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Part 43: The bestest fisher in all o' Raftfleet

Last time, we picked up the worst character in the game.

Enough about that, we have things that do not suck to do!

You don't need this thing! If your people have something to say, they should walk up and say it!

Such as reading Frey's mail, once he shakes off the hangover. That's one thing the first level Dawn Rune spell is good for!

Is it true that Your Highness freed Killey from Agate Prison? Big mistake, if you ask me.

He can't be anywhere near as bad as ZeNO FUCKING DAMN IT HAPPY THOUGHTS anyway you can supposedly do that with Lorelai in the party and get some extra dialogue, but I just stumbled into the scene when I passed his cell and didn't care enough to reload my last save.

And so we'll move on.

We're heading back to Lordlake now!

Goesch already took off, but we were waiting until you came! Come with us, okay? Don't you wanna see the new-and-improved Lordlake?!

Sure do!

Let's go! Let's go!

I'm going! I'm going!

First a brief detour, however. We can now exit the castle (visiting Lordlake would be difficult otherwise!) and Beaver Lodge is within spitting distance of the front entrance. The back one, by Logg, leads to the stairs we climbed down to get to the castle the first time.

The beavers have also mellowed out a lot.

Beaver Boy: Mr. Prince Human, a human kid taught me to "play house"! do you tell if a beaver is a boy or girl?

Beaver Girl: Hey, Mr. Prince Human! Look at me! I'm "playing house"!

Maybe it's one of those things that are best left unexplained.

The reason I'm visiting is because I want to make sure I get this conversation out of the way before something happens to make me forget/miss it.

Before he died, he talked about meeting Boss... He wouldn't shut up about it!
You know, my father lived an incredibly long time for a beaver! I didn't take him seriously, because he was going senile at that point. Now I wish I'd listened a bit more carefully. Seems like he might have been telling the truth!

He was, but we won't be seeing it right now.


Viki won't open her teleportation service until we come back from Lordlake, so we'll head on down now.

Them beavers built a dam, though, right? You oughtta be able to get there by boat. If ya want, I can take ya!

Please do!

The boat takes off from just below the waterfall.

And deposits us just by Lordlake, which is looking a lot nicer now.

Even the music has changed!

I'll say! That dust filter wasn't doing the place any favours.

*nod nod!*

Look how happy he is.

Grampa! Goesch!

Your Royal Highness, you have shown your devotion to the people. Not with mere platitudes, but with actions. Thank you so very much for bringing water back to Lordlake. We are forever in your debt, Your Highness.

I'm getting all embarrassed here!

Don't get me wrong, Prince. We still haven't forgiven Her Majesty for what she did. But thanks to you, we now know the whole story. And the true enemies have been revealed: Godwin and Barows. So, if you're serious about fighting to the end, Lordlake will join you! We won't let you put your life in the hands of anyone else!

Indeed. Lord Rovere himself would have been honored to fight alongside Your Royal Highness.
There are still some in town with hardened hearts, but we'll do our best to win them over, Your Highness.


Yippee! It's gonna be great fighting with you, Prince!

I feel so loved.

But we're not finished yet!

are you going to yell at me again

I have more things to transport than anticipated.

What, you moving or something, Doc?

That's right. The patients here have all recovered. They'll be fine on their own, as long as they have clean water to drink.
Prince Frey, if anyone needs an emergency doctor on hand, it's you, right?

Hell yes, I do! I've been trying to get this other guy to join up, but he keeps insisting on being professional and shit.

So you'll be joining us at our castle, too, Dr. Silva?

Yes, I've decided to go with you. But never mind me. Just give me a room with a little bit of space, and I'll be happy.

*nod nod!*

I look forward to joining your cause. Thank you, Prince Frey.

Much better than being yelled at.

We're technically done, but of course we have to go take a look around town first. It's opened up now, so we can get into the parts that were closed off before, and there's something there that I've been aching to get my hands on. First though...

I'm moving to your castle. I know the townsfolk can run this clinic on their own now. The only things I need to take with me are just a few personal belongings.

Speaking of the clinic, it's empty now. That's one hell of a fast recovery!

Townswoman: Things were looking grim for a lot of people here, but they're all getting better now, Your Highness!

Feels pretty good, doesn't it?

I'll go straight to the castle after I've convinced the others. Please be patient, Your Highness.

Great. I get all fired up to fight for you, and my first mission is to carry luggage! Whatever you do, don't put Dr. Silva in charge of morale!


