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Part 29: A Bit Batty

Up in Frey's room, our party does anything but rest.

Oh, it pains me to see my Lady have to play along with a fool like him...

That's a classic strategy, though. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Right, Lucretia?

I can only hear Simon Templeman deliver that line.

Read into it what you will.

One of these days, someone will read "I need a thump upside the head" into something you say.

I hope I'm there to see it happen.

But, you know, there's something I've been wondering about.

...Lyon, is the coast clear?

...Oh, yes, ma'am!
...No, I don't hear anyone.

Your Highness, I would like to find out the truth about the Lordlake uprising. Lord Barows is hiding something important. I can feel it.

That doesn't take a genius strategist to figure out.

Yeah, we've been thinking that, too. But we've been to Lordlake several times, and there doesn't seem to be any dirt on Barows there.

No, the answer doesn't lie in Lordlake alone. The rioters got as far as the East Palace, after all.

"Officially," Barows soldiers were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the mob. But I've always wondered if that was the real story.

But won't it be hard for us to snoop around? Barows will know something is up.

...Not if we have the help of a professional detective.

A detective, huh?

Yes, someone who can find skeletons in even the most tightly locked closet. His name is Oboro.

That sounds familiar.

Oh, Oboro? I know him! His "office" is actually a ship, so he often comes to Raftfleet to visit. He just finished up a case, so he should be free right now. Your Highness, shall I have my husband and daughter negotiate with him?

No, Oboro is a most important potential ally. That is why I think it would be best if you, Your Highness, met with him directly.

Well, not me necessarily, but anyone who is not Logg would be preferable. Just a feeling I have.

He's usually at one port or another, so he might be docked here in town right now. Why don't you check, Your Highness?

Because I have recruiting to do, that's why!

Later is right. Much later.

Give Oboro my regards, Your Highness. He has his quirks, but you can count on him.


Kisara just tells us to go have a look, so she doesn't get more screen time. Frey away!

Sialeeds remains behind. (music)


I need to know one thing: Why are you helping my nephew? Is it to make up for what you did?


In the end, I only delayed the inevitable by two years. But I still think it was the right thing to do. And I became the Prince's tactician because it, too, is the right thing to do.

There's nothing more to it than that.

Hmph! Damn woman... I really, really hate you, you know that, Lucretia?

...But I do feel a little bit better now.

And my nephew needs your strength. Please help him, Lucretia.

I will.

I quite like it.

Back outside, Frey rearranges his party. Let's grab all the Raftfleet peeps.

My lovin' wife's coming, too? Perfect time to score some points!

Mum's coming, too?! Awright! Time to show off!

Aye-aye! Leave the finances to me!

Shinro is a support character. His skill is Trade In, which lets you sell things from the inventory. It can be handy, but it's usually not a problem chucking one of your 7438 medicines if you need room.

Bother the "mysterious woman" a little on the way out...

And then we'll head to Raftfleet. Sairoh has a new line after we pick up Shinro. Don't worry, he's entirely safe with us since he can't actually enter combat.

After returning to Rainwall, Logg's boat is magically back, and that means we can go places.

Specifically, we want to go here.

One thing worth noting, you don't have to sit and stare at the screen when you're going somewhere by boat - you can skip straight to the destination if you hit cancel. Handy!

There's a new unite to be had...

...but apart from the opening pose, it's just the three of them using their regular attacks. (Are you surprised? You shouldn't be.)

The camera angle is a bit different, though.

Family Attack deals 0.6x damage to all enemies. As it involves three people, that can stack up to a lot of damage, especially if you also give Logg and Lun some power-up runes.

Here's Logg and Lun's unite, 1x damage against one row, with their weapons up to scratch. Some people seem to think Logg is terrible, but that damage isn't anything to sneeze at without any buffs!

There's nothing new in the dwarf camp right now, so we'll continue on. In one of the previously-empty dead ends in the second half of the cave, there's now a familiar nutjob!

The underground passageways under Stormfist are sealed. That's how I ended up here. Somehow, this sort of place appeals to my nature. It embarrasses me to admit such a thing, but there you have it.
...Oh, yes! Your highness!

I've heard that you're taking a stand against that FILTHY DEVIL, Godwin! You're going to BASH him up good?!

Sure am!

This is absolutely wonderful news!


yes, i



Is... is that so?

I... no... no, I ... couldn't tell. Really.

