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Part 58: Coronation

You know how it is when you get back after a trip. You open the mailbox and it vomits about eight billion fliers in your face (despite the "no ads on pain of death" sticker on the front) and after 20 minutes of sorting through all that crap, you find like two letters you actually want to read.

No hurry, but just be sure to pay me that 100,000 Potch. I won it fair and square.

This was not one of them! Note to self, burn Roy's wig next time we see it.

That girl is a hard worker. She even helps make the beds in the infirmary. I'm really grateful.

Maybe you should tell her that?

Although they might get angry if I say it, I think they're cute.
There's a race in the Island Nations called Nay-Kobolds. They're really cute, too. I'll show Your Highness someday.

I'd trade in my beavers for Nay-kobolds in a heartbeat.

And of course, there's also another issue of "The Dawn Times." (Don't ask me why they have to put it in quotation marks every time.)

The Dawn Times - Issue 6 posted:

Front Page - Godwins Planning Lymsleia Coronation posted:

According to reliable sources, the Godwin faction is planning to push forward with Princess Lymsleia's "coronation" ceremony as soon as the period of mourning for the late Queen Arshtat has ended.

After suffering a series of humiliating losses to His Royal Highness, "The Dawn Times" believes that if the Godwins cannot defeat the Prince militarily, they will out-maneuver him politically.

"Please, this isn't even worth commenting on," a spokesperson for the Iodine in Hell Army commented. While the Prince's forces may be putting up a facade of nonchalance, there is little doubt that, in private, schemes are being hatched to stop this "coronation."

An informal survey by "The Dawn Times" reveals that the Godwins have little support among the common folk. "The Godwins have already taken one Queen from us," said a townsperson who requested anonymity. "Do they really plan to further desecrate the throne by installing their own puppet ruler?"

Back Page - Godwin Coronation: International Affair posted:

With Princess Lymsleia's "coronation" ceremony approaching, sources say that the Godwins have sent out invitations to all the surrounding nations. The Godwins are no doubt planning to use the presence of international delegations at the ceremony to prop up legitimacy of their suspect regime.

Recipients include the Island Nations Federation, the New Armes Kingdom, the Scarlet Moon Empire, and the Dukedom of Gaien. In a shocking development, an invitation was even sent to Nagarea. We have not had formal diplomatic relations with this violent theocracy since their invasion of Falena generations ago.

While the invited countries surely have heard rumors about the legitimacy of the "coronation," none are in a position to make waves by turning down such an invitation. Reliable sources say that all the invited nations are expected to show diplomatic courtesy; all will be sending delegations to the ceremony.

Serials - Portraits of the Enemy: Gizel Godwin posted:

As soon as Princess Lymsleia's "coronation" ceremony is held, Gizel is expected to assume the role of Commander of the Queen's Knights.

His father, Lord Godwin, is a man who makes his presence felt, while Gizel lurks in the shadows. But insiders say that Gizel is the one who's really dangerous. We have reason to believe that he was the brains behind Childerich's victory at the Sacred Games.

While Lord Godwin is known for taking only necessary action, Gizel is the opposite. He loves to meticulously set traps and then watch his victim squirm in the palm of his hand. One can only imagine what sort of diabolical schemes he'll have in store as Commander of the Queen's Knights.

As fair and balanced as always.

There's nothing left for us to do until we report in, so we'll be heading on upstairs.

You could say that. I got to beat up pirates. It was fun. Also, they have better standard battle music in the Island Nations.

How do you do? I'm Skald Egan's daughter, Bernadette. I'm here to help His Royal Highness Prince Frey.
Unfortunately, however, I'm not here as an official representative of the Island Nations Federation.

No, don't apologize. We understand the delicacy of diplomatic relations. We're pleased to have you in any capacity.

The pleasure is all mine.

Admiral Egan should be arriving in Falena right about now.

They'll be docking in Hershville to the west, so the ceremony should be starting pretty soon.

So it's finally come. Little Lym's "coronation"...

And Gizel's official appointment as the new Commander of the Queen's Knights. Since that's the official position of the Queen's husband, the Godwins will finally be able to take charge openly.