The river is full of water now, so we can't get across where we did last time, by walking across the river bed, but there's a bridge here we can use now.

Of course, all the NPCs are a lot happier now.

Townswoman: This is the real Lordlake! Our wonderful town, Lordlake! And it's all thanks to you that we're almost back to our former glory again! Thank you so much, Your Highness!

Townsman (2): After you went to all the effort to help us, the least we can do is work to make the town even better than before!

Those look like pigeons to me, but I think the ducks and geese will be back soon, too.

It's a bit run down, but Lordlake is a lot bigger than it first seemed.

Most importantly, we can now pick this up, which is more or less worth all that effort all by itself.

I'm gonna help Grampa and Dr. Silva move to Salzburg Castle!

But now it's time we went back.

Wow, you're so happy now, Toma!

Of course I am! If I'm not happy now, when would I be?

True! You've got a lot to be happy about, with Lordlake back to normal!
Sorry for being pretty useless to you guys...

Hey, at least you admit it. That's more than I get out of most of those dickweeds.

But at least I can feel good about returning to my village now!


What do you mean?

You should stop by to see us in Beaver Lodge now and then! Most of us beavers don't care too much for humans, but I'm sure everyone will make and exception for you guys!

Oh, I'm gonna miss him...

Can't say I will. He was pretty useless, after all.

That's all Lordlake has to offer. We could warp back home, but...

...then we'd miss this.

Beaver: Thanks for getting us that fun job! Work, work, work! A busy beaver is a happy beaver! But now we're heading home! Thanks again!

Not that there's much to miss, but eh.

But we're not done with beavers yet. This guy is waiting for us when we get back.

Well, I'm doing some repairs. Actually, these are the finishing touches. This was built in much haste, so there are still a lot of rough spots.

Why don't you stay and join us?

If you would have me, I would be happy to join you.
I've always believed that we should not cut ourselves off from the rest of the world and hide inside Beaver Lodge. I hope that I can be of assistance.

And then we had a beaver.

But for some reason, even though these ruins are made of stone, they don't make me uncomfortable at all. Strange.

Goddamn Sindar.

Muroon will also send us a letter soon after joining.

I saw this incredibly huge, pure-white snake in the lake! I'm serious!


But now it's time to get my hands dirty.

I only hope I have in some small way made up for the sins my family committed...

yeah yeah that's nice now change my party

Are you demanding my presence, Prince?

Yeech. Yes. Briefly. Shut up.

Picking up Basic Magic in the Sindar supposedly-ruins-but-not-really increases the Tutor skill to B. Much like Georg, Zerase has the skill but won't use it when just talked to, so we have to pick her up and put her in the party whenever we want to use it.

A B-ranked Tutor can increase magic-related skills to B rank. I feel filthy after associating with her, but it's worth it. (It's not as if there's a shortage of water or anything.)


We're getting out, too. I'm not sure where Lyon got that idea, but we're not doing that any time soon.

First up, Oboro.

Then, it's on to the restaurant.

And look at you! You're quite the war hero, kickin' ass at Hatred Fortress, man! Thought ya were just some brat sittin' in a castle with a crown on his head! But you're the real deal!

Why yes, I am quite awesome, thank you for noticing.

He sure took charge in the skirmish with the patrol fleet before the main battle. Such a maneuver could only be executed by a truly skilled general.

Prince! Look at you! Gettin' a compliment from him's like gettin' that bodyguard babe of yours to loosen up!
...And now that I've seen one, I KNOW the other's possible! Mark my words, man! Just a matter of time!
Ah, but enough about my skills with the ladies!

Do you have business with us, Your Highness?


I'm not so sure about this any more, but...

Really! You wanna hire the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade?
Whaddaya think, Mueller?

There is no logical reason to refuse his offer, sir.

Heh heh heh... Stiff as always, man! But I'm fluent in hard-ass! He wants to join ya, Prince! And really, I was just lookin' for an excuse to hang out with all the fine babes ya got on your team, man!
Wilhelm's Unit of the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade is at your service, startin' today!

As before, the Lindwurm mercs are one of the best units in the game, so we're definitely glad to have them, character flaws and all.

You need not worry about financial compensation. But you must be victorious, Your Highness. Victory means better prestige for our unit, which will lead to more lucrative contracts in the future.

Supposedly you can only get Wilhelm and Mueller if you've done well in the previous battles, but I don't think I've ever had a problem picking them up now. It's not as if it's hard to S-rank these encounters.

Also, the Godwins will eventually recruit the two of them if you put it off long enough, which is really not something you want to deal with.

