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Part 21: Another Man's Junk

Haud Village is just southeast of where we left off last time. Let's go take a look!

It's...'s...'s certainly colourful.

And the music needs to be heard.

Looks like the town IS the circus.

Ha ha ha! That's what most first-timers say.

We slowly pan...

...across the... the.

I was going to use this as the chapter title, but then stuff happened.

Geez. I'd hate to meet the artists who didn't have promise.

Haud gets a bad rep. It's not entirely undeserved, but you do have a volume control button, you know. The big problem is that it's a bit of a mood killer after all that's gone on up until now.

Let's ask around and see if we can learn anything worthwhile. Lord Barows is probably on the fence as usual, but I'd like to make sure that he hasn't been bullied into taking a stand. I'd really rather not walk into a Godwin trap as soon as we set foot in Rainwall.

It's a good idea in theory, but I... sorta doubt we'll get anything useful out of these people. What do you think, Lyon?

Pretty much my thoughts.


Artistic Old Man: You think I see it not? The pity with which you view my visage? Hmph! I need your pity not!
...What is that you speak?! Of regal stock you are, yet you still understand my art not? Abominable!
...Indeed, the only man who truly understands "art" in all of Falena is the magnificent Lord Barows himself!

We shall investigate the place.

You know...

...I'm having a really hard time not reading it as "Autistic."

While the NPCs are battier than a very batty thing, the treasure is all right. There are several rune pieces lying about the place, though none of them round out our collection to an even four. The chest down there had a Power Piece.

And in a semi-hidden chest just past the... artistic woman... there's this. I'm not sure I want to know what that looks like. Even if I did, we can't use it yet.

There are also a couple of named characters hanging around the place. This is the saner of them.

Artistic Man: Such a discerning eye! To recognize true genius such as mine!

Indeed. Your genius is further testament to its splendor! Would 3,000 Potch be suitable?

Artistic Man: For one with such a discerning eye, it shall be more than suitable!

It's a deal, then. My thanks to you. I'll be looking forward to your next masterpiece. Please allow me first look, if you would.

Artistic Man: Absolutely! Your discerning eye shall be disappointed not! Artistic genius shall spring forth again soon!

He struts out.

Poor guy just looks miserable.

...Oh, excuse me! I didn't intend for you to hear that!
Hmm... You don't have that crazed look in your eyes. I can see that you are from outside the village. Please, allow me to explain...
My name is Bastan. And I'm... well, I'm a con artist posing as an appraiser. But please know, engaging in deceitful practices was never my intention. Lord Barows is my most loyal customer, and he's quite fond of the phonies in this town. So much so, in fact, that he's willing to pay outrageous prices for another man's junk.

And then one thing led to another.

Ridicule me if you must, but had I not catered my shop to Lord Barows' tastes, I'd have been out of business long ago.
Whew... I must thank you for lending an ear. I feel like a tremendous weight I've been bearing has been lifted from my shoulders.


You know what, everyone involved is a terrible person and I don't care one way or another what they do to each other. Let's move!

Behold the flawless pigmentation! Observe the scintillating lineation! Witness the impeccable illustration! Indeed, not a single imperfection sullies this spectacular creation!

yes well

that's because it's an empty canvas, you dolt

but who am I kidding, I'm sure you could get millions for Blank Canvas: The Un-Painting if you had a famous enough dude sign it.


Like I said. Treasure's fine.

Sixth character would be in the back row behind Sialeeds.

The stat bonuses from formations aren't really worth caring about for most part. Stats in Suikoden V go higher than they did in the previous entries, and even Sialeeds has over 100 attack now. A +5 really isn't very noticeable. The main thing to look out for is something that goes well with the kind of characters you're using, and how useful the formation skill is. I'll show this off eventually, but it's going to take a while before I get the chance.

Speaking of stats, Sialeeds left her robe in the Sun Palace, but at least now she has a wizard hat.

Mmmm, delicious NaCl. Also, the price of soybeans has dropped significantly, so I... buy the one soybean they have in stock. It'll probably pay for the salt once prices go back up.


The sweat and toil has come to fruition at long last! I simply exude the countenance of a true genius, do I not?

You're a loon.

I'm guessing this is the "edifice" he's talking about?

But from one thing to another. Are you ready? Because the music is about to get even worse.

