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Part 38: Beaver Lodge

After the scene in Sol-Falena, we regain control on the stairs to the Dahak. It seems we've been sent on our way with no directions, which is just what I expect from goddamn Lucretia.

You an get to Yashuna Village by boat, but you'll have to walk from there.

Was that so hard to tell us before we walked all the way out there? Lyon, you better be making notes here.

Beaver Lodge is south of Yashuna Village. We can get to Yashuna Village with Logg's boat, Prince!

I'll buy you a treat later.

The beavers mostly keep to themselves these days. They're master builders, though. They can do things with wood that humans can't even imagine. That's why Godwin forced them to build Hatred Fortress.

You don't know what I can imagine.

You probably don't want to know either.

Next order of business, fire that useless sack of shit Sorensen and pick up some people that do not suck.

Remember, mediocrities: the DoReMi Elves are our highest priority!

And also Cornelio.

Zegai has taken over the training station. Like Georg, he has the skill that lets us train physical skills at any time he's in the party, but unlike Georg he can use it when he's not in the party as well, which is very helpful.

Still can't get our skills past C rank, though.

What?! You stopped the revolving bridge?! Ga ha! Way to take action! Good work, Prince! Ga ha ha ha!

And Boz has new lines now that we've taken care of the thing he was talking about.

That ought to keep General Novum's troops out of it for a while. Now we can work on Lordlake. Grr. Just lemme get face-to-face with General Novum! I'll settle this mess once and for all!

Are you sure you won't miss him when he's dead? You won't have a rival any more.

I'll have to redo Lordlake's map once water flows through there again. That's one map I'll be happy to redraw!

And there's also this guy I guess except no one really cares. Anyway!

No, I'm thinking more that they'll get fired up, as in, I'm literally going to set them on fire.

Logg doesn't have any dialogue but he does have a new destination. Remember this place? I said how we wouldn't be visiting for a while?

Well we're visiting it now. It even has new music.

It has stores, too. Nothing really fun in them, although I did of course have to buy something here. Stupid manipulative kids.

FISH. Stop making me hungry, game!

But does that mean we should just ignore all the fighting that's going on?

No it doesn't, get in my army!

Village Man: Boy, these hot springs are great for the mind AND body!

That's n-

I give up. Welcome to Falena, land of perverts and assholes.

...What's my story? I was badly injured during the fighting with Luger's Fleet. I wasn't getting better, so I came to the hot springs, hoping it would help me recover. Boy, the legend is true! I couldn't even walk when I first came, and NOW look at me!

You look like any other NPC to me.

If this game has a hot spring episode, I'm going to... be very confused because it didn't have one the last time I played it I AM BAD WITH JOKES OKAY SHUT UP.


But anyway, let's take a look at those springs since they're the only remarkable thing about this place.

Relax at the famous Tricolor Hot Springs Inn, pride of Yashuna Village! The cure for 1,001 ills!

Suddenly an old guy comes out through the exit on the left.

*relaxing, satisfied sigh*
That bath felt great!

I'm glad to hear that!

Springs Customer: I'll see you tomorrow, then.

Ah, I'm sorry, kiddo.

Mother: She can't, dearie. Can't you see she's working?

Girl: Working?

Mother: Yes, dearie. I'm sorry, Miroon.

It's fine! Enjoy yourselves!

Busy place.

Hello, hello! Go right ahead!

So she says, but we can't actually get in the springs. It's probably for the best. We still have Kyle and Sialeeds in the party, and I can't imagine that leading anywhere good.

They may be famous for their hot springs, but Yashuna has the most pathetic rune store I've ever seen. That's the entire inventory!

Looting the houses proves more profitable. Can't wait until I can assemble this sucker.

But the beavers are scared of humans, so don't expect to see any if you go -- I'm sure they'll all be hiding.

And a hint as to our destination. We're standing right by the exit, so...

We'll head out. That's Estrise below, but we're heading further south.

