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Part 70: Light of Day

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Get a hold of yourself, Miakis!
Your Highness! Miakis! We mustn't lose heart now! We must help Lyon at once! It is what Her Majesty would want!

You're... right...

*gasp* *gasp*

Lyon, save your strength!

Hmm... Her pulse weakens. It would be far too dangerous to move her.

No, we have to save her!

Watch this.

I can't believe it! Her pulse is back to normal!


Your Highness! We should be able to move her now! Let's get her to a doctor, quickly!

Thanks to the Blinking Mirror, Silva's clinic is not far. (music)

We have no choice but to put our trust in Dr. Silva.


Roy! That's enough. Lyon was fulfilling her duty as the Prince's bodyguard.

Whatever. You're just making excuses!!


She's out of danger now. She's going to be all right.

Oh, thank goodness! Thank goodness!

Prince, you can see Lyon now.


Indeed. I tried to remember exactly what you showed me way back when.

Ah... I remember now.

Oh, sorry... We promised each other not to speak of the past.

Silly man. I see you haven't changed a bit.
What will you do now?

There's something I must tell His Highness.



*sigh* Yes, you're right, Lelei.

Lelei, remember what I told you before? I said a tactician must never make a public apology.

Yes, I remember...

I... regret saying that now.

Oh, my Lady...
I was wondering, my lady... Why do you suppose Lady Sialeeds betrayed us? His Highness was already reeling from the revelation about Georg. Why did she have to make things worse for him?
...And to attack Lyon like that! It... only adds insult to injury.

Lelei, things aren't as simple as that.

...For you see, I wouldn't say Lady Sialeeds "betrayed" us.

What do you mean, my Lady? How could one call what she did anything but "betrayal"?

If she had betrayed our plans, the enemy would be at a distinct advantage. Yet she did not.
Not only that, she had every opportunity to kill the Prince herself. yet she did not.

Hmmm... Indeed, it doesn't add up. You're right, as always, my Lady!
The question, then, is this: What are Lady Sialeeds' real intentions? Whose side is she on?

One idea comes to mind...
However, I'm afraid I'll have to keep it to myself for now, as I don't have any proof.

Right now, supporting the Prince is our number one priority.

Understood, my Lady!

Well, despite Sialeeds' actions, we did repel the enemy advance. This was surely a heavy blow to the Godwins' morale.

We have them cornered now. Their next more may well be a desperate one...


Why doesn't Your Highness go speak with him?
Don't worry, Your Highness. I'll look after Lady Lyon while you're gone.

Um... I know I should mind my own business, but...

Please cheer up! Everyone here cares so much about you! You know that, right?


And so Frey is left alone.

Although we have a destination, he is free to wander about the castle.

You'll accomplish nothing staying around here. Off with you!

Most of his allies have new things to say.

Who would have thought that Lady Sialeeds, of all people, would do such a thing?

From person to person, it varies between shock and surprise, attempts at cheering him up, telling him to stop moping, and sometimes just being an ass.

Dolph's old colleagues are perhaps taking this a bit more personally.

Damn Dolph! What a pain...

Listen, Your Highness... Sagiri may be smiling, but it's not because she finds this amusing!
...Ah, that's right. You knew that already.

Will Lyon be okay?

Oboro also slips Frey the results of the investigation he started a long time ago.

It's just a coincidence that this shows up now, but it's worth remembering that Dolph never had a Fuyo or a Sagiri. He had Gizel Godwin.

The tabloids are going to have a field day with this. But my paper's supposed to be credible! I don't want to get involved in muck-raking!

Taylor, still the most professional journalist in Suikoden history.

The Dawn Times - Issue 11 posted:

Front Page - Prince Prevails Northeast of Doraat posted:

The Prince's army engaged the Godwin main force, in a battle northeast of Doraat, and succeeded in driving them back. Princess Lymsleia herself accompanied the Godwin Army, but it is thought that she safely withdrew to Sol-Falena along with the core of the Godwin troops.

"The rebel army has gone too far even for them! Imagine, to revolt against our fair Queen herself?" a Godwin spokesperson said. The people of Falena aren't buying this propaganda, however, and popular perception is that the Godwins themselves put Princess Lymsleia in harm's way.