No shit.

Soon thereafter, in Sol-Falena (music)


The royal palace isn't the only place that's about to change.

I want to know who found that plug and pulled it. I'm the hero! It's my job to mess with the natural order of things!

(It's worth noting that the HQ music also got an upgrade. Unless you liked the first one better, in which case it's a downgrade. Yeah, I know. Shocking, isn't it?)


Oh, Prince...
...I know. You wanted to help the Princess before she was forced into the coronation ceremony, right?

I'm sorry I wasn't able to help! Forgive me!
...Well, let's go, Prince.

*nod nod*

Same thing we always do, Lyon. Same thing we always do.

Normally I'd go check up on Oboro, but he's gone off and vanished somewhere and left only Fuyo behind. We could take a tour around my newly upgraded castle, but we'll be seeing more of that as we check up on the new recruits we're about to pick up anyway, so we'll hold off for now.

While my father offers his support to Your Highness, he intends to attend the coronation. Please try to understand. From an official standpoint, it simply would not do for the Island Nations to refuse the invitation. We ask that you remember our wholehearted support for Your Highness.

Also Bernadette apparently sent this before we left Nirva and it just got here on the much slower mail boat or something I don't know it's the only way I can think to explain this thing arriving after the fucking coronation.

I'll put it on my list of places to visit. Dead last.

In fact, they're so close that she even cooks for him sometimes. Captain Dinn always seemed like the straight-laced type, but I guess he must have a way with the ladies!

Honestly the best thing about this new development (and I don't mean Dinn's personal cook) is that we can now go down the stairs outside the main building and straight into the shops-and-utilities level, which was previously blocked off by the water. It'll save some time.

Georg has inconveniently fucked off somewhere again, but that leaves a spot vacant. Double Aunt Powers, activate!

I dunno what it is. It can't be because of the water draining' out of Ceras Lake...

No, this is not something you'll be able to pin on me, no matter how hard you try.

We'll be taking our double aunts here.

I'm sorry, but we have no hot water today. You'll have to come back another day!

You remember how "The Dawn Times" reported about troubles here? Well, it seems it's been getting worse of late.

We'll need more beavers to solve the issue.

Oh, Muroon?

I've never seen Miroon look so distressed!

I mean, I can see the family resemblance.

That's right! I've known her so long, I can tell just through the powers of observation!
Poor Miroon... She absolutely loves baths, but the hot springs are in trouble...


The water from the hot springs comes up through the basement. Something may have happened at the source.

Let's go take a look!

Stars of Destiny don't recruit themselves! Well, except when they do. Hush.

You mean we can help her, Your Highness? Thanks!

Thank you! Thank you!

So, how do we get to the spring water's place of origin?

Use that door to get there!

All right! Let's go!

Specifically the one on the right.

It's certainly dried up!

There are monkeys. Sure, why not?

And a cave in the back.

Hmm... Indeed, not even a trickle of water. Just as I suspected. We'll need to inspect a bit more closely. Looks like our investigation will take us underground.

Just another two screens or so deeper...

It's... not supposed to do that, is it?

What happened here?

Oldish Dwarf: Well... We dwarves had a little "accident," you could say. We were digging to expand one of our tunnels, and we busted right through a hot springs tunnel.

Ah, now it's clear! That's why the water was cut off!

Oh, goodness!

Older Dwarf: Huh? Are you furry folks from Yashuna Village?

Oldish Dwarf: Ah, yes... I heard there was a beaver working at one of the inns there!

Older Dwarf: We're terribly sorry. We didn't mean for this to happen.

Oldish Dwarf: Please accept our apologies. On our honor, we swear to return the hot springs to its former state.

Older Dwarf: But... It won't be fixed right away.

How long do you expect it to take?

Oldish Dwarf: Good question... We really did a number on this one, you see! I'd say at least one moon.

One moon, huh?
What should we do, Miroon?

...Well, um...

Miroon! Don't look so glum!

Older Dwarf: Glum?


I know, Miroon! Come to Salzburg Castle! I'll build you a bath there, and you can be the attendant. Just like in Yashuna Village!
That'll be okay, won't it, Your Highness?

