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Part 56: I don't think I like the sea very much...

It's time to get this show on the road.

And when I say "road" I mean "the Goddamn Ocean."

However, to no one's great surprise, Suikoden V handles ocean travel about eight billion times better than its predecessor did, so it's not quite as bad as it sounds.

Whaddaya think? Isn't she a beauty? This is the good ship Elmelark! She's your ticket to Nirva Island, Prince!

The ship is named after a former queen. Someone on Nirva mentions that, but I'm not going to show you because I already told you.

Wow! It's nothing like those tiny Raftfleet boats...

Someone has forgotten all about the Dahak, apparently. How do you forget a boat with three dragon heads sticking out the front?

Yep. There's a big difference between riverboats and oceangoing vessels.

Ah, Georg! You know your ships, do you?
The Elmelark was made using the latest shipbuilding technology from the Island Nations Federation! Even the longest voyages feel like nothing with this baby! You'll all be fine! Trust me!

...worried now.

Well, she's just about ready to weigh anchor! Ready to go, Prince?

But there's no turning back.

Weigh anchor!

Ga ha ha ha ha ha! All right, it's off to the clear blue yonder you go!

Ah, ocean. My old nemesis. So we meet again.

Elmelark's a lot more colourful than the boat.

Lyon's looking more colourful, too.


If you two are that sick, why don't you go rest in your cabin?

We'd feel even worse without the wind blowing in our faces...
Ooh... Why does it have to rock like this...?

Because it's the sea.

Georg does his best Stating The Obvious voice.


Hey, how come you're all right, Georg?

Frey is like "This is even worse than listening to Euram, and I didn't think that was possible!"

And that is about as bad as this trip gets!

The next time we see Frey, he's just about to step off the boat in Nirva. And... it's a good thing this music only plays for a brief scene, because right now I'm feeling certain urges to

change course and head for the Bay of Pigs instead, if you catch my drift.

No comment.

We're on land now. Cut the theatrics, all right? We've got work to do.

You're enjoying this too much.

...Take a look at that!

Good taste in names, them Island Nations folks!

It's under the command of Admiral Skald Egan, their ambassador. That's just the man we're looking for!

Hey, wait! Since the ship's in port, shouldn't the ambassador be in town? We should go check the inns first!

All that rocking's done a number on your noggin, eh? Don't you notice all the people gathered by the Lino En Kuldes? He's gotta be there.

Not pictured: a particularly large number of people gathered by the Lino En Kuldes.

Yeah, looks like you're right!

So, as I was saying... Let's head over there!

But we barely have time to take a couple of steps...

...before a dude in a familiar looking outfit comes running.

Sailor: You're His Royal Highness Prince Frey of the Queendom of Falena, correct?

...Uh, yeah.

Sailor: Admiral Egan will be here shortly! Please wait a moment, Your Royal Highness!

...That was fast. How did they recognize the Prince?

Do you think maybe I should have worn something less conspicuous?

General Egan's got kind of a sixth sense about things. He's not Admiral for nothing, you know!

Admiral Egan is such a badass, he not only gets a cutscene to introduce him, he gets his own theme song as well!

He looks kinda smug, but he's a pretty cool dude.

Something about the air around here is making me want to answer this in the most manner possible.

No, the pleasure's all mine!
You certainly are unflappable, though, aren't you? I guessed who you were right away, but you didn't even bat an eye!

Uh... Okay...

Well, it would be mean to keep you in the dark any longer, so I'll reveal my secret if you want.
I'm afraid word of the situation in Falena has spread even to the Island Nations Federation. Even before we set out for Falena, we predicted somebody would come from your side. So when you got down off of Lord Wilde's ship, I knew you had to be the ones we were expecting.
But of course, I never thought in my wildest dreams that His Royal Highness himself would be the one!
You look just like your mother, Prince. I recognized you immediately.

Fine. I'll be right there!
I'm terribly sorry, Your Highness, but I'm afraid we're a little busy here. I think I may already have a pretty good idea of why you're here, but we can talk about it more later. Until then, why don't you all get some rest at the inn? Now, if you'll excuse me...