Back Page - Lyon Severely Injured posted:

"The Dawn Times" has learned that the Prince's bodyguard, Lyon, was critically wounded in the recent engagement northeast of Doraat. Even though the seems to have narrowly escaped death thanks to the healing efforts of Dr. Silva, Lyon remains in a coma, critically wounded.

Without a hint of celebration anywhere in Salzburg Castle over the recent victory, we have been strongly reminded of exactly how important Lyon really is to our cause.

Serials - Portraits of the Enemy: Queen's Knights posted:

In the engagement northeast of Doraat, the Queen's Knights -- meant to serve and protect the Royal House of Falena -- were instead divided into two camps and forced to do battle, essentially destroying themselves from the inside.

Today, we focus on the Queen's Knights. Their history dates back to the founding of Falena, but they were originally a part of the Imperial Defense Knights, with hundreds of members.

But when the capital was relocated to Sol-Falena, an Imperial Defense Corps was organized separately. Instead, the Queen's Knights were assigned as "personal bodyguards" to protect the Queen and her closest relatives alone.

Their numbers were also drastically reduced, with less than ten at any given time. Being chosen as a Queen's Knight, therefore, meant being recognized as one of the best warriors in Falena; there was no higher honor.

It is certainly distressing, them, to see warriors given such a distinguished honor become mere puppets of the Godwin faction.

Not a word of Sialeeds. But it won't remain a secret for long.

So... So stop feeling bad...
And... and try to... to cheer up and stuff... *sob* *snif* I-I'm sorry...

I... I'll be okay...!

I suppose Falena's is no exception.

Your Highness... I won't offer any cheap condolences, pretending to "know how you must feel"... But I will tell you this: We all want to do whatever we can to help ease your burden!

As I am a foreigner to this land, please allow me to speak objectively.
In a camp as large as this one, it's only natural to discover traitors and malcontents. How well you control the situation and recover depends on your ability to lead, Your Highness.
Of course, you'd have to be inhuman not to be shaken by all this.

Your Highness, have you had anything to eat? It's hard to think properly, let alone positively, on an empty stomach. I'll cook you up a special dish. It's sure to help you feel better!

I thought she despised conspiracy and treason...

In times of suffering and distress, my DoReMi Elf Symphony Orchestra can provide healing. ...Unfortunately, I don't have enough DoReMi Elves, because of a certain MEDIOCRITY!

Thanks a lot, just what he needed.

Someone is getting drowned in this pool tonight. I'll get back to you on who the lucky winner is.

Um... P-Prince...
Prince, please d--
...No! I c-can't do it!
I was going to try to cheer you up by saying "Prince, please don't be sad!" in Lyon's voice... But that just wouldn't be right... I'm sorry...

Your Highness, I hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries...

But if you need to talk, I can listen. There's no need to keep everything pent up inside. I know I can never take the place of your mother, and I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to even try... But if I can ease your burden in any way, please allow me to do so, Your Highness.

You can't do battle with evil with improper posture! Do well to remember that!

Nuoooh... Are you okay?

Be brave, human! We beavers are gonna be okay.

If you can do that, then I promise you we'll do our best to help you overcome all your anger and grief!

Oh, right. You're more worried about her than anyone. Sorry.

Please, Your Highness! Don't despair...
I personally didn't think Lady Sialeeds could ever do something like this. But then again, her sister did bring down judgment on the innocent...


Prince... Sorry about your bodyguard girl...

Prince, you gotta cheer up...

I don't give a damn why she did it! I'm NEVER gonna forgive that old bat auntie of yours!

So why didn't they kill you when they had the chance...?

You, the Princess, and Lyon are all still alive. So, too, is your aunt. So long as you're still alive, you still have hope.

First Queen Arshtat, now Lady Sialeeds... I know it may sound nonsensical, Your Royal Highness... But maybe these sudden, terrible deeds come from some kind of curse on the Falenan royal family.

Why? Why would they do this to you?! It makes little sense!
My sword will always be yours to command, Your Highness. I'll stand with you no matter what happens.

It's all becoming clear as day to you now, isn't it, Your Highness? Indeed, this shall be revealed to be nothing more than another FILTHY SCHEMING GODWIN DEVIL PLOT!

Um, Your Highness? I know you may think I'm crazy... But I just can't believe either Georg or Sialeeds would betray you! They must have their reasons for what they did!
Remember when I drugged... when I was forced to betray Belcoot?

