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Part 22: I was once...

We rejoin Frey's group on Mr. Wilde's ship, which is quite nice, if not quite as nice as the royal family's vessel.

Oh, we didn't know anything. That was pure luck! I thought if you were running this way, you had to cross one of those bridges. So I just put soldiers on every bridge. But I couldn't just twiddle my fingers, so I got myself a ship and started going around to each bridge one by one.

So you just happened to be at the Haud Village bridge when we came along, huh?

You got it.
Maybe the power of the sun -- and Her Majesty the Queen and His Majesty Ferid up in heaven -- helped us out.

Oh, this darn thick head of mine! Why don't I just think?
You have to forgive me! P-Please!

You don't need to apologize. It's... a nice thought. Really.

Oh, Lady Sialeeds...

The boat takes us south on the river... (music) a more pleasant-looking location.

We're officially in Rainwall, and we'll be staying here for a while. (music)

It looks a little less like a papercraft model than the Godwin castle.

Lord Barows can't wait to see you guys! Let's go!

Silly Boz. Head straight for the plot? No, no, that just won't do.

We can't leave Rainwall, but we can explore it, and so that's what we'll do.

Rainwall is a really nice looking place with all these little streams and waterfalls running everywhere. There's also treasure scattered throughout the place, but this one in particular isn't very good (mega medicine).

Talk about a downer! All I care about's good food, nice clothes, and living a carefree life.

The people leave a thing or two to be desired, though.


...look, I never said everything in Rainwall was beautiful, all right?

Don't mock my McDohl cosplay.

Rainwall has all the different types of stores in the game, but most of them don't carry any upgrades. The smith sharpens to level five, the trainers upgrade skills to C-rank... the only reason I care about the armourer is the rare finds section. The Power Gloves in Suikoden V are pretty bad, but they're an upgrade for Georg and Lyon and we have the money, so why not?

You know what helps when you're feeling down? Petting an animal. It can really lift your spirits.

Frey tries, but only has marginal success.

This cheers him up a little better, though. But of course, he soon realizes it's the first piece he finds and he won't be able to assemble it for another several hours and then he's back to being depressed.

He feels better again when he finds this in a chest on the second floor of the town's inn. I'm putting it on Lyon because I like more money.

Hey! Watch it! I'll sic the Prince and Lady Sialeeds on you!

Townswoman: Oh! L-Lord Wilde! So... it's true. Sorry! I didn't mean to be rude. My deepest condolences on your terrible loss, Your Highness...

You totally meant to be rude and I don't like you.

We're up to the second highest part of town.

Townsman: If those degenerates want me to stop trading with Armes, then I'll just trade with them all the more!
...Er, sorry. I'm sure you don't care about my personal issues, Your Highness. Anyway, what Godwin did was totally unforgivable! That's all I wanted to say, really.

You? You're okay.

I'm sure you all noticed the unusual looking guy on the top left in the previous screen. Let's go bother him!

So you say. But then, how do I know I can believe you? A man holds as many lies as a tome holds words.

You're either hanging with the wrong kind of people or reading the wrong kind of tomes, old man.

Assistant Trader: Sir! You offend me, sir! A Rainwall Trading Post employee would never, ever, lie to a customer!

Hmph. Perhaps I'll believe you. For now.

Assistant Trader: Gosh. How generous of you.

I think sassy trader guy is my favourite Rainwall NPC.

But remember these words!

Assistant Trader: Uh-oh.

You may one day come across this tome. Do not open it! Do not sell it! Lock it in the back somewhere safe,away from prying eyes and careless hands! Hide it until I return! The Tome of Erkanos is cursed! It will bring the blackest doom down upon the unwary fool who opens it!

Assistant Trader: Umm... Okay.

I am a collector of rare and unusual tomes. I came to this town in pursuit of a tome of terrifying magical power. If you should happen upon any mysterious or magical tomes, you must bring them to me at once!

I'm sure, if I ever find a mysterious or magical tome, I won't have to look very hard to find you. Things usually work out that way.

He waddles off.

