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Part 71: The Truth

Last time Frey wandered the castle in a daze, but it looks like he's finally able to pull himself together and go do what he's supposed to do.


Please allow my deepest apologies for summoning you in this manner, but there's something I must tell you.

What's up? And why are you so serious? ...Er, check that. Nothing unusual there!

Seriously, though, why did you ask Kyle and me to come, too?

I must speak with you all about something very important. It concerns... Georg.


This is a HELL of a time to bring up that traitor's name!

Indeed. His Royal Highness the prince has much to deal with at the moment. But His Royal Highness needs to hear my story immediately. As do you, Miakis...

Your "story"?

Yes, Miakis. It seems you have told the Prince what you know of the Sun Palace attack. But you don't know everything...


The sound of fighting can be heard in the background. (music)

...All right. Try to remain calm. We will begin our stand shortly. Await my orders!

Guard: Yes, sire!

Nether Gate... So the rumors were true.

Lord Godwin is truly mad! How could he use the same terrorists who murdered his beloved wife?!

It's not over yet! There can't be many of them. We still have a chance!

We must stand and fight now. We will defend Your Royal Majesty to the last man!

I am aware of the situation. I have no desire to remove myself from the Sun Palace.

All I wish is that the children escape somewhere safe. For I hold out... final option.

Your Majesty! You can't mean...

Watch this.

Watch it.


Let the Queen see your courage!

(no music)

Threatening me, the sun's viceregent, the executioner of justice, is a grave offense that deserves death!

Arshtat! No!

Insects like you aren't even good enough to be tortured! I'll crush you myself right now!


(no music)

I don't expect you to forgive me. You can even curse me if you want to. I can take it.


You saved me...
And more importantly, you saved Falena...

Please -- for me... take care of... my children.