The mountain path is kind of nice looking but far too long and annoying. (music)

Also there are bees.

Eat umbrella!

Well okay, the game calls them dragonflies but that sure as fuck isn't any dragonfly I've ever seen. The Avolo Pestis is the miniboss for this area,

...and drops some loot I don't really care about. Great Firefly is a new rune. Maybe we'll even have enough pieces to assemble one at some point.

Are we there yet?

Apparently not!

You may have noticed the Switch command in the combat menus before. Even in battle, you can kick one of your active members and replace them with a playable character in the entourage. I don't find much use for it, so I usually just bring support characters, but on occasion, it can be handy.

Insert some confusion here until I finally realize that my party is full and I can't recruit any elves with a full party OOPS.

It's okay though; you can kill as many of them as you like and they'll keep respawning. We'll be back for it.

Aah, finally.

It's a bit weird how there's a road leading to Beaver Lodge when it seems like they're avoiding contact with humans... but whatever.

Yes, that's us. (music)

Beaver: Run! Everybody run! Humans are here!!!

How rude!

Darn! Those stupid fluffballs all ran away!
Hey! What're you guys just standin' there for?! We gotta catch one of 'em, don't we?!

I dislike them already.

The Godwins used the beavers as forced labor... I don't blame them for being scared of us!

Well I fucking well do! Anyone can see we're not Godwins! Do I look like I should be wearing a toothbrush moustache to you?!

All the beavers ran off so the entire village is empty.

There's only one place to go.

And inside...

The expressions

I am the head of Beaver Lodge. Fuwalafuwalu is my name.

No, fuck you. I'm going to call you Fuwala, and that's being generous.

Um... We're... uh...

No, no, that's all right. I really don't need to know who you are, where you're from, or what you came here to do. I don't want to have to be involved, you see.

...beavers, everyone.

Young man, there... You're from Lordlake, aren't you?

Yeah, that's right!

I see... I guess I really do have to speak, then.

We really want to apologize to the people of Lordlake. We're very, very sorry.


Because of that stupid fortress you built, Lordlake is ruined! Now what are you gonna do about it?

???: Listen to him talk!

Right when I thought these guys couldn't look any dumber...

Come on, Maroon. That's enough, now.

Wow, this guy sounds like such a whiny little fuck.

What's wrong with your everything?

My name is Muroon. I am the one who designed that fortress and gave all the orders when it was being built. If anyone, blame me.

Well I wasn't going to, but if you insist...


The Godwins could've easily wiped us out at any time if they'd wanted to. We didn't have a choice. I don't expect you to forgive us, but I wanted you to know what we were up against.

Did I just hear you right? Did you just say you DESIGNED that fortress?!

Huh...? Y-Yes, that's right.

Great! Then YOU can tell us how to destroy it!



What did you say?!

I-Is that really true?!

Would I come all the fucking way out here just to oh fuck it never mind


Elder! Let's help these people! I don't really want us to get mixed up in another human conflict, but we have to make up for what we did!

Took you long enough.

Mmm. I feel the same way.

So that means...?


The fortress is such a huge structure, the only real way to "destroy" it would be to dismantle it little by little. Just ramming a ship against it won't make a dent.

...So I don't know if we'll be able to help or not.

No, there must be something we can do to help!
Prince! Take me with you! I want to help!

I kind of hate your hair, but...

What're you asking ME for? If he wants to come, what do I care?



I'll try to think of something we beavers can do...

If there's anything you need that we can actually help you with, please let us know.

Yeah yeah whatever I'm taking your stuff now.

Wow, I think that's the nicest thing that's happened to me all day.

It's still the nicest thing that's happened to me all day.

Lucretia? What are you doing here?

Well, I have my reasons...
So, how did it go?

For a given defini-

nah fuck it, you aren't worth the effort.

Oh, I see... So you've gotten the cooperation of the beavers, have you? But we still don't have a plan for taking down Hatred Fortress, right?

How did... you know?

Because you're with the Prince.