And so the two of them take off.

Someone looks impressed!

Hey, stop looking at me like it's my fault I'm such a chick magnet.

Nirva also has new town music.

To the Island Nations, he's their kind-hearted, grandfatherly protector. But to pirates, he's the most frightening sea demon imaginable!

He's certainly grandfatherly. I like him already!

...Well, he is a bit intimidating. I can see why the pirates fear him!

He seemed to be in a hurry. Let's go see what's up.

Don't have to tell me twice!

During that turbulent time, it was his proposal that led to the formation of the Island Nations Federation. Ever since then, the flagship of the Island Nations Federation has always been named the Lino En Kuldes.
The current Lino En Kuldes is the fifth one... No, maybe it's the sixth.

Obel soldiers still wear silly hats.

Sailor (2): Pirates might use all the commotions at the great lighthouse to come ashore somewhere else!

Some things never change.

I mean, the man's captured countless pirates with his bare hands! He'll get things sorted out, believe me!

Nirva has a bit of the same feel to it as the Gregminster area in Suikoden II, even though Lazlo never visited the place by himself. Sadly Suikoden V has no save import function, so we won't be picking up any bonus protagonists here or anything,

I guess you get a lot of river fish in Falena, right? I bet fresh ocean fish are a lot harder to come by!

It's a perfectly serviceable town all by itself, but if you're familiar with the previous entry, there's going to be a lot of "Hey, I remember this!" moments. And if you aren't, well, you might just go a few times instead.

Man: Stupid pirates! As if Admiral Egan would let a little threat like them bother him!

'course, the original Suikoden had a lot less Goddamn Ocean and a lot more things that did not suck to feel nostalgic about, so it's not quite as effective this time around.

Man (2): The Island Nations Federation is... well, it's a federation of all the islands around these parts. The biggest is the Kingdom of Obel. It's the capital of the Island Nations! Have you seen the Lino En Kuldes that's in port right now? She's from Obel.

I liked Obel. It was one of the better parts of Suikoden IV.

But when Falena and the Island Nations signed their treaty, they decided to make a port here. It's a long way between the two places, you see. This was a good place to stop over on the way. And that's why a tiny little island like this has such a great port and huge lighthouse.

We will, naturally, explore the giant towering erection later, but we have shopping to do first.

The rune shop visible just on the right here sells Fury orbs. I didn't remember them being available this early, but I won't complain! They're 300k, though. I most certainly will complain about that. The description claims Fury lowers accuracy, but I've never seen an issue with that.

But Admiral Egan's going to the celebration for the new Queen, isn't he? Is there really time for "celebrating" with a war going on...?

I don't think there will be much celebration.

Woman (2): Oh, my! You've got the right idea, young man, but you in the black? Aren't you hot in that getup?

...I'm used to it.

Woman (2): Used to it or not, I bet you're sweatin' buckets under those undergarments!

Come to think of it, why are you wearing that huge ass cloak?

A little further up, there's something very familiar looking.


I think they may have taken a few liberties with the story.

I have a feeling Lazlo would be okay with this, though.

He never was in it for the fame. All he wanted was a nice tropical island and all the giant crabs he could eat.

And puppet Flare is as fuck.

I wonder if she takes commissions. I'd make a mint selling official Frey action figures and beaver plushies.

She was, wasn't she?

Girl: Her voice was so real! I forgot she was a puppet!

Puppet Flare sounds a lot more dramatic than the real thing, though.

Boy: The voice of Pirate Brandeau was awesome, too! Whose voices were those? I wanna meet 'em!

Puppeteer: Uh, actually, I did all of the voices...

Boy: No way! That was a guy's voice!

Girl: Yeah, and Princess Flare's voice was totally different from yours! Don't try to fool us!

Ah, emm, well... Err...

Boy: They must be hidin' back here!

Boy: What? There's nobody else here... C'mon, puppet voices! Where you hidin'?

You see, I said--

Boy: I know! I bet they snuck out and ran away! Let's go find 'em!

Girl: Yeah!


