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Part 105: Text Post: The LP

We've finally done it.

We have lost much, but for the sake of all who gave their lives, we must live ours to the fullest

Now -




We're going to have to rewind time a bit. But before we head on to the good ending, there's one last thing I'd like to show off.

All the proper endings (as in, the ones that involve you beating the final boss, not the ones where you go off track and try to become king of Falena and subsequently get murdered in your sleep) are based on the number of stars recruited. I was able to show you the... let's say "normal" ending because it just involves not recruiting Euram right before the final battle and then mashing through all the dialogue, but the bad ending requires you to have less than 70 recruits (or, supposedly, less than nine Lyon points), and I don't love you guys nearly enough to go back and replay from Rainwall just so I can get a two minute scene telling me what a terrible person I am. Instead, you'll just have to excuse the shittiness of these images as I had to steal them from some dude's youtube.

Lyon's death plays out the same as in the previous ending. Then, it cuts to this. As a final fuck you, there is no voicing; there isn't even any music.

Miakis simply shakes her head.

We got the Sun Rune back, and peace has returned to Falena...



And as for Frey...

...he wanders into the mountains...

...and only looks back once...

...before he disappears. His ending slide notes that "What became of Frey after his exploits on the battlefield remains unknown..."

And that's it. That's the whole ending. It's something you're basically only going to see if you outright try to fuck things up, and it actually feels rather appropriate that it's short and unsatisfying.

However, since it is so short, it kind of demands more content to make a full update, so this also seems like a good time to discuss the other deaths we could have seen. This information comes from a thread at Suikosource; as usual, don't go poking around there if you mind spoilers. I can't verify all this (rather, don't care to verify it) but I'm pretty sure it's correct.

We've already seen what happens if you get Belcoot killed. I had a vague idea that you could also see the opposite, where Marina dies and Belcoot leaves because of it, but apparently she is quite immortal. Belcoot is not the only character who can fall in battle, however, so let's take a look at some of the others.

Cathari is mortal, but most of our characters don't know her. If she dies, Lucretia is the only one who cares.

Lucretia posted:


We should never have let her die. I'll send a messenger to the northern continent so no one suspects anything.

I'm not sure what they'd suspect, or how your letter would alleviate those suspicions, but of course Cathari is far too useful to be allowed to die.

Raven has a few more acquaintances, but Oboro probably speaks for his entire crew.

Oboro posted:


How ironic. If he hadn't gone back into business, we never would've caught him.

If we never would've caught him, you and I never would've become friends.

And if we hadn't become friends, he probably never would've died on the battlefield...

Were they friends? I'm not sure Raven would agree.

Norma and Ernst both react to the other's death; both of them will leave the army if the other dies.

Ernst posted:

"Forgive Me"

WhenI lost NormaI wa ted
(The rest is illegible.)

Norma posted:


I'm sorry, Prince. With Ernst gone, I'm afraid I can't stay here anymore...

Levi will also have something to add in either case.

Levi posted:

"The Beast Rune"

I couldn't break his curse. I feel bad for those two...

Maybe if you had made some kind of effort...? Just a thought.

Speaking of Levi, his apprentice is one of the few mortal characters in the game, although Levi himself cannot die. I'm not sure if he leaves if Bergen dies, but he does send a letter, as do a couple of others.

Levi posted:

"My Apprentice"

How could my apprentice up and die on me? I didn't even give him permission. And now I can't even punish him for it.

Wabon posted:

"Bergen and the Wizard"

It looks like that old wizard took Bergen's death pretty hard.

It's got to be rough on a master to have to bury his apprentice.

Zunda posted:

"Dwarven Men"

Hmph. They all just do whatever they please, and then they up and die! Even little kids like Bergen...

I just can't believe this...

That's a lot of caring for a throwaway star.

Like Norma and Ernst, Isabel and Mathias will write a letter informing you of their departure if the other dies.

Isabel posted:

"Thanks for Everything"

Sorry, but I have to take Mathias back home

Mathias posted:

"Notice of My Departure"

I must take leave of Your Highness. I have to take Lady Isabel back to her honored father.

In either case, Georg will also comment:

Georg posted:

"Isabel and Mathias"

This is a hell of a loss to bear...

I guess he'd know.

Remember how Nikea said she'd be invulnerable as long as she got to eat Retso's food?

Lyon posted:


She was a special kind of person. Just looking at her always cheered us up...

She lied.

Retso posted:


I always enjoyed watching her eat at my restaurant.

But I guess we won't be seeing her around anymore...

Either way, she seems to have made quite an impression on the people around her. And that's about all anyone can ask for, in the end.

Although Norden was quite important for a while, I suppose they thought he outlived his usefulness by the time he can take part in battle.

Fuyo posted:


Even though he was so troubled and in such pain, we all wanted him to be happy...

Talgeyl posted:


Once more into the fray for Lordlake, and one more falls in battle...

Just how many lives must be lost before all is right again?

Ah, forgive the ramblings of an old man...

Likewise, Zegai's plot relevance has long faded by the time the war starts.

Kyle posted:


I really thought that man would never die. I guess you just never know...

It may seem a bit odd that Kyle would care, since it's been so long, but remember that he was in on the whole thing since we returned from Stormfist to Sol-Falena with him. Perhaps Kyle kept Zegai company in prison at times? I like to think so; it gives Kyle a little more dimension to his personality. Not a full third one, but maybe like two and a quarter.

Shoon posted:


He was so strong... I just can't believe it.

Shoon's reaction is more understandable.

If you're going to lose anyone, Zegai is probably the most likely candidate, given he's there for pretty much every war battle.

Nakula is hard enough to recruit, however; getting him killed takes talent. The wrong kind of talent.

Lyon posted:


It would've been better if he had gone back to Armes. Things shouldn't have turned out like this...

Sagiri posted:


Why did he have to die...? Why him and not me...?

But of course, I've saved the most infuriating one of all for last:

Guess who? Tee hee.

Jeane posted:


There's no need to worry. This is nothing for a girl like her... Tee hee hee...

One of these days, Jeane! One of these days.

Well then, let's get back on track. Next up, the good ending! For real, this time.