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Part 31: Poor Decision Making Skills

Our "people" (I'm just going to keep calling them that now) have been busy while we were away.

Queen's Knights?!

...why couldn't it have been Galleon... (music)

Kyle! You're all right!

Yep, not a scratch on me!

Well, that's sort of good, but I still wish it could have been Galleon.

A short while later, we've gathered up everyone else in the hallway.

Yep! Well, other than the fact that they can't leave their room.

Oh, that's such a relief to hear, isn't it, Prince?

Yeah, although it only serves to remind me that I'd rather have them than Kyle, too.

Well, I'm breathing a little easier now, at least...

Yeah, and I was hoping to come back with either the Princess or the Sun Rune, too!

I'd have forgiven you if you did.

Well, probably.

...No chance of that, though. Both are being guarded way too closely.
And then I heard all the talk about the Prince forming an army, so I just had to check it out for myself!
...Oh, but I've got some really good news about the Sun Rune.

What is it? Don't leave us in suspense. Just tell us!

All right, all right! I'm gettin' to it! As soon as the Sun Palace got taken over, Gizel tried to bear the Sun Rune, just like Queen Arshtat. Didn't work, though!

It didn't?!

Funny thing is, Gizel didn't look upset at all! ...Well, not like the guy shows emotion to begin with, but still! No, he just got a whole bunch of scholars together. They've been shut up in the Sealed Room ever since!

Ah, not to worry, not to worry! The mystery of the Sun Rune is very simple, yes? As you well know, I've always said that only the legitimate Queen may bear the Sun Rune! Oh-ho! Looks like I was right! Indeed, and without a legitimate Queen, we've no reason to cower in fear over the Sun Rune! Splendid, splendid!
...Oh-ho, and pardon my rudeness, but I must be in a hurry! I simply must share this wonderful news with Lord Wilde and General Dinn immediately! Yes, immediately, I say!

Salum has left the building, and not a moment too late.

Your Highness... I didn't want to say this in front of Lord Barows, but... I'll say it now.
I'm so, so sorry, Your Highness! Please, please, forgive me! I gave that big speech when we separated at the Sun Palace, but in the end...
...I couldn't protect anything -- not Her Majesty, not the Princess, not the Sun Rune. Nothing!


Kyle, you don't need to apologize for anything. Why do you think this nation hasn't fallen completely into the Godwins' hands yet? It's because everyone's here, putting up a fight. And they're here because you helped out, Kyle. As long as you do all that you can, you can't have any regrets. You'll go crazy if you always wonder "What if?" So don't hang your head, Kyle.

Thank you very much. All of you!
And hey, check out all the cute babes hangin' out here! I could get used to this place! Real used to this place...

Ah ha ha ha ha! Now that's the Kyle we all know and love!

You have a very strange definition of the word "love."

You got it!
Your Highness! Please allow me to join your fight! ...Alongside all these lovely ladies, of course!

I may give Kyle shit for his personality occasionally, but mechanically he's a very solid character. I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of him in future updates.

Our next order of business is to head up to Frey's room, but as usual, we can hang around for a bit and chat up our companions first.

I'm just glad we learned what happened to Lym and Miakis. That bastard Gizel... So, he's planning on using the Sun Rune after all...

Not having much luck, though!

So, Prince! What's the story between you and Luserina? Things getting pretty hot and heavy?

Whatever gave you that idea?

Uh, no...

Oh, really? Are you sure?

That's strange. Luserina's sure acting like you two are...

Luserina can't help it. She has crazy genes.

Well, hey, don't worry about it. If she's not your thing, I wouldn't mind breaking her in!

God fucking damn it, why couldn't it have been Galleon?

I recommend that we wait a bit, and see how certain factors play out. Lord Barows is up to something, as are the Godwins. So, rest until they make a move.

Don't wanna.

I'm relieved to hear the enemy can't use the Sun Rune!

Wait, who are you again?

Lord Barows' manner disturbs me.

If even I can detect something amiss, though, I'm sure my Lady noticed it a long time ago.

She'd have to be blind and deaf not to, I suppose.

You wouldn't mind if I hit on Luserina, would you?

Knock yourself out.

No, really. A good solid punch to the jaw should do the trick.

And upstairs, the others are settling in nicely. You didn't think I was joking when I said I was going to fill this place up with the weirdest people I could find, did you?

Lord Barows doesn't seem at all pleased with the idea of publishing accurate maps, either. It seems like all nobles just want to keep the commoners as ignorant as possible.

Well, they do tend to be easier to control that way.

We've done good work, and I'm getting a little sleepy.

Yes, I guess so.

All right. Good night, then, Prince!

And you too.