I most deeply apologize for the inconvenience, Your Highness. That man has been showing up on a daily basis lately! He's a little... um... well, "eccentric" would be too kind! I hope he doesn't plan on coming back here every day until he finds that stupid book...

No worries. I'll be glad to take him off your hands.

And all your salt, too. Except... wow, that's expensive! I didn't expect to drain the market so quickly. What to do, what to do-

Bah, we all know that's not even a question.

Your grandfather was a good friend of Lord Barows, so we're all on your side here!

That sounds reassuring! Let's hear what the lady over there has to say, too, before we move on.

Old Townswoman: Some people are calling Lord Barows a traitor for allowing us to trade with Armes. But what's wrong with that? It's better than sending thousands of soldiers off to die senselessly in some foolish war! Don't you agree, Your Highness?

My highness does agree. Problem is, not everyone thinks it would be a "senseless" war...

Also this thing. I'll show it off, along with the previous one, once we're out of here.

If you and Lady Sialeeds were killed, we'd have no hope whatsoever of putting a stop to Godwin!

Finally, we're up to the highest part. That's the fountain right in front of the Barows mansion.

You can see a path off to the side here, and there's one on the other side, too, but before we can get to them, Euram comes running...

...that expression is... worrying. (music)

I've been so worried since I heard there was a revolt at the Sun Palace! Horribly worried! Terribly, desperately worried!

But I knew you'd be all right. Noble, courageous, valiant fighters like you bested by the Godwins? Unthinkable!

Um... Euram?

Oh, of course! Why don't you come in? Father is so very eager to see you. Quickly, now! No time to dally!

He drags Frey away.

Lyon runs after...

...leaving the rest of the party in the dust.

Tell me about it.

Like father, like son.

And then they make their way to the mansion as well.

Look, it's my favourite person in Falena. (music)

That business at the Sun Palace... Such a terrible ordeal it must have been for all of you!

Yes... well...

Hush! Spare your voice. We know every word of it! The whole dreadful thing was cooked up by those horrible Godwins! They took the lives of Her Majesty the Queen and His Majesty Ferid, and, on top of that, pinned the blame on Sir Georg! They're nothing more than animals! No, they're worse than animals! They're demons, I tell you! Such unrestrained brutality! Such heinous atrocities! Why, if I had my hands on them, those traitors would fester in the lowest dungeon, swing from the highest gallows!

You're still a giant slimeball, but you say some nice things.

???: Father! That's enough, don't you think?

No, no, please do continue. Highest gallows, and then?

But no, we're interrupted. Bah. (music)

Oh-ho, yes, of course!
I'm so terribly sorry. How very uncharacteristically thoughtless of me. This is my lovely daughter, Luserina.

You named your child "Luserina?" Seriously? If she doesn't get bullied at school, it's only because you made it too easy for them.

I brought her to the Sun Palace once, but it was such a long time ago. I don't know if you remember...?

Of course I remember. But Frey was so little then...
And just look at how beautiful you've become!

You're too kind, Lady Sialeeds. It's wonderful to see you again.

And it's so nice to see you again, too, Your Highness, even if you don't remember me.
Sir Georg, Lady Lyon, how do you do? It's very nice to meet you.

Oh! The pleasure's all mine!


Both of them are clearly shocked Salum managed to have such a normal looking, normal behaving kid. Must be the mother's genes at work.

Your Highness... I'm so sorry about what happened... Please, let me do whatever I can to help you in a time like this.

I've prepared rooms for you on the second floor. Please make yourselves at home there.

That's all right, isn't it, Father?

Oh-ho, of course! Couldn't be righter!

Well, then, please make your way to the second floor when you're ready.

We can now move about, but we can't leave the building.

Poo. Let's see what the others have to say before we head up.

Thank goodness... Now we can finally rest.

Nothing very interesting. Next?

Oh, Your Highness! I've been terribly, desperately worried about the Princess! ...Oh, and you, too.

Still a creep, Euram.

Had I know this was to happen, I would have taken steps to ENSURE my glorious victory at the Sacred Games!

