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Part 84: Putting the "Drag" in "Dragon Cavalry"

Let us rewind the clock. (music)

I don't expect anyone is surprised by this. Although defending the castle is technically a valid choice in that it allows you to keep playing, it is still Wrong as far as the game's concerned. Staying is much like executing Snowe in IV - you should definitely do it at least once, because it's worth seeing the consequences of different choices, how things could have played out - but unless you're specifically going for an imperfect run, you should then go back and pick the "proper" path (which the game has been oh-so-subtly trying to persuade you onto from the beginning.)

Then we must prepare to flee under the cover of night.

It actually bugs me a bit that it is the wrong choice. I'd love to see more choices like this where you could potentially lose allies, but also win against overwhelming odds if you have the strength to punch through. Or at least, choices where neither is particularly better or worse than the other.

We'll be back sooner or later, but let's still take all the food and supplies we can.

...Well, either that, or a more powerful opposition that doesn't make me feel like I could have wiped them all out if Lucretia hadn't whined at me halfway through the battle and forced me to spare their worthless lives.

Pay particular attention to documents, leather goods, and grain stores. Take all of them with us.

All that aside, I don't think I've managed to convey just how happy I am that they do let you make the decision, stay behind and tell Childerich's forces to go fuck themselves. All flaws aside, I really enjoy how these choices are choices, whether they lead to straight game overs or just the occasional dead Star.


After making our decision, the scenes in Sol-Falena play out the same as on the other path; they do not differ at all. You can look them up in part 82 if you want a refresher, but in short: Zahak thinks Shula is a douche, Lym thinks Sialeeds is a douche, Gizel is a douche, and Sialeeds is obviously plotting something except we don't know what it is and that is slightly worrying.

However, once we return to Salzburg, things start playing out differently. Those don't look like our dudes! (no music)

No, those aren't our dudes at all!

I want the castle turned upside down, just in case!

Is that all?

We'll get right on it!

There still might be spies lurking...
...Oh, but if you find anyone, don't kill them just yet. We won't let them off easily. Bring them directly to me...
...I want their deaths to be slow. Slow and PAINFUL!

Childerich: lovely human being.

Godwin Soldier: Yes, sir!

You guys better not actually turn it upside down. I don't think he'd appreciate it.

Armes Soldier: Yes, General Guisu!

All the mooks run off.

Ga heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh...


What's so funny?!

Oh, nothing... I was just thinking what a hard time I've put your Armes soldiers through. We've annihilated the rebel army thanks to you. You have my sincerest gratitude. Honestly.

Aren't you being a bit hasty? Gizel requested out help in crushing the rebel army, but we haven't done that. They escaped! Our work isn't done yet!
We appreciate the gratitude, but we can't go home just yet.

Well, well. Glad to hear you'll be sticking around awhile...

Heh heh... Believe me, I'll stay until the final bloodbath.
...So these are Sindar ruins, eh? Nice castle. I like it. Why don't we make it our new base?

Sounds good to me. But Lord Godwin's survey team will be arriving shortly. I hope you don't mind, but certain formalities must be taken care of.

They can do whatever they want. I mean, we're just leeching off you guys, right?
...I'm only joking, of course. Heh heh heh heh heh...

Ga heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh...

...S-So what now?! The rebel army has surely fled to Raftfleet by now!

Now, now... No need to panic! General Luger is after them.

Oh, it will.

Just not the way you're imagining it.


Meanwhile, in Raftfleet, Roy is looking curiously alive for a guy who semi-recently was shown getting shot full of arrows and kicked into the lake. (music)

Normally, I'd tell you to stop acting so damn foolish! But today, we actually want you to stick out like a sore thumb!

Heh! Leave it to me! I'll stick out just like the Prince! "Bow before me, peons, or it's off with your heads!"

You know, that is a pretty good imitation.


Our actual prince, meanwhile, is off somewhere else entirely. (music)

This gives us the freedom to maneuver undetected, at least for a while.

Let's start by doin' something about the Dragon Cavalry!

Absolutely. We can't win this war without the Dragon Cavalry on our side.

