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Part 49: The Dawn Times

Where we last left off, the mighty super robot Pringer X had defeated the dastard Zahak, but Orok's side of town got burned down in the process.

Well. Uh. At least two thirds of the town are still in good condition? Apart from the big piles of dead Godwin soldiers littering the streets.

Sorry about that, by the way. (music)

Oh, forgive me, my Lady... I have failed...

C'mon, it's not your fault, Lelei!

Who could anticipate that the Queen's Knights would set fire to a Falenan town? You did the best you could!

Zahak is a man without honor!

Stop playing the victim! If it's anyone's fault, it's yours, Orok!

You may have a point there. I thought you two were fools, but now I see... I was a fool as well.

Hey, how dare you call me a fool!

Weren't you the one who said the people of Lelcar shouldn't fight among themselves?
Orok, you served your purpose as a buffer between Zahak and our city.

What are you talking about?

You see, the draft and tax collection would've been much worse if Zahak had been in direct control. He probably would've ruined our town. Taken every young man we had, stolen every last coin. But since he was acting through you, we were able to keep a handle on it. I know that you love this town, Orok.

Don't think so highly of me. After all, I was supporting the Godwins. I thought Falena would expand and grow stronger if Lord Godwin took power. I also believe dour town would flourish... and I'd enjoy the spoils. So I'm hardly innocent.

Zahak claimed he had the nation's best interests in mind. You tell me, is THIS in our best interests?!
I see the truth now! This can't be for the good of the nation! Godwin can't be for the good of the nation!
Your Highness, I'm... so grateful you came. Without you, I can't imagine how many more would've perished... And I don't want to sound self-serving, but please, please keep protecting out town! I'll give you all my assets and henchmen, so please! I bet you!

You... are aware that he attacked the town because I was here, right...?

Well, that settles it, then. Volga and I certainly have no objections. Lelcar will cooperate with Your Highness henceforth!

But hey, I'm not going to turn down free assets and henchmen.

Hey, speak for yourself!

What? You have an objection?

...Well, no.

Then, like I said, we're with you now, Your Highness! Till the end!

*nod nod*


Yeah. I've got a lot to make up for. I'm with you till the end, definitely.


Could be that they're murderous scumbags! Just a theory I have.

I wanted to protect this town, but I was thinking of my own selfish interests, too. I feel awful.

And you should.

Please wait. After I finish up some loose ends I 'll join you, and bring these two along with me.

Take your time. It's not as if they're terribly useful or anything.

If you're willing to forgive Orok, then I suppose I can suppress my outrage.

Feel free to yell at him as much as you like! Just let me get out of earshot first.

Townswoman: Prince Frey! Forgive me! I had you all wrong!

Let me think about it.

Townsman: I can't believe it! I can't believe the Queen's Knights would do such a thing!

Believe it, asshole.

They've been the bad guys since they murdered the royal family you dipshit!

The Queen's Knights... How could they do this?! Damn 'em! Damn 'em all to hell! This... just isn't happenin'!

Hey, what's that? Fine armor protects a warrior, and a fine military force protects the people of its country, you know!

But if we want to recruit him, we can't just rub his face in it.

Wait... Are you... the P-Prince?!
Oh, um, sorry for actin' like a big ol' baby there! The shop was passed down from father to son for generations! But now it's gone! I still can't believe it...

Why not open a shop at my castle?

Th-Thank you so very much... I accept your offer! Lord Godwin's forces destroyed this city! And who came to our rescue? It was you, the Prince! There's no doubt in my mind about what I should do. I'd be happy to work for you, Your Highness! I'll offer the top-notch armor at rock-bottom prices, all for the Prince!

That sounds nice, even if it's a big fat lie.

I'll go get ready! Once I salvage what's left of my old shop, I'll head to your castle. Time for a fresh start!

He's going to be very useful, I'm sure.

Sorry kid, your dad's a dick!

Townswoman: One of the rebels saved me when I was about to be swallowed up in all the smoke!
...No, wait. The rebels are the good guys! It's Godwin's men who are the real "rebels."

Who'd have thought all it would take to change these guys' minds was one little fire?

And don't you forget it!

You truly have the heart of a ruler, Your Highness.

Even the people in the other parts of town like us better now.

I still can't believe it.

They only care about staying in charge. They'll use as many innocent people as it takes to keep their power...

Sounds like Gizel, all right.

I only use it for special occasions.

Girl: Tee hee! If I touch you, will I turn all royal, Prince?

I'd rather not do anything that invites comparison with Euram Barows, sorry.

Well, if he's going to join any kind of army, mine is probably the safest around.

Also this thing was lying around here somewhere. I obviously can't show it off because I have more than three people.


...that's a big gulp. Don't tell me you used to date her, too.

I inspire people.

Finally we have this little gift waiting for us. It's like Basic Magic, except not magic!

And that concludes our tour.

And it seems these jokers have managed not to re-flood the castle while we were gone. It's looking better and better!

