still trying to think of one.

You think we're putting on a show here?! You should remove yourself from our general vicinity!

And since we have nothing more to do here, that's exactly what we'll do. We'll be seeing more of these two, but it won't be for some time.

Outside, there's another idiot waiting for us. (music)

Soldier: ..."No good reason"? Are you attempting to mock me, young woman?!

"Clueless Woman" is even better than "Suspicious Kid."

Soldier: Your Highness! Lady Sialeeds! This "fuss" is, well, this girl--

"Your Highness"?! Wowie, wowie, wowie!

Perfect! I'm tired of dealing with this pencil pusher!

Soldier: P-Pencil pusher?! Why, I'll have you know I was first in my--

Your Highness! The name's Nikea, and I'm a martial artist! Super-duper special moves are my... er, specialty! I came to Falena to compete in the Sacred Games, but this pencil pusher won't let me fight!


Sorry to break it to you, Nikea, but Mr. "Pencil Pusher" is technically right. As a woman, you can't compete.

Why not? This IS a "Queendom," isn't it?! Aren't women in charge here? Why can't I show off my special moves?!

...Do you even know what the Sacred Games ARE?

What they are? If you're trying to put one past me, lady, you're opening up the wrong can of worms! They're an ancient, major martial arts competition that's being held in Falena for the first time in 16 years! The winner gets fame, fortune, honor, glory -- you know, the whole dealie!

All true. But there's this teeny-tiny minor detail you forgot!

...M-Marries... the... P-Princess?

The Sacred Games are held to select a husband to marry into the royal family. And as the husband of the future Queen, the winner is promised the position of Commander of the Queen's Knights.

...So, yes, the winner gets fame, fortune, honor, glory. The whole "dealie," as you put it.

What? Huh? What?

Whaaaaat?! Why didn't anyone TELL me this?!

So what's your plan? Still sound like something you want to do?

Uh... I'm sorry!!! Er, gotta skedaddle! Ta-ta!

Nikea runs off.

Heh... I can't imagine a more incompetent Commander of the Queen's Knights!

Oh! Oh, I can!

Hmmm... Oh, on second thought, she'd definitely be better than Euram!


With that, we're free to move about town. The market is still around, so...

I want your entire stock of salt. All of it.

Past the alley where we met Shoon, a familiar person has set up shop.

I've heard about your incredible deeds. Your disposal of that Armes spy, for instance. I knew you could do it.
...What? Me? Most gracious of you to ask, Your Royal Highness.

That filthy devil, Godwin! He CLOSED the underground passageway, pretending he did so to prevent the infiltration of SUSPICIOUS characters! LIES, I say! They took the other lands from the HOUSE of Aethelbald, and now they PURLOIN our last humble sanctuary! There are no words to describe the EVIL of this FILTHY DEVIL! The BIG CREEPER! The FURBALL! The STUPID MANTRIKA!


Against my better judgment... let's talk to him again!

It's those Godwins... If I could just lay a HAND on Godwin! Just a FINGERNAIL! I'D STAB HIM IN THE HEAD WITH IT!!!


I think we should probably move on.

Next, we need to head past the inn.

We don't get very far...

???: Why, you! What the hell did you say?!

...before we find what we're looking for.

Dangerous Man: The Queen of Falena should marry a noble! We won't stand for some foreigner being the Commander of the Queen's Knights for two generations in a row!

I'm really starting to miss the perverts in Sol-Falena.

Where are the patrol guards?! Why aren't they coming?!

If those thugs get Belcoot out of the games, the nobles would be ecstatic. That's why the guards aren't here.

That's awful...! Prince!


Fuckers are giving my country a bad name. I'm going to kindly ask them to stop, and by that I mean beat them severely with my big heavy stick.

You got it!


Stop being a killjoy, Georg! There's nothing wrong with a little vigilante justice.


Yeah, with Belcoot's abilities, I'm sure he doesn't need to be rescued.

And I know what Ferid said, but if we stick our noses into this mess, it could lead to trouble later on.

I-I suppose you're right...

I refuse.

He's a pretty ballsy guy.

Dangerous Man: What?!

It's not that I don't understand your patriotism... But the Sacred Games accept applicants from outside or Falena. If you reject that system, doesn't it mean you're going against Her Majesty's wishes?

Clever, too!

Rough Man: Wh-What d'ya say?!

Too bad it's about to get him killed.

Arrogant Man: Ha! You sure got a lotta pride for someone who's about to get his face pounded in!

Dangerous Man: Yeah! Go ahead! Spill a little blood outside the arena and you get disqualified!

It totally is possible to spill blood with a blunt sword. You just have to hit harder.

Uh-oh... Those are some pretty determined thugs...!

They wanna drive Belcoot into disqualifying himself, even if it means getting hurt themselves!

If hurting me will make you guys feel better, go ahead.

Arrogant Man: Huh...?!

Seriously Belcoot, you're going to wake up in someone's basement one of these days.