This is bullshit, I have beavers and Wilhelm, what more could I possibly need?

...well okay fine, another A-rank cavalry unit can't hurt, I guess.

We must investigate why the Commander refuses to give the order to ride!

Frey agrees, or at leat tries to look as if he does.

Have a nice trip, guys!

Believe me, I WANT to go with you guys! But my gut tells me the problem is in Gordius.

That makes two of us.
The dragon horse lair and our training grounds are located in Gordius. Godwin most likely did something there that has paralyzed the Dragon Cavalry. And something tells me it's bad.
Women are forbidden in Gordius, so Miakis can't come along, unfortunately.

Goddammit Rahal how does it feel to work for the organisation with the worst rules in Falena?

I'll wait here! Say hit to the dwaggie horsies -- er, dragon horses -- for me!

...then again, we're going to where they keep baby dragon horses. If we brought her along, she really might explode.

Anyway, we're off.

Gordius is south of Sauronix Castle. Good luck, Prince! Wish I could go with you!

There are more of us who wish the same thing, some of whom shall not be named, such as Roog.

Your Highness, please make sure you bring back the Dragon Cavalry this time. I have the utmost confidence you will succeed.

Wait, let me see that thing you're holding. For a moment it looked like it said "Suikoden V script" on the front but that can't really be the case, can it.

It looks like we'll have to join forces with humans to protect ourselves. So that's what we'll do.

Most of the important people have moved in with us; we have access to all the stores and facilities, which is kind of nice.

Chuck hangs out in the red tent in the back.

Party re-arranged, let's get moving.

We do get into some random encounters on the way, which allows me to show off Crazy Hat Guy's

and our less obnoxious allies' attacks. Don't get used to the former; I predict I'm going to use him exactly one more time after this.

Aside from that, we already killed all the assassins that were lurking here, so nothing of interest or importance happens the whole trip.

...I miss Cathari.

A trip that took twice as long as it needed to later...

...we're finally in Gordius, where there's no background music.

This is eerie. It's far too quiet.

Rahal wastes no time breaking the fourth wall and pointing it out.

Yeah! Normally, there's trainees shoutin', dragon horses roarin'...
...If anything, it's usually way too noisy!

Something is amiss. And we're going to figure out what.

Good luck, I'll just... oh, okay.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

And just before Godwin's troops turn up. Maybe someone's at the lair...

There are only a couple of dudes around, some in the tents. They... don't really have anything important to say.

Not that we have a clue what's happening, either...
Something definitely happened at the dragon horse lair. But since those guys moved in here, we can't go check it out!

As you may have noticed.

Don't worry, though. The NPCs may not be able to get in, but we're real people, with names and faces and all. We don't have that kind of problem.

It turns out, we're not the only ones to have figured that out!

Three Stars in one go? Don't mind of I do!

Nick, we can't! It's too dangerous! Can't we just forget about it?!

Grunk! Grunk!

Oh boy, Miakis is going to think she died and went to heaven if we bring this guy back with us.

See, even Ax agrees with me!

You may have noticed a theme here.

But we won't know unless we try, right?

*polite cough*

And they already named Yoran in the cutscene, so I'm not sure why his name is blue here and not back then.


Sir Roog?! Sir Rahal?!

What are you two up to? And what's Ax doin' with you guys?

Whaddaya think?! Just look! only now realized?


Your Highness, they'll spot us if we stay out here. Let's use one of those tents over there.

It's gonna be in-tents.

...don't look at me like that.

Wait! Did you say... "Your HIGHNESS"?"

We'll get into that later! Let's go!

The music starts up properly once we've gathered up the kids and their dragon horse. The tent we want is the one on the far left.

And this is Yoran. He's a stable boy now, but someday, he'll be a full-fledged dragon horse trainer.

Well he then be an un-stable boy?

...I said stop looking at me like that!

And that's Ax over there. He'll be Nick's trusty steed one day!


Look at this smug little bastard! He knows exactly how cute he is, and by gum, he's going to exploit it!

This is His Royal Highness Prince Frey, leader of the Iodine in Hell Army.

Sometimes I feel more like a figurehead, though.