But Frey doesn't get the rest he so desperately needs...

???: It is I.... Salum Barows. I'm ever so terribly sorry to bother you so late this fine evening, Your Highness! However, we have important matters to discuss... in private. Would Your Highness be kind enough to let me in?

Go away, I'm sleeping!

...Frey doesn't get an option to say it, though. (music)

Now! I wanted to discuss something very important: the future! Indeed, both of our futures...

I'm not goddamn marrying Luserina. Stop asking.

Your Highness, we've received a report that a large Godwin force is heading this way.

Oh, was that all? Shit, man, don't come in here looking like there's something serious going on.

This force is led by one Lord Dilber Novum, a grand general on par with our own Lord Wilde. He's a formidable adversary, yes. But if his charge can be thwarted, your reputation will grow all the more!
...So! Your Royal Highness the Prince! Are you willing to seize the momentum and become... King?

wait what

Oh-ho! Now, I'm in no way suggesting usurping Her Royal Highness as the rightful heir to the Falenan throne. But if you and I were to... carve our own kingdom out of the territories we already hold? What say you, Prince?

Nothing. I'm not saying a thing.

Our opportunity is nigh, Your Highness! We need not fear the Sun Rune! Thus, we need not fear Godwin, yes?

...look, I know I'm making light of him, but he has an army. I don't think your imaginary border is going to mean a whole lot against that.

...And there's more. It just so happens that I've got a few... connections among the Armes aristocracy, Your Highness!
With Armes at our side, Your Highness, we could march to victory with the greatest of ease! Peace would be restored with great haste, and your grand coronation would commence! Sounds marvelous, yes, yes?

Iiiii dunno, something something peace with great haste?


I mean, "marvellous" is a pretty strong word, but...

Think about it! You may well succeed in driving the Godwins out and returning to the Sun Palace...
...But in the Sun palace, you'll never become King. After saving the country, that would be ever so unfair, yes?


I want to become King.

You know what? Fuck it. Let's do it.

Oh-ho! So you've seen the wisdom of my proposal, yes, yes? Ah, I knew you would, Your Highness! I knew you would!

What is it now? You've been calling me that for ages. It's time for an upgrade.

My, my! It's not nice to eavesdrop, little girl...

I've got nothing to say to you!

I don't care. I've made up my mind.

They shall call me King Frey the First. Tell me that doesn't sound badass!

Prince! How... could you...?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! My, my! Sounds like this is settled, then, does it not? Now, Your Highness! Seize the moment! Defeat General Novum, and let your name be revealed to the entire world!!! We shall create a new kingdom, with King Frey as its shining centerpiece! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Bring it on, I say!

I better get an outfit at least as shiny as that!

Watch the scene!

Under the pretext of supporting the East Kingdom, the Armes Army has crossed the border and occupied Rainwall!




Your Majesty, I believe now is the time for decisive action.

I realize that!

I order these lands to be reclaimed, no matter what! Even if it means using the Sun Rune!

Send messages to Generals Luger and Novum! Prepare for an all-out attack! I'll be going into battle as well!


gizel no

So it turns out accepting Salum's proposal was a bad idea! Who'd'a thunk it? (We get some pretty impressive Game Over music, though. Quite long for something most players will mash out of after the first five seconds or so.)

Bonus Content

Taking the other option, as usual, results in slightly different dialogue.

That's right, Kyle!

We need as many allies as we can get right now. And everyone's morale will be raised when they see that another Queen's Knight has joined us.

It did feel a bit weird that Kisara spoke up like that, since I don't think they know each other, but I guess someone has to if Frey is too busy being emo.

And the other one, too.

Ha! I may just have to put the moves on Luserina, then! For YOUR benefit, of course, Prince! Heh heh...

I still hate you a whole damn lot, Kyle.

Finally, though I didn't show it off last time, you can also question Oboro's methods...

Does that seem strange to you? Mice are rather intelligent animals. All it takes is a little training, and they can become invaluable help.
We've got to think over our next move carefully. Let's return to the office for a bit.

We didn't do this because just rolling with it gives us an Oboro point, which unlike certain other characters is required to recruit Oboro and crew. As has been mentioned in the thread, every time you stick with them is worth a point (even though Shigure thinks you're a pain). Going through this scenario should provide you with enough to get them right away, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

If you don't do Oboro's sidequest, or if you for some reason abort it halfway through, you have to keep asking them between events, which will give you one point per attempt. As this is slow and annoying (and does not let you be a ninja detective assistant for a day) this is very much not recommended. Finally, Oboro will pack up and leave for good later in the game if you haven't recruited him by a certain point, so you have to be very careful if you take the slow method.