With the kids gone, we'll just go see if we can sign her up for the Iodine in Hell Army.

Huh? Uh, yes? Wh-What is it?
...Me? My name is Ch-Chisato. As you can s-see, I put on puppet shows...

What amazing mimicry!

First, butter 'em up.

You b-believe me?!
I've always been g-good at imitating people's voices, ever since I was a k-kid. B-but nobody ever believes me.

More butter! More!

D-Do you really think so? I wish I could do one of my voices for you now, just standing here in front of you... B-But I can't do it w-with people looking at me! I'm t-too embarrassed...
But I d-don't care if nobody believes me. My puppet shows make children happy, and that's all that matters.

No, no, there are plenty of other things that matter. Like getting me the full 108 Stars of Destiny! That makes children happy, too!

Um, yes? What is it?

Would you mind joining us?

J-Join you?
Wh-What?! You're the Prince of F-F-Falena?! Oh, I beg your pardon! But I c-can't do that! It's impossible! I can't! I have no skill! Join Your Highness? I couldn't! I'm s-sorry. I would only get in your way, anyway. Y-You're much better off without me, Your Highness.

Damn it, too much butter. She slipped out of my hands.

Anyway. Nirva is refreshingly free from perverts and assholes, and while that's good, it also means most of the NPCs don't have anything quote-worthy to say. We'll have a look at Skald's little problem instead. Also, any excuse to listen to his theme song!

Ah, I bet Your Highness loves a good adventure, too! Am I right, am I right? Gotta be that Island Nations blood!

I certainly love a good adventure! It's the bad ones I'm dreading.

Um... If you wouldn't mind, could you tell us what's going on?

But of course!
Actually, why don't you explain, Bernadette?

With pleasure.
On the high seas, pirates fear no ship more than the Lino En Kuldes. So, our arrival put the pirates on Nirva Island into a bit of a frenzy! They thought we came to round them up! They barricaded themselves in the Lighthouse, demanding we leave Nirva Island immediately!

We slowly pan up the tower.

Well, those sea dogs are threatening to use that oil to burn the whole place down if we don't leave!

Admiral, what should we do?

Hmm... Buy some time until nightfall. Negotiate with them.

Then we take them by surprise under the cover of darkness, right?

Excuse me?! You WANT to burn it down?!

Ah, it's going to be quite a show! His Highness came at just the right time! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha--

...Oh, sorry! Yes, go ahead!

This is no laughing matter! Don't you realize how many ships will run aground if that lighthouse is destroyed?!

Oh, lighten up, Bern!
Bern's actually my daughter, you see! A real stick-in-the-mud! Don't know where she gets it from!

That's not the issue here!
Oh, forget it! I'll just handle this myself! You just keep out of my way!

Sounds good to me! Thanks, Bern! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


I played right into his hands...

So, what's this grand plan you've got? C'mon, c'mon! No time to waste! Chop, chop!


Prince, what do you think?


Arson! Arson!

Ah, I see great minds think alike, Your Highness! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Let them torch the place, right?! It'll be a sight to see! Bet you don't get shows like that in Falena! Ha ha ha!

Well sometimes, but people keep expecting me to help put them out! I'd like to stand by and watch this time.

No! There aren't going to be any "shows" tonight! Or any night! Not if I can help it!

But of course that's what we're here for.

An, Your Highness! I thought you'd never ask!
Ben! Take them up on their offer!

Father! Are you crazy?!

Is there a problem, Bern?

Of course there is! I can't ask a foreign prince for help in Island Nations affairs!

Ah, but His Highness has offered to help, you see! It would be rude to refuse such a request, Bern!

There you go again...


My father's having a little fun. And once he gets rolling, there's no stopping him... unfortunately.

Ha ha ha ha ha! That's my girl! She's got me pegged!

Please, this is serious!
Well, let's head over to the lighthouse. We'll see what options we have.

Bernadette joins the party.

I'm counting on you, Your Highness! So don't let me catch you bumbling around now, you hear? Ha ha ha ha!

This family.

Next up, we'll see just how fearsome the Lighthouse Pirates are!