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Part 77: It's terrible!

okay so everyone remembers what happened last time right

The fuck you say? Well go back and re-read it then!

You know the shittiest fucking thing about this shit is I only had one escape scroll left after last time and it only takes us halfway fucking out of the fucking dungeon. It's the firstest of first world problems.

Also Killey is leaving. Yay!

You idiots are leaving the ruins, right? I see no reason to accompany idiots any longer than I have to.

And good fucking riddance too! He's a douche.

EXCEPT NO. Because the douche is still a star of destiny and we always have to ask them to join us. Always. Am I getting through to you yet? Always!

You can't be serious!

I'm inclined to agree with Lorelai. Zerase was bad enough but she invited herself. I'm inflicting this smug asshole on Salzburg. It's my fault.

I couldn't care less about what happens to this stupid country. I'm interested in the Sindar. That's it. Knowing that, do you idiots still want me to join you?

S-stupid prince, it's not as if I want to join your or anything~!

...I'll come along, then. Besides, the Sindar and the Falenan royal family's Runes are connected somehow. Since you've been chosen by one of those Runes, it might be worth my while. ...Might be.

Yeah yeah shut up get in the party never speak again thanks.


Arrrgh! I thought I was finally rid of you!

Don't worry. I still want nothing to do with you, little girl.

As has been pointed out, Lorelai is 16. Killey is a whole two years older. Don't strain yourself, old man! You may crack a hip or something!

My feelings exactly!

If I ever open a closet and find you two making out inside I'm locking it and dumping it in the river. If I'm lucky enough, I'll wrap things up before it floats out to the goddamn ocean, which means you'll still count towards my total.

Oh, boy...

And we're done.

But like I said, we have to walk.

I picked up some booze on the way. Why would monsters even be carrying this?

Anyway, going out isn't as bad as going in so whatever.

I'm sure another couple of minutes won't kill Lyon (it totally could) so here's a thing.

Now we can forge even more powerful weapons!

Good thing!

Bang... bang... bang...

Done! Whatever do you mean? It's most certainly supposed to work like this!

Speaking of nothing much, here's Rania.

Ah, what a fine sound.

She'll take our sound sets and change the blips and boops from the navigation. This is another thing that may warrant a video at some point.

All right, let's get to that "saving Lyon's life" thing.

How's Lyon, Doctor?


There hasn't been any change in her condition. She just keeps sleeping.

Though, as a doctor, I don't like to resort to a Rune. But the patient's health comes first. So go ahead and use it.

I would even if you said otherwise.


And that better fucking well work or Frey is going to punch someone.

Killey springs to mind.


Well will you look at that. (music)


Salzburg castle sushi bar and dance hall. We did some remodelling while you were, uh, out.

Miakis is still going in the background.

Look who's listening in like some kind of creepy person!

And then she walks off.


Ah, Lelei. A pleasure seeing you here.

I've completed my survey on the current threat level of various foreign nations, my Lady. The Island Nations, Nagarea, and the Kingdom of Zelant all show no signs of allying with Lord Godwin. Despite this, we will continue to monitor the situation.

...I see.

Send messengers to Sable and Estrise. Tell them to increase their vigilance and prepare for immediate evacuation.

...Excuse me, my Lady? If the Godwins were to launch an offensive, those two towns would be the first on their list of targets! And you're not even going to defend them, my Lady?!

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Just see to it, please.

Understood! Forgive my initial reservations. I should know better than to doubt my Lady's wisdom...

Hey asshole, remember that time she totally missed that the enemy had the Twilight Rune?


Actually I probably shouldn't be so hard on Lelei, she's just trying to get laid. She probably sees Cathari as competition, so she feels compelled to lay it on extra thick right now. (music)

Be what? Rebels? Traitors?

"Well we kind of already are, but we'd be more so!"

(I wish Bahram would say, the spineless twerp.)

N-No, Your Majesty, that's not what I--

But he won't. He never will.

I understand your concerns, but I have a plan for keeping things under control thereafter. This is what's best for Falena and her Majesty the Queen. Stop questioning me, and commence with the operation.

Yes, Your Commandership!

Very well, then.
Ah, and I've decided to add a new Queen's Knight for this operation. It's too much work otherwise.

Another Queen's Knight...?


Wait, who the fuck is this again?


Meanwhile, back with the people who actually matter.

Let's go! Let's go!