The Mohsen Number Zero Armor Shop is open for business today! Come on down to our store and see what we have to offer! Bring a friend!

Mohsen beat us back to the castle and has set up his stuff.

That was my first shop back in Lelcar! Since I'm startin' from scratch here, figured I'd dust that ol' name off! You better make sure this one doesn't burn down!

It's... going to be kind of difficult. The place is made of stone.

(Unless it's actually plastic. In which case that could be a problem, I guess.)

Much like our other shops, Mohsen sells all the stuff we've seen elsewhere, but he also these two things we haven't seen elsewhere. These two are unique in that they have extra requirements: you can only wear the Corruption Shell if you have 350 HP and 100+ kills. There are ways to boost your HP, but it's still quite a lot for our casters.

The Saint's Cloak requires 300 HP and less than 30 kills, and offers 130 DEF and 50 MDEF.

They won't get unequipped if you stop meeting the requirements (such as getting 31 kills), but if you take them off manually after that, you won't be able to put them back on again. However, these are some of the best defensive gear in the game, so it's unlikely you'd want to.

Both of them give a -15 speed penalty, but it's probably worth it if you can afford them.

In the time it's taken me to beat Zahak's entire army, Oboro has found out... nothing of interest. Good job.

That was the last time we can investigate Zerase, but at least Viki's second check is available now, so we'll just go with that.

And then we'll go back here, because there's nothing else left to do. (music)

Ah, welcome back.

Excellent job getting Lelcar to join our cause! it's hard to get that place to agree on anything!

I had help.

Underpants-on-head stupid help, but help nonetheless.

Well done, Lelei.

Lucretia, naturally, knew that was going to happen.

My Lady!

Geez! You'd think she set them on fire herself or something.

Lelei, have you learned nothing?

I know! It's all my fault, my Lady. I have... failed you, my Lady.

No, that's not what I meant, Lelei.

It isn't, my Lady?

A tactician must never make a public apology, no matter what the failure. You must assert that your plan was impeccable, and if not for you, the outcome would've been much worse. Admitting failure causes dissention in the rank, and may even cause some to question the Prince himself.

Oh... I didn't... realize, my Lady.

Any apologies must be made directly to the Prince when you two are alone.

That said, I think you did the best you could, Lelei. Don't you agree, Your Highness?


Frey is unimpressed.

The Prince does have a point...

What? No! I'm being a dick! Stop agreeing with me!

But who knew Zahak would do something so treacherous?! Even the best tactician wouldn't anticipate something like that!

Lucretia is all "I totally did "

You're a tough one to please, Prince.
Lelei, please see me in my room later... alone. We will commence an intense study session. We'll get the Prince to change his mind about you yet!

Study session. Sure.

Oh, I look forward to it, my Lady! Thank you so much!

Don't say I never do anything for you.

(The other option just results in the "Oh, Your Highness! " thing and also doesn't get Lelei laid, so that's boring.)

You see, there seems to be a bit of a... problem over in Sable.

There's a rumor of a "Bandit Prince" causing a huge mess down there!

I have an alibi!

"Bandit Prince"?

Several alibis!

Apparently, a bandit calling himself "Prince Frey" is wreaking havoc around Sable. Needless to say, your popularity is not at an all-time high, to say the least!

What?! How could they be so gullible? Is the mountain air affecting their ability to see...?

Typically mountain air is said to be quite clear, but it's possible their brains are suffering from lower oxygen levels.

Anyway, Dinn and Boz are over in Sable, aren't they? Why don't we have them get to the bottom of this?

Funny you should mention them... Our messenger says that even Boz and Dinn could hardly believe their eyes.

Well, it is Boz we're talking about. I expected better from Dinn, though.

They were only able to see this "Bandit Prince" from a distance, but even so, he was the spitting image of His Highness.

That's impossible!

Of course, Boz and Dinn don't believe this "Bandit Prince" is actually His Highness.

The people of Sable are a lot more gullible, though! It looks like we'll have to head down there ourselves and get this mess straightened out. What's there to discuss? Let's get going! I swear, the moment I get my hands on whoever's impersonating my precious nephew...

Lady Sialeeds... How could you--

...Just remember to find out what they know first. There might be more to this charade than we think.

I'll try to remember, but I can't say that my hands will!

...So be it.
But remember that we can't hold talks with Sable until we catch this imposter and prove the Prince's innocence.
Well, Your Highness, are you ready to head to Sable?

Hell naw! I have things to do first. (music)

Including talking to all the NPCs.

Yet again, I have been reminded of my inexperience. I still have much to learn from my Lady!

If you catch Kyle outside the window again, you have permission to throw him in the lake.

Sable lies far beyond the checkpoint east of Lordlake. Good luck, Your Highness.

I don't need luck, I have firepower.

And I'm about to get more of it.

You aren't twins or anything -- can you really look so alike that even your acquaintances mix you up?