You never lost faith in me! So please, don't lose faith in those two, either!

If Mueller betrayed me, I wouldn't be mad at all! Whatever Mueller wants, I support!

Hey, man! It's not all bad! That bodyguard babe's gonna make it, right, man?
Oh, but she got stabbed in the side, huh? Hope it doesn't scar up that bangin' body of hers! But that might give her a unique look! Might make her even more slammin'! In fact, I HOPE she's all scarred up, man!

Wilhelm, winner of the big bronze turd for "worst and most insensitive person."

I think she's NUTS! I mean, the Princess and Lyon are the two people you're closest to, Prince! And she took them both from you! I'm sorry again, but I think she's NUTS! Nuts and EVIL! I tell ya, if Mum or Pop ever did somethin' like that, I'd never, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER forgive 'em!

It'd be a lot easier for you if you were as carefree as my pop, ya know? But, er.. if you were as carefree as THAT idiot, we'd have lost a long time ago!

I'm even madder than I was when Beaver Lodge was attacked! You know why? Because you've been through so much and overcome it all... And then the person who should have known all this best turned around and betrayed you!

Your Highness... We'll bet the Princess back. Lyon will get better. I know it...

Please cheer up, Your Highness. We beavers are still here for you!

But there was way too many of 'em! It weren't safe! I... went a-tryin' as hard as I could, though! I wantcha ta know that...

Im... I... I'm so... Nnnnnnngh...

NOOOOO! I can't do this! I just can't! It ain't in my nature!

Fishin! Yeah, that's whatcha need! Fishin'! Catch a buncha fish and you'll feel tons better!

Many things happen during the course of one's life. You may be in anguish now, but so long as you don't close off your heart, things will get better.

Ya gotta at least try ta look happy! Fake happy beats no happy!

If you wanna forget everything, I can take you to a magical faraway place that no one will ever know about!

...Oh, um, never mind!
...Huh? Magical faraway place? Nope, never heard of it! Don't know what you're talking about!

This would appear to be a different phenomenon than when the Twilight Rune was used in Doraat. Intriguing...

People hurting, betraying, and killing each other... I don't mean to sound cold, but that's what war is. And these old eyes have seen it all...

C'mon, don't be depressed, Prince! When you get depressed, the whole castle gets depressed!

Lym was stolen away!!! Lyon is seriously injured!!! Both were my potential brides!!! This is an outrage!!!

Milady's so worried about you! And so am I!

Prince, I hope your bodyguard girl gets better soon! Her weapon's made of real good steel...
...It'd be a shame if she never got to use it again.

Perhaps we acted too quickly. But you could not have known that. Unfortunately, actions in war are not always open and honorable.

You helped so many suffering people and towns. Even people like me... And yet, you yourself must still suffer so much...

I know I can't offer you much, Your Highness, but if there's anything I can do, just give the order.

Was it because you were its possessor, or could it have been the will of the Rune?
If only we truly understood the Dawn Rune's connection to the ruins...

...If you want a hug, go talk to someone else. I'm no good with that mushy stuff!

The enemy did not use the Twilight Rune. But nor did we recover it. For me, those were the two most important outcomes of that operation.

Talking to Zerase again opens the Stone Tablet. This thing really shows up at the worst possible time. Just as Sialeeds starts acting strange, you get a list of all your recruits and she is not on it. Would it have killed them to save it until after this battle?

Georg isn't on it either - but in his case, it's a lot less suspicious, given he's not actually around.

Ever since Doraat, I noticed Sialeeds was acting strangely... But I never thought someone who cared so much for you would do anything to hurt you, Your Highness...

But I won't say I'm sorry. Knowing you, if I apologized, you'd just forgive me, wouldn't you? I can't let myself off that easily...

So instead of apologizing, I'm going to make you a promise. No, a vow -- that I will guide you to ultimate victory in the end. And, in helping you, redeem myself as well.

Hey guys, I finally found Lucretia's weakness! Says here "is not a literal mind reader"!

Your Highness... Please don't be so hard on yourself. I was discussing this with my Lady... And she thinks that Sialeeds may not have really betrayed you after all. And, as always, I think my Lady's right. Something doesn't add up here...

Well, no matter her reasons, nothing justifies Lady Sialeeds' actions.

Sialeeds' room remains empty...

Now, all we have left to do is hear what Galleon has to say.