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Part 100: Until one of us falls...


Her Majesty and Your Commandership must try to escape now!

I've told Her Majesty, but she refuses to leave.

Then, Your Commandership, at least you--

The Commander of the Queen's Knights must never abandon Her Majesty. Never.

Yes, but...!

Alenia, there's another matter we must discuss.

Y-Yes, Your Commandership?!

It seems Lady Sialeeds was still alive when you sent that report.

Huh?! B-But...

Mistakes like that are common on the battlefield. I'm not holding you responsible for it.

Wait, please! Your Commandership!
Your Commandershiiiiiiiiiiiip!!!



We don't have any time to waste.

I'm going, too! This time, I'll save the Princess for SURE!

Frey nods.

Hurry, Your Highness. The Princess is waiting.

Rejoice. We are pretty much done with Lucretia.

Who else do you wish to take with you, Your Highness?

As amusing as it might be to make an all-Armes party, I think we all know the only acceptable party for this is the Queen's Knights.

And with them...

...we charge straight through to the palace.

A couple of old "friends" are waiting inside.

In the name of the Queen's Knights, I shall not allow you to go any further!

You're not serious, Alenia, are you?

This just shows how BLIND you are to Godwin's evil plans!

Silence! Lady Lymsleia is Queen and Sir Gizel is Commander of the Queen's Knights! Those who fail to accept this are enemies to Their Majesties! They are enemies to the Queendom of Falena!

That's enough, Alenia. What good will it do to squabble over mere semantics now?
Still, we mustn't cede the palace to the enemy. Protecting it is our only remaining duty!
No more talking. No more speeches. No more politicking. En garde!


You're serious. I don't know if I should laugh or just take pity.

No, that's a lie. You're gonna die and it's gonna hurt.

Now that we have a full party of Queen's Knights (proper ones, unlike the asshats in front of us!) we have access to the biggest unite attack in the game.

It's called Falena's Finest.

We won't actually use it because it's fucking terrible. It deals "at least 0.2x" damage to all enemies, and it's powered up through an average of all knights' affection points - it can go up to 0.3 or 0.4; I can't be arsed to calculate which one we got.

Never mind the fact that we already have a formation skill that does 0.4x to all enemies already.

Never mind the fact that we have one that does 1.0 to all enemies.

Which results in the following. That's the damage cap you're looking at. S5 is the only game in the series where you're likely to hit five digit damage (it took some pretty serious fucking around in previous titles), so it's rather disappointing not being able to see how high you can crank it, but it beats overflowing and healing these fucknuts for 40000 HP.

But we're not doing that either, because it goes off last in the round and that would involve letting them injure us. Alenia is actually somewhat dangerous if she gets a turn since, like Sialeeds, she uses high-level magic and there's a decent chance she'll one-shot Georg since he has basically no MDEF whatsoever.

Instead, we're swatting them like the gnats that they are.

A shameful display.

We shall not give up! We shall not surrender!

You're right! We must protect His Commandership! We must protect His Majesty Sir Gizel!

No! Please, don't!

Why...? Why did you...?!



No... Not THAT stuff again?!

Heh heh heh...

Hee hee hee...

Prince, Miakis! It's Nether Gate's Raging Nostrum! Be careful!

Video: The final battle with Zahak and Alenia

You'd think these clowns would have learned by now.

They can take all the drugs they want.

It changes nothing.

Get the fuck out.

Oh... ohhh...

They knew what would happen if they took Raging Nostrum, but they did it anyway...
Damn Nether Gate... Those two didn't even have anything to do with them!

Let's go, Prince! We must stop this insanity!

Like Gizel's other generals, another battle Previous Suikodens Did Better.

Like Gizel's other generals, all it's likely to make you feel is relief that you won't have to deal with these idiots ever again.

Finally, it is time. The throne room is just behind the next door.

Watch the showdown with Gizel

(no music)

I'm sorry I couldn't invite you to the coronation ceremony. I'm sure you understand, considering the... circumstances.

Why should I? I am the glorious Commander of the Queen's Knights, as well as her husband, after all.

Then what do you plan to do with that sword?!


Forget about that Frey! Seize him! He doesn't have the guts to hurt me, anyway!

No, I don't. If you had wanted to escape, you could've easily done it by now. But you stayed with me instead.

A proud man like you, committing such a rotten act? I don't think so.

I think I might have just underestimated the woman I'm married to...


Well, just as Her Majesty said, I chose to stay here. And the reason I did that was because I wanted to see you.
I told Zahak and Alenia that, too... But they insisted on remaining where they were. What a pity...

Our country has been strangled by the noose of a tug-of-war between the royal family and the Senators...

Next, with a difference of opinion, my father tried to change it.

Each one trying to do what they thought best for this country of ours, but their paths were so different...
In the end, I suppose the path Falena will take will be the one you have chosen, Your Highness.





It's just that it's inevitable. Your brother and I cannot coexist.

Watch the duel with Gizel


Watch the conclusion


I-I guess... I'm no match for... I'm no match for someone like you...

But in the end, it wasn't you who won...