What, like... you want me to build a public bathhouse... in a castle that has Kyle in it?

Hell no! Say what you want about the man, but he's a Star of Destiny and they don't hand out spares if we break one!

Lucky us, huh, Miroon?


but I

Oldish Dwarf: Not a word.

Thank you so much! I'll do my best to make it as relaxing as Yashuna Village!

I... I guess?

Thank you very much, Your Highness!
Phew! Oh, she's smiling again! I'm so glad!

Oldish Dwarf: Sure was.


Cat peo- Demihumans.

We don't really care.

Older Dwarf: Wait just a little longer. We'll get it fixed.

So we'll just leave.

This is as far as we can get. Nothing of real interest in here.

The cave has some high level encounters, though. The thing in the back is what previous games called a "target lady". Because they use attacks that cause bullseye status, which causes all enemies to attack the same target. The Firefly Rune gives you this permanently.

Anyway, the old name would be more appropriate here since she'll make a fine target indeed.

Magical unites still exist in Suikoden V, but they work a little differently from earlier games. Instead of combining fourth level spells, you can combine spells of any level - but only when using higher order runes.

+ = Scorched Earth
+ = Fierce Wind Fangs
+ = Water Dragon
+ = Thunder God
+ = Flame Array

First level: 300 damage
Second level: 500 damage
Third level: 1000 damage
Fourth level: 1600 damage

All magic unites hit all enemies for dual-elemental damage. Unlike previous games where some unites (primarily water-related ones) would do different things like heal your party, this is all they ever do - the only real difference is that Scorched Earth only targets enemies on the ground. It's rather boring, and the damage isn't very impressive either - Final Flame and Thunder Storm cast separately would deal 2300 damage to all enemies.

Regardless, Bernadette comes with a Flowing Rune, our very first.

Combining it with the Cyclone Rune (currently equipped on Frey) we can cast Water Dragon.


Not too shabby, using third level spells.

And this gets everyone up to level 40. Bernadette now has three open rune slots.

Remember those assassins we fought back in Beaver Lodge when it was burning? They dropped something called a Crazed Orb.

The reason the Berserk status is now the Fury status is that Suikoden V has an actual Berserk status... if you know what I mean. Fury, the status formerly known as Berserk, ups your damage by 50%. Berserk doubles it, but you can't control characters affected by it. It also lowers your accuracy. I like being in control of my party, so I'm not too fond of them, but they can be fun to play with occasionally.

Now, Bern might not be the strongest fighter in the group...

...but no one cares when you do eight times your normal damage with every hit.

But that thing exploded most messily and I'm sure we're all eager to wash off those tiny furball parts.

Past the inn (and this obvious Sol-Falenan), there's now a spiral path leading down the tower...

...and at its base, Miroon has set up shop.

Hello, Prince! Muroon built this bath for me! Care to try it out? It's quite relaxing!
A simple bath can do wonders. Care to take one?

We have to talk to her three times before she'll let us in. I think someone is trying to warn me away.

Very good. Now, do relax... and enjoy your bath.

wait what

how did you fuckers get here

What is it?

Uh, nothing. The thought of you bathing just... never occurred to me.

Of course I bathe! What do you think I am?

She's got you there.

Well... *ahem* Wow, Zerase, your skin is snow-white. I'm so jealous!

Oh, come on, Nikea, yours is white. Here and there.

Nah, it just looks that way 'cause the rest of me is tanned so bad. Now, you, you're bronze all over. It's beautiful. I wish I knew your secret.

No secret. Back in the Island Nation, everybody looks like this.

Nikea! H-Hey!

I am getting out. If you will excuse me...

What? Already?

Stay! Relax! You look so tense...

I have wasted enough time here.

Nikea... Did you notice?

Huh? Notice what?

Her skin... It was so white...

Yeah, does she EVER step out in the sun? I mean... what?

How warm is this water? Why wasn't she flushed -- at ALL?

Oh! Um... You... You're not trying to say she's... No, no way! That's... No way!

And remember? She said, "What do you think I am?" "What," not "Who"...