Huh? Because I'm with the...? Huh?
...What's with this lady human?

She has a bad case of the Mary Sues. You'll get used to it.

So, it looks like we'll need him after all, I suppose...

Prince, I'm sorry to ask you to go running off one place after another, but could you go to Ceras Lake for me? I have a... friend there. I've already told him of our situation, so please go see him.

He's a little... mysterious, but he's not evil.

...Well, I can't say that with absolute confidence. But I can say that he won't kill you right away, at least.


I want to start punching you and never stop.

Um... Who is this mystery man... who may or may not be evil?

He may just be the man with the key to destroying Hatred Fortress.


Oh, you must be Fuwalafuwalu.

Yes, that's right.

I'm the Prince's tactician. My name is Lucretia. How do you do?
Now, please forgive the bluntness of my request, but there's something we need built right away to save Lordlake. Would you beavers please lend a hand?

By building...?

Something to save Lordlake?

That's right.

This sounds intriguing. Could you elaborate, please?

I will. In fact, would you come with me to the site?

With pleasure. I'll be right back, Elder.

...Don't be taking too long, now.

Muroon! Good luck!

You, too, Maroon!

Well, then, Prince. If you could just take care of Ceras Lake like we discussed?

Who discussed?!

Fun fact, we've had two chances to make Lucretia like us this update and we're not taking either of them.

All shall be revealed in time.

Seriously I can't fucking stand this. The only character I've ever liked despite pulling shit like this is Citan in Xenogears and that's only because he deals more damage poking things with one finger than Fei does kicking, punching and headbutting it. You have to respect that, even if he's kind of a dick.

From what I've heard, the Elder's father saw him long ago.

Well then, it's off to Ceras fucking Lake without anything even remotely resembling an explanation or reason other than "because I say so." We could look around Beaverville, but they're all like UUH HUMANS so there's little point to it. This one is important, though.

I wasn't, but I'm prepared to change my mind.

Ceras Lake.

We can see the destination on the map, but we can't reach it from here. Instead we'll have to walk alllllll the way around.


We can also almost see Sable from up here, but again it's out of reach.

But here's the interesting thing. This area is entirely optional, so obviously we're going to go over it with a fine-toothed comb so we don't miss any stray Stars of Destiny and/or loot.

Lyon's new dialogue is probably the most interesting thing about the dungeon, though.

Palette swaps!

Happily, the palette swap spider is worth a lot of money and drops some rather disgusting looking accessories.

Disgusting, but handy! The Eyeball Ring causes you to recover HP equal to 5% of the damage you deal, as Kyle kindly demonstrated here. It's not very impressive when he does it, but if we consider the fact that Shigure hits twice as hard, and quite often lands two blows in a round, that's starting to look like a pretty decent amount of healing.


And a vaguely familiar dude in the deepest part of the area!

Now I remember! You're the Prince! You were in the opening ceremony for the Sacred Games! I was in the Sacred Games, too! But I was knocked out in the first round...
Before the fight, a girl gave me some sweets. I scarfed them down, and then my limbs went numb. I couldn't even stand! Hah hah hah hah hah...
Oh, the name's Richard. I'm a member of the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade.

He seems to be taking it well.

Always. Always.

Hmm... Well... I sort of embarrassed myself at the Sacred Games. Mueller was pretty steamed -- told me I was a failure. He told me to go find a mountain and some waterfalls and toughen myself up like a "big boy."

Mueller is kind of a dick.

I've got to stay on this mountain for the time being. Sorry!

And Richard is his biggest fan.

Then there's this spot which is Clearly Important but nothing happens right now.

What? You thought I'd be trying to toughen up by sitting under some icy waterfall? Are you kidding? I can't stand icy water!

Richard has a parting line for us...

...before it's time to get out.

And that's it for the beaver area! Next time, we backtrack a lot, and maybe finally learn why we're supposed to track down a guy who's very definitely maybe not a psychotic killer. Join us then!