I think we can

very good, now if we could just

Please forgive me. I forgot myself for a moment.

I... but...


Let's just go, shall we?

Even so, my wish to join your army was not merely caused by my overexcited passions. Please, I would be most honored to join your fine and noble army, Your Highness. for those of you who are wondering what the hell that was all about, that's how you recruit Egbert. You let him rant, without mashing through his dialogue.

Well, what would you have me do?

Come on, join us!

Yes, Your Highness. It is an honor.

I boot Josephine for Egbert. He's sadly only a support character, but he comes with the Potch Finder skill, which increases money gained after battle. It's quite nice.

Then, it's on to the prison again.

There's a new guy locked up a few cells down from where Killey was.

Please wait! I'll open it now!
It's open!

???: "Your Highness"? Did you say, "Your Highness"? It can't be...

Oh, I d-didn't mean... Please excuse my ill manners!

No worries. If they're ill, I know a good doctor. A bit stubborn, but good.

My name is Takamu. P-Pleased to make your acquaintance, Your Highness.
I had been drawing a map of Falena, under the direct orders of His Majesty Ferid himself. His Majesty wanted to create and publish accurate maps, for the use of all the people... But after His Majesty passed away, Godwin declared that maps were "military secrets"!
I stuck up for what His Majesty told me, that maps belong to everybody... And then Godwin locked me in here! Maybe Your Highness was led here by His Majesty's spirit...

Oh, a remarkably kind offer! You really are His Majesty's son. Thank you very much! But first, please wait a moment. Godwin confiscated some of my belongings! They should still be in this prison! They were just some harmless surveying and plotting items, so I presume they just dumped them in a room somewhere. But the science of cartography shall triumph in the end! I hid the last map I drew inside that equipment, you see! I know it's rather presumptuous of me to ask for more help after you rescued me, but could you help me find that map? I'm sure Your Highness will find the map most useful as well.

Takamu replaces Lyon for a little bit, but all we have to do is run back down to the exit.

I don't recall this hole being here...

A dwarf dug us this hole so that we could sneak in here.

Wow... Amazing... An underground path. What color should I use to mark it?

Enough of that! We need to hurry up and find your surveying equipment!

Ah, yes. You do have a point. I can't rightly begin surveying without my surveying equipment!

I don't think that's what he... oh, never mind.

The stuff is in one of the boxes.

You found it! Here, take this!

This is the most accurate map of Falena in existence today. I do hope you'll find it useful. I'm sure this country will change, however, as a result of the fighting between His Highness and Godwin. I suppose that as long as the land is at war, a cartographer's work will never be done. I would like to continue the mission given to me by His Majesty Ferid, and complete it for Your Highness. I look forward to serving you, Your Royal Highness.

And then we had a map guy, and, more importantly, a map. Takamu himself is a support character and comes with the Escape Route skill which ensures a successful getaway when you use the Escape command in battle. It can be helpful if you're trying to rush through an area, but still not as helpful as the map. Takamu does have another use, however, which we'll see in a bit.

On the way back, this new passage has opened on the other side of the dwarf camp. All we have to do is enter...

...and walk through a short corridor (with a chest on the end). This puts us back right inside the entrance. Very handy for revisits.

The Prosperity Armband increases money found after battles. It goes on Lyon, once I've thrown away some antitoxins or something.

Then, we just have to make our way back. The map actually looks like a map now! But there's something even more important on my mind right now. Are you guys ready? Because it's time to fulfil our destiny.

Salt is an absolutely necessary ingredient for life. All the people are suffering. How would you lower the price, Your Highness?

Why, I would flood the market, of course!

Gentlemen, behold.

All the salt.

That was some fine salt salesmanship! It looks like the price of salt is holding steady! Truly splendid, the way you executed your princely duties! My, my! All this talk about salt trading...
...I don't know if it does anything for you, but it gets this old merchant's blood pumping! To show my appreciation, I'd like to do a little favor for Your Highness.

The way this works is that every 30 minutes or so, a random new trading trend starts - typically "item X has increased/dropped in price" but with some exceptions. Sairoh is actually quite annoying to recruit since the planets have to align before you can pick him up, and even if you do talk to him at the right time, you probably won't have enough salt on hand to recruit him the first time anyway.

Excuse me, youngster! Mind trading places with me for a bit?

Post Merchant: Wow! Are you really going to do it?!

So then you have to run around buying up salt and wait for the next random price hike before you can come back again.