I applied for the Sacred Games for a reason. I won't drop out, and I won't get myself disqualified.

Arrogant Man: Idiot... If that's the way you feel about it, we'll be more than happy to hurt you! Hope you like pain!

Prince! All right, let's go help Belcoot!

Dangerous Man: Huh?!

You guys have guts, making a sneak attack on someone in broad daylight like that!

Dangerous Man: What the...?! His Highness the Prince... and Lady Sialeeds?!

Rough Man: And the Queen's Knights, too!

Yes, that's us. Now... uh... skedaddle!

Arrogant Man: Calm down, guys! Real royalty or Queen's Knights wouldn't come to town in such small numbers!

...are you implying we'd need more to take you on?

Arrogant Man: Besides, real royalty wouldn't find fault with loyal subjects like us!

Dangerous Man: Makes sense! So that means... these guys must be imposters!

Oh, good grief.


What kind of logic is that...?

The kind that will give me an excuse to pound their faces in! Lemme at 'em.

Arrogant Man: Anybody that stands in our way is an enemy of Falena! And now we'll show you what we do to our enemies!

Do tell

...predictably, it's over rather quickly.

Run faster, bitches! Faster!

Dangeros Man: Damn imposters!

Arrogant Man: We'll be back, you know!

*chicken noises*

Every country has their share of over-patriotic zealots, but ours really take the cake.


Your Highness the Prince, Lady Sialeeds, Queen's Knights... Thank you very much for going to so much trouble for someone like me. You saved my life.

Thanks to you.

But is it really all right for you to involve yourself with me? I mean, it really pains me to say this after you went to all that trouble to rescure me, but...
...if the Royal family is seen getting close to one of the applicants, won't it cause trouble for you?

's okay. It's worth it if I get to beat up dudes from Stormfront.

But how could we have just stood by and done nothing?

And of course, there's that.

Those kind thoughts alone would have been more than enough for me. Please forgive me for taking my leave from you now. When the Sacred Games are over, I'll come again to thank you properly.

But those thugs said they'd be back. We think you're still in danger.

That's right. If you were attacked again after we went our separate ways, we'd never be able to forgive ourselves.

...All right, I give up. I'll accept your kind offer.

Good boy! We only need to walk a few steps to get him back to the inn, but first we'll see if the NPCs have anything to say.

Still, for the honor of the Sacred Games, we must each do our part to endure it.

Nope, still too busy ranting about filthy peasants.

That guy's incredible! Mark my words, he's got it in the bag! Belcoot? Yeah, I heard about him. But he's nothing to worry about!

And this one's too busy being a terrible judge of character. Well then! That was pointless. Let's head back.

We don't even have to enter the inn before the next scene.

Belcoot! Are you okay?! I haerd you got mixed up with some bad guys... Oh, I've been so worried!

Come on, that was like one screen to the left of here. You could have done much better than just "hear about it".

I'm fine, Marina. These good people rescued me.

Oh! The Prince?!

Funny how we keep bumping into each other. You'd almost think we're bound together by destiny by virtue of having names and faces or something!

Have you already met?

Yes, we have.

She took good care of us the other day.

Goodness! I didn't do anything! More importantly, thank you so much for rescuing one of our most important customers!
I have an idea! Why don't you all come in for a while? I'll make you a meal to show my gratitude!

But, Marina! I'm the one who should be thanking them!

You can do that while we eat. Chop chop!

Never mind that. I want to cook for them! Come on! This way!

Prince! All of you! Come along soon, all right?

So Marina disappears back inside with Belcoot in tow.

What do you think we should do?

I didn't get my banquet the other day, and I'm sure these fine people will be much better company than Literally Hitler, by virtue of not literally being Hitler. Come on!

All right. It's a good chance to talk to Belcoot, too.

...oh, godddammit.

Bonus Content:

If you win the fight with Shoon...

Congratulations, Your Highness! May you always continue to demonstrate power worthy of a member of the Falenan royal family!

...Alenia is all over you when you get back.

Good job out there. You read your opponent well.

Georg is happier with the outcome, too.

That was a tough fight. Shoon's been in plenty of arena matches before, but you really surprised me out there.

...wait, are you saying you expected me to lose? I don't think I like your attitude.

Way to go, Prince! I wish Kyle could have seen you out there. Too bad he had to stay behind with Zahak.

Poor Kyle. Or should I say, poor Zahak? One of those things. Maybe even both!

Well fought, Frey! That match may not have been about winning or losing, but I'm always proud to see my boy win! Ha ha ha!

He's definitely disappointed if you lose.

That ceremonial match was simply splendid, Frey! I had always pictured you taking after me, but watching you out there, you fought like your father in his youth!


If you tell Lym to go take a rest, Frey will look less like a smug know-it-all, but of course Arshtat still vetos the suggestion.

Finally, if you tell Ferid you're not interestd in meeting Belcoot...

...he'll assume you interpreted it a bit differently.

After that, it continues with him asking you to find out what kind of person Belcoot is, just like before.