I'm going! I'm going!

Um, excuse me. I was wondering if maybe Your Highness got a love letter of some sort in this box recently? It was part of a script for an unfinished puppet show, and it may have wound up in this box...
On second thought, never mind. Please don't tell me where it ended up. I'd be so embarrassed...

But I've been separated from my loyal box for far too long. And look, something went wrong, and it wasn't Roy's fault! Gasp.

Really sorry about the other day. I didn't mean for that whole thing to go down like that. He just pisses me off, 'cause when I see him, I think about the old days. So it just happened. I didn't plan it.

Speak of the devil though... Well, at least he's sorry?

(The comment box is full of blueprints for mechanical devices. None of them have explanations.)

Miakis please dangle the professor upside down from the tower until he decides to make sense thanks.

Goddammit, you're next.

...not that it'll likely do me any good. Jeane Oboro Konami

Anyway, we have nothing left to accomplish here so we'll just head on over next door.

...okay that may not be exactly how things went let's try this again.


Frey and Miakis run up like they think she's gonna collapse at any time. Can't blame them.


"All better," huh? I'll go get Dr. Silva!

Frey thinks that sounds like a good idea.

Frey also thinks Lyon should stop being silly and go back to bed.

So she does.

Sorry, Dr. Silva... It's just that... I feel like something... terrible is coming. Just lying here is driving me crazy...

Oh, please don't say things like that.

Something... terrible?

You know they always,

always come true.

This had better be terrible indeed!

This is an infirmary! Keep it down!

Oh, uh, sorry! This is serious, though! It's terrible! Prince, we got a major problem on our hands! Like I said, it's terrible!

What's wrong?

Prince... Wait for me...


Go. I'll keep an eye on her.

Fine, but if this isn't like super terrible, you're going to have more patients before long.


Well, duty calls, I guess.


Let's get some reading done first.

The Dawn Times - Issue 13 posted:

Front Page - Dragon Cavalry Promises Cooperation posted:

After meeting at Sauronix Castle with Commander Craig Laden of the Dragon Cavalry, the Prince received a firm promise of full cooperation in the event of foreign military intervention. The talk was quite cordial from beginning to end; Commander Laden couldn't hide his sympathy for the Prince's cause.

However, the discussions didn't end with a simple confirmation of the Dragon Cavalry's intentions. Instead, they will take a much more active role than originally anticipated.

"Both Commander Craig Laden and His Royal Highness the Prince are well-aware that Falena will be in grave danger if the Godwin faction conspires with any foreign powers," a spokesperson for the Prince said. "The two sides will work together to actively pursue any leads on the matter."

Back Page - Lyon Recovers posted:

The Prince returned home to a surprise after his meeting with Commander Craig Laden of the Dragon Cavalry. Lyon, who had been in a coma, suddenly took a turn for the better and has regained consciousness. Her subsequent prognosis is turning out to be quite favorable.

Some are of the opinion that the Prince saved Lyon by using the Dawn Rune's new powers, but "The Dawn Times" is unable to confirm the details of this story. Regardless, morale inside the castle has improved for the first time in what seems like ages.

Serials - Portraits of the Enemy: Enemy Mysteries posted:

On their way back from Sauronix Castle, the Prince's forces investigated the ruins in the Deep Twilight Forest. Inside, they were suddenly attacked by a gigantic tree and forced to fight it off. Huge, mysterious monsters also appeared in the Ceras Lake Ruins.

While these creatures are not directly involved with Lord Godwin's forces, one can certainly call them "enemies" nonetheless. However, they seem to only appear in Sindar ruins. Why might this be?

Why do I have a feeling Lorelai drank all that "quality sake" in an attempt to forget Killey's existence and went blabbering about all the things we did to Taylor the moment we got back?

Oh yeah, and it's worth mentioning that Frey now has access to the spell he just used. It's the fourth level Flowing spell, except it's third level! What's not to like?

(Well apart from the fact that the game isn't that hard and you probably won't need a life spell much.)

It's actually a great fit for Frey since he's quite sturdy - unless you're making him wear a dress through the entire game, but then you only have yourself to blame - and has several people protecting him, and is thus likely to be one of the most long-lived characters in the group. If you do need utility spells like reviving, he's a perfect candidate to do it since he'll generally be attacking physically anyway and won't mind not having a damaging third level spell.

Next up: it's pitch black, meow terrible. I guess.