You can put any fucker in a silver wig and he'll look like me from "a distance"! This is the dumbest thing I've heard all day and I just watched Zahak single-handedly convince Lelcar to join my army!

You won't, because you've been seeing a lot of action lately, but I have a use for you pretty soon.

The nerve of that bandit, to impersonate you! We need to make an example of him, so that nobody else will try it!

Hmm, I like the sound of that.

I was actually considering leaving this castle if you were going to stay in that ridiculous costume.

There are many things I could say, but I won't.

Ah, Your Highness! I've been digging up every last scoop on this place, just like I promised!

Taylor, on the other hand, is actually relevant.

On one condition.


Tell Wilhelm I know everything.

Thanks, Your Highness! I'll be sure to get you the very first issue, hot off the presses! Well, time to go dig up the dirt!

He heads into the inn and comes back out again.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to conduct another exclusive interview!

That's nice.

We'll head up on the top floor next.

Talking to Takamu now lets us view a map over the entire region. We, obviously, are at the red dot, Salzburg Castle, but this also gives you some idea of how far we've gone at this point.

Hey, mind if I use this room to conduct another one of my hard-hitting interviews?

More importantly, Taylor is up here now, but the rest of his dialogue is just the same as before. I'm transcribing enough shit as it is, so I'll be skipping it and moving on to people who do have new things to say.

Mediocrity! When are we going to look for DoReMi Elves?! You won't find any unless I'm with you, you know! You do understand that, yes?

I understand. I do not care, but I understand.

Inside, we have our resident meddlers.

The way these ruins were made... I know I've seen other ruins like this before. Could they all be related...?

Come on, what are the odds of that?

The Dawn Rune's tie to these ruins... It all comes down to one question: Who were the Sindar?

It comes down to a whole damn lot more than that, you hack.

Do not question me further. I will tell you no more. Concentrate rather on what you must do as possessor of the Dawn Rune.

Please kill yourself.

More importantly, Taylor has moved on downstairs, and again, same deal. However...

Your Highness, I'm really impressed! I've never met a leader with more respect for the journalistic profession!

...this time, he has more to say once he's done.

Let me give you a bit of my background story. A "special feature," if you will!
When Lord Godwin took control of the Sun Palace, I was there the very next day to cover the story. But Godwin's thugs wouldn't even let me into Sol-Falena, let alone the Sun Palace!
Being an intrepid reporter, I tried sneaking in, but they caught me and threw me in the slammer! A journalist has to be quick on his feet, so I was able to talk myself out... Well, anyway, it became obvious that Lord Godwin was trying to keep "the truth" under wraps! And on top of that, he released a flood of propaganda, blaming Sir Georg Prime for everything! I know reporters are supposed to be fair and impartial... but I couldn't just turn a blind eye to these things! That's why I'm on your side, Your Highness. Being fair and impartial is only part of a journalist's job. When those in power try to pull the wool over people's eyes, it's our duty to wage war in the name of "the truth"!
So I guess what I'm saying is... I want to wage war in the name of "the truth" under your purview, Your Highness!

And then, finally, he recruits himself.

...Sorry, that was a bit out of character for me! Anyway, I look forward to working with you, Your Highness! Think of yourself as my "editor-in-chief," so to speak!

Wow. Big responsibilities!

This paper's being sold at stands all over the country. Whenever I write an article about you, the issue sells like crazy!

I don't know where he got the resources to do that, but so long as it isn't coming out of my pocket...

Of course, just like in IV, we also get to read the paper. This "Issue 0" is just a preview and has a single story.

"The Dawn Times" - Preview Edition posted:

Thanks to the kindness of Prince Frey, our newspaper, "The Dawn Times," will soon be ready for publication here at the castle.

And now, with publication nigh, there is one thing we hope our esteemed readers will understand:

Although "The Dawn Times" does support His Royal Highness' cause, we are not an arm of the Iodine in Hell Army. Our purpose is strictly to report the news from an unbiased perspective. We will be ever-vigilant in pursuit of the truth.

Taylor, "The Dawn Times" Reporter

He also has the first proper issue ready for us, but we'll save that for next time.

Then we'll get ready to head out. That's Kyle's line if Sialeeds is in the party.

Hey, would you mind if I did an exclusive on your travels?

And it's back to Lelcar again.

The Queen's Knights, the very symbols of Falena's security, setting fire to their own city?! When the lawful run rampant, where does that leave the citizenry? Your Highness, we can't allow these acts to continue!

Did you say "we?"

Please join us!

Because I think I heard someone say "we."

Indeed... Matters are such that I can no longer remain neutral. I don't know how much I can contribute, Your Highness, but I'll do everything in my power to help those who need it.

And that is how you finally persuade Murad to join up.

I will stay and tend to the wounded here a bit longer. I'll make my way to the castle when I get a chance. I don't imagine that will be too long from now.

He's right. It didn't take long at all.

Murad is far from the only character we can pick up now, though. Next time, we'll get to the next of them. Editor-in-chief Frey Falenas, signing off!