Just the sight of your clothing disgusts me! Stay away from me!

...and the sweet, sweet sound of the Haud village theme returns.

Oh, before my demise, I have but one dream! I must somehow, some way, capture the true essence of a cactus!


...actually think this sounds outright sane compared to some of the things I've experienced today!

But it's about time we were on our way.

Soldier: It's them! It's the Prince and Lady Sialeeds! I'm sure of it!

He runs away screaming. Off to a good start!


Prince! Let's run!!

Not again!


...say what? (music)

I know it sounds presumptuous of me, but I'm here to rescue all of you!

Well now! (The Haud theme starts up here again, but I understand if you'd rather keep listening to the new music.)

Hey, you all made it this far safely, huh?! Phew! What a relief, if I do say so myself!

Lord Wilde. We've been on the run since the Sun Palace. I'm afraid we're a little behind on current events. What exactly do you mean by, "I'm here to rescue all of you?"

Oh, I'm sorry. How inconsiderable of me not to explain.

The Godwins took control of Sol-Falena, and now they're telling everybody they got justice on their side. Me and Lord Barows and plenty of others, though, we can smell what they're shoveling. Georg murdering Her Majesty the Queen and His Majesty Ferid? Taking His Highness the Prince as a hostage? I'd sooner believe my poppa was a frizzy snail!

*nod nod*

That's what I figured... In which case, my duty would be to help the Prince and Lady Sialeeds, who had escaped Godwin's evil clutches. So I mustered up all the manpower I could get and started looking for you.

I see...

You've probably been through all kinds of life-threatening perils! But rest assured, you're safe with us now! First things first, we oughta go to Rainwall. Lord Barows wants to see all of you.

You know what, I'm sure you mean well and all...

But you also look considerably scarier than some of the things that have charged out of the bushes and tried to rip my organs out.

But... Your Highness...
Well, I guess that's not surprising, considering everything you've been through...

Don't worry. Lord Wilde doesn't exactly have the reputation for crafty schemes.

Ga ha ha ha! And that's the truth! I'm about as clever as a battle axe! And I bet it'd take some real sophistication to put one over on folks like you. So don't worry about me. I won't try to lie about so much as my age. I guess that's not something I should be bragging about, though! Ga ha ha ha!


Actually, never mind. You're okay with me, Boz.

*nod nod*

If you say thanks, he just tells you it's not necessary and you skip those couple of lines. They're a nice introduction to Mr. Wilde's personality, though.

Hey, then. Let's get outta here... what I'd like to say, but, I gotta tell you, we need a little time to get ready first.
We came by ship. I can't ask you to board until we do some cleaning up and make her presentable for the ladies.
When you guys are ready to leave, just come on down to the small port here in town! See you soon!

Don't worry. We can be sure of at least one thing: That man's no liar. We were gonna go to Rainwall anyway. We might as well let him take us there.

Actually, I believe the only reason we're going with him is that there's a whole other town and dungeon we can access on the world map on the other side of Haud, but the devs didn't want to put in new lines for all the NPCs in case we went there before we're supposed to.

What?! Why not?!

Officially, I disgraced the Barows family name at the Sacred Games. I'd better not go to Rainwall. If I'm with you, you won't be welcome there.

Don't worry. We'll protect you.

That's right! That Sacred Games incident was hardly your fault!

There are many people who won't see things that way. Besides, I'm not interested in returning to the Barows family either.


Well, it's up to you. We can't make you come along.

Thanks for everything, Zegai.

But fighting alongside you was... good.


It was fun while it lasted.

The only reason we're not yanked over to Rainwall straight away is that they wanted to give us the opportunity to finish exploring Haud. By now, I'm guessing most of us have had enough of the place... let's get out of here.

Yeah, we're ready.

Well! You are? All the preparations are done on the ship. Right this way, please!
Huh...? Hey, did one of you go missing?
Huh? Uh-huh...

I see. So Zegai is... Yeah, well, I guess I can understand that.

Anyway, right this way, if it pleases you.

We follow him down the stairs and board his ship, but you're going to have to wait until next time to see what happens then. I know this part is a bit short, but the next one is longer, and I'd rather cut it here than halfway through Rainwall.

For now, I'll leave you with some art.

Early Georg concept.

Frey and Lyon artwork, including new outfits.