I KNEW it!

Wow... his Royal Highness the Prince! Live and in person!

And unplugged!

Nick, future Dragon Cavalry soldier, at your service, Prince!

N-Nice to meet ya, Prince! ...Uh, you want me to bow or something? 'Cause I can if you want...

Absolutely not under any circumstances.

No, let's cut to the chase. Do either of you two know why Godwin's men have infested Gordius?

No idea! They just started showin' up one day, actin' all important and stuff!

Then they started yelling at us to stay away from the dragon horse lair! They said Commander Laden made 'em do it!

Everyone knows Godwin's a liar, though! Well, anyone with a brain! So Yoran an' I wanted to check it out ourselves!

I have a feeling you guys are going to fit right in.

So, that's what you guys were up to when we found you...
...You know, I like your style, Nick! You're gonna grow up to be a good one! That was our plan, too, ya know!

You're complimenting him for ignoring orders?

Well, yeah, when they're Godwin's orders!

...Indeed. You two show much wisdom for ones so young.
Your Highness, I believe there's a reason Godwin doesn't want anyone near the dragon horse lair. We must investigate the matter, just as these two had planned.

We were going to all along! Stop being dense, you're making Roog look good!

But we're gonna be in BIG trouble if the Godwin guys see you!

There were two of them! Two!

Don't worry. I have a plan.

But as easy as it would be to turn them into a fine red mist, we're going with Rahal's plan because it is the best plan.


You're going to watch this cutscene, and you're going to like it!

('s not an order, it's a prediction. Go on. Do it.)

Godwin Soldier (2): Hey soldier! This is an official patrol! Look alive!

Godwin Soldier: Yeah, but I'm so damn sick of this place! Nothing but kids and lizards. And "no women allowed"? What's up with that?! How's a guy supposed to survive without the ladies? Huh, huh? Tell me!

This guy got hired to do one scene, and he was determined to make it a memorable one.

Also the other guy says something like "I know what you're talking about" but there's a bunch of lines here that don't get dialogue boxes. (Which is yet another reason why you should be watching the cutscene!)


Helloooooo there!

Godwin Soldier (2): I can't believe it. Women aren't allowed around here!

Don't tell her that, she might go away!

Well, that takes care of that!

Is that really... Rahal...?

Suddenly I don't regret abandoning the castle all that much...

Who cares? Rahal has single-handedly redeemed this entire path well I suppose Roy helped a little by not dying like a bitch this time and I won't hear any complaints.

Here's what you should be complaining about. Goddamn stairs.

My knees are killing me.

...By the way, just how much longer do you two intend to tag along?

Huh? ...Oh, um... uh... Yes, you're right, we must be on our way n--

Aw, c'mon, Yoran!
Prince! Can't we come, too?

Aw, look at this guy, I can't say no to him

It's too dangerous!

wait fuck

I know it's dangerous, but I gotta find out what's going on in there! It's the Dragon Cavalry's job to look after the dragon horse lair, anyway!

I knew you'd say that.



If we had picked the other option...

Thanks, Prince!

...I don't know if that's such a good idea.

...Rahal is considerably less understanding. You're killing my buuuuuuzzz, man.

I know it's dangerous, but I gotta find out what's going on in there! It's the Dragon Cavalry's job to look after the dragon horse lair, anyway!

I knew you'd say that.

Well, he changes his mind three seconds later anyway.

Well, a Dragon Cavalry trainee's no ordinary kid! And Ax is no ordinary kid himself! Why not take 'em along? They'll probably be pretty useful in there!
We had to leave Lance and Flail back at the castle. You and Ax are gonna have to pick up the slack, okay?

Got it!


Yoran, we'll meet you back in town, okay?

No way! I'm going, too!

Huh...? Not like ya to be this brave!

Ax, what do you think?


That's no fair, Yoran!

I'm just as worried as you, Nick! And it's my job to take care of the eggs and babies in the lair!


All right. You may come as well. Something tells me the eggs and foals are at the root of this problem. It wouldn't be a bad idea to bring along someone who looks after them.

At your service!

And finally, we're off. time.