What kind of steps? Uh... Oh, never you mind about that!

I'm not entirely sure you'd have been a better choice.

My, my... You needn't fret anymore, Your Royal Highness, yes, yes? The House of Barows shall protect you!

...yes, yes.

Don't worry, Prince! I got your back, no matter what happens!

I'm slightly more inclined to believe it when Boz says it.

Euram is the only one who has another line if you talk to him again. Much as I wish he didn't.

The door on the left is locked and the one on the right leads to an empty room, so we'll head upstairs. But first...

This gentleman is Chuck. He's in charge of the storage here at the mansion.

He's also huge.

Chuck, this is His Royal Highness the Prince and Lady Sialeeds. And these are their Queen's Knight bodyguards.

Starting today, it is our honor to have them stay with us.

Th-The Prince?!
Oh, I see! You're here because of milady!

Huh...? No, Chuck. They're here because--

That's all right! You don't have to say any more! I knew this day would come. Prince, everybody, please enjoy your stay here!
Oh! Also, if you have too much stuff, bring it down to the storeroom! I promise to take good care of your things for you! Please just promise me you'll be just as kind and careful with milady!

Um... Chuck? I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, boy, I'll have to find enough seats for the ceremony. I hope I don't cry. What am I saying? I always cry.

You're asking me?!

More importantly, the door is now unlocked and we can have Chuck keep stuff for us. Since I'm already running out of inventory space, that's very nice! Take extra care with this salt. I have plans for it, see.

Two of the rooms on the upper floor are empty. One of the others is this.

That's... Mother's room. Ever since my eldest brother died, she's shut herself away in there and refuses to see anyone. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid she won't even see you, Your Highness. Please accept my apologies on her behalf.

Our actual destination is across from here.

Your Highness, please make yourself at home in this room. And I have bedrooms prepared for the rest of you, as well.

We'll never see those rooms, but Frey will have all these beds to himself.

Thank you. This is really so much more than we could have expected.

Not at all. I'm just happy to help you in any way I can.

Hm... Your Highness? I know I can't understand what you're going through, but... please, try to be strong.

Thanks. I'll be okay.

Your Highness...

Watch the scene! (or listen to the music)

I'll leave you alone now.

Yeah, I know what you mean. But as unlikely as it may seem, they really are related.

How could someone as shady as Lord Barows...?

"You know what? I give up."

Well, shady or not, I'm pretty grateful for him right now.

I don't think we can relax quite yet. (music)


Lyon looks around as if she's expecting ninjas in every corner.

Lyon, don't you think you're being just a little too paranoid?

No. I know what I'm talking about.
I was once...


There's no way! You know when Ferid took you in back then, you were even younger than Lymsleia is now! How could you possibly have been a member of Nether Gate?!

My very first memories are those of my training to become a Nether Gate assassin. I don't know who my real parents were, or even what my real name is...

That's awful...

Day in and day out, they taught us nothing but how to hurt people. In two more years, they would've made me a full-fledged assassin. I would've been a murderer by now...

And he's the one that gave me the name "Lyon," too.
So that's why I'd do anything to repay Ferid!

Do you think you can still trust me, even though you know about my past?

Jesus fuck, what kind of asshole would pick that bottom option?

Lyon is family.

Bonus Content:

What kind of asshole would pick that bottom option?

This asshole, right here.

That's all right, Lady Sialeeds. I'm not surprised the Prince feels that way.

You haven't had a thing to do with them for eight years! You're not a part of them anymore!

No, I understand. It's not the kind of thing that can be easily forgiven...

You'll let me do at least that... won't you?

The asshole gives a grudging nod.

Th-Thank you...

Now excuse me while I go slam this douchebag's face in a drawer. Tenkai star or no, that's no way to treat people.

Early Luserina concept. I'm really not sure why she gets her own theme song, but well, if Euram gets one, I suppose it's only fair.

Sialeeds' weapons and casual outfit. I like this one better than her regular one, personally...

And last but not in any way least, Boz Wilde.