Yeah, and more cash means more nights out with the ladies! Let's go, Mueller! Meet you up at the castle, Prince!

Understood, sir!


But there's even more for us to do in Raftfleet. Lun is needed for this one.

Fisherman?: That don't matter a lick! How DARE ya move without even TELLIN' ME!

Fisherman: How am I s'pposed to TELL ya when ya never tell anyone where you're GOIN'?!

That's YER job to figure out, boy! Not mine!

Fisherman: ...Ya mind if I smack this idiot one?

Fisherman (2): It's temptin', I know... Ya gotta trust me, though. Don't. Just don't. It ain't worth the beatin' you'll get!

Looks like Subala's back...

I should probably... no, I should definitely pick the first one. Definitely.



I guess you could call us "childhood friends." But that kinda assumes that she's actually friendly! She's rude, crude, and lewd! And those are some of her BETTER qualities!

I like her already. Let's go recruit her!

An' quite the looker this guy is, I gotta say! Hubba hubba! I tell ya, wouldn't mind reelin' THAT cutie in!


on second thought that might be a bit too rude, crude, and lewd

So! What's he doin' with an inbred hick like you, anyway? Bwahahahahah!

If anyone's "inbred" around here, I think we know who it is...

...I asked ya, what's an inbred hick like you doin' with this here cutie boy?!

I jus happen to be hangin' out with the Prince! Prince Frey!

The... Prince...
Hmmm... Ya know, now that ya mention it, he does look all... princely!
...Lun, how the hell'd a hick like YOU end up with a royal cutie like him?! No fair!

I'm fightin' with him in the Iodine in Hell Army!

Serious?! Yer in the Prince's army? That same army that put a hurtin' to ugly ol' Bahram's Fleet?!

Damn, girl... Why do the guys always gotta fall into yer ch--?! Er, I mean, yer lap!

Heh... Somethin' wrong, Subala? Jealous, maybe? Wanna join us?

No!!! I ain't jealous, an' I sure as hell ain't joinin' any club YER a part of, Lun!

No need to yell your ugly little head off over it! We'd love to have you! Or, we'll have you, at least! Whaddaya think, Prince?

I'm about to regret this decision, aren't I?

Wow! Yer gonna take me, Prince?!

...Er, um, I mean...

...I don't wanna join ya! Got no reason to! Ya gotta beg!

...Wait! I got it! Oh, ain't this gonna be a sight to see?! Fishin'!

Prince, if y'all can beat me at fishin', I'll join ya!

Hey, wait a sec! Why so stubborn? And why fishin', of all things? What's that got to do with anything?!

Shaddup, ya inbred hick! I'm the bestest fisher in all o' Raftfleet! I do what I want, when I want!

Um, if you're the "bestest fisher," this don't really sound like the most fairest contest...

True! I know this river like the blisters on the back o' my foot! We gotta do this in the Prince's castle! I never done fished there before, so ya can't say I ain't fair!


Let's start reelin' 'em in!

How'd I get roped into this, anyway?

Subala is actually one of my favourite recruits since she runs my favourite minigame. (music)

It's all quite simple, really.

The control on the boat is a bit weird, but you get used to it and then you just have to flail your stick around until you get the circle vaguely in the same location as one of the fish...

...and pull up... whatever it was you caught. The lake is full of weird shit like boots,


and even occasionally fish! I have a video of it in case someone's curious about how it looks in motion.

I'm pretty sure this one is rigged in your favour, but generally it's quite random who gets the most and biggest catch, since you might find yourself pulling up 73 boots and a sardine.

Hmph! Got totally blown outta the water! Damn, gotta hand it to ya!

I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do is everything.

Guess I promised ya, huh? Well, I don't really wanna, but I guess I gotta...
I'm worth a hundred other folks! No, a thousand! No, a mabillion! In fact, y'all can stop recruitin' now!

I wouldn't go that far. But you'll be good to have around.

Hey, Prince! Wanna go fishin'?

From now on, we can play that minigame whenever we like.

And now it gets even more exciting now, since we'll be competing against three people!

There's a good amount of put into it as your opponents will have various lines depending on how things go for them...

...and it's also a good way to pull up questionable pots, among other things. The Fish Tail Fin is leg armour, but no one in the party right now can wear it. (The Wall Orb is treasure from Lordlake, but it's crap, so ignore it.)

And speaking of fishy and questionable...

...join us next time!

Some various Lordlake people and what appears to be the evolution of Goesch's weapon.