Ho ho! After seeing His Highness' salesmanship, I have to see if I've still got it!

Post Merchant: Really?! Incredible! The legendary merchant Sairoh is back!

You actually only need to sell six units of salt to satisfy him, but where's the fun (and profit) in that?

The two of them switch places, and now Sairoh handles the trade post. He will, of course, also follow us when we eventually get our own base of operations. (It's not a spoiler, it's a series staple.)

The salt price hasn't gone down, but who cares? It's not as if we'll ever need more of it.

With our handy new map, we'll head past Haud...

...and back in here...

...because there's a scene we can see now that Takamu is with us.

Huh? This is an... elven road? But I can see it! That's weird. All this time making maps... I guess it's given me an unusually sharp eye for hidden roads and pathways. If you'd like, I think I could lead us over this road, Your Highness.

What are we waiting for? Let's go!

We don't get very far on the other side.


What do you think you're doing here? Humans are NOT allowed on this road!

Hey, I don't see your name written on it.

This is His Royal Highness the Prince! Allow me to explain--

Prince?! YOU'RE the Prince of Falena?!
Hmmm... In that case...
Usually, I would banish humans like you from our forest immediately, but I'm... feeling unusually charitable today. I'm going to Lunas, and you may come along. YOU'RE escorting ME, though, not the other way around. Is that clear?

It's clear you're an elf in a Suikoden game.

And that means I don't trust you.

You'll understand once we get there. Perhaps.
There are a large number of barbarous humans bearing swords and spears up ahead. YOUR enemies, I'd imagine. If I let you go this way, you'll be able to reach Lunas without being discovered.
My name is Urda.I hail from Alseid.

My name is Frey. I don't give a fuck.

Now, we shall go.

We head out through the trees on the left.

You must leave before they catch you!

It doesn't lead anywhere special, though. Just to the back of Lunas.

So, don't worry -- we'll be fine. You get back to your friends, Your Highness. Quickly!

Speaking of friends.

I dunno. Some weird chick showed up and dragged us here.

I brought him.

There she is now!

Because you refuse to come home!
All right, release Isato! Isato is here under the orders of the royal family of Falena, correct? One word from the Prince, and Isato will be set free!

Wow, you're even dumber than you look, you know that?

Urda. I serve the Oracle, not the royal family of Falena. And only at the Oracle's word would I abandon my duty. If that truly was her wish.


However, I'm not here because of any orders. I'm here because I wish to be here.

What?! You still repeat that nonsense? Why?! The barbarous humans have started killing each other again! Always, the humans are killing each other! Never have I seen a race so intent on its own destruction! You could be drawn into the conflict if you don't leave this place! No, you have already been drawn in! And for what? The humans will kill each other! Borders will be redrawn, and in a few years, they'll start it all again! Let's go home to Alseid. Let humans kill humans. What do we care who wins?

Urda... You understand why I'm here. I know you do. Without the Oracle's protection, there would be nothing to stop the hordes of greedy humans from mining gold upstream. The river would be polluted. The forest would be devastated. Our home of Alseid would never be the same. I serve the Oracle because she protects our home!

But... You've been here for thirty years, since the time of the previous Oracle... Haven't you done enough already?

I cannot say that I've done enough, as Lunas is still in danger. I will leave when the Oracle says it is safe. I appreciate your concern for my safety, but I cannot let selfish worries interfere with my duty. If you are so worried about being drawn into a human conflict, perhaps you should go back to Alseid yourself.


Isato just walks off. Stone cold.

It'd be the end of hope for all the people who are suffering under Godwin's tyrannical rule. Don't forget that!

The enclave is mostly empty, but in one of the rooms on the upper floor...

What about Haswar?

The Oracle has moved to Sol-Falena, in accordance with Godwin's wishes. Don't worry. It was her decision. Godwin did not try to take her by force. He said that he wanted advice about the management of the Sun Palace, and the traditions of the Falenan Royal Family.
Above all, make sure Godwin soldiers do not find you. The Oracle would be sorrowed to hear of Your Highness' capture.

Well, that's... good? Maybe? Not terrible?

...let's just go.

I will never give up.

Urda stomps off when we try to leave. Suddenly, the air seems much cleaner...

Now then, we've accomplished everything there is to do around here. Next, we're finding ourselves a detective!

A li'l Sairoh sketch, and what appears to be Takamu's surveying equipment. Because again... why not?