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Part 86: #reclaimthecastle

All right, let's get the last preparations over with. (music)

And look who's waiting for us! Everyone together now: "We, the..."

We, the Dragon Cavalry, ask Your Royal Highness' forgiveness for failing to fulfill our duty to Falena.

I'm all out of that.

Despite this, Your Royal Highness, rescued us from the direst of circumstances.

You truly have our sincerest gratitude!

Commander Laden said we had to thank the Prince right away, so we sped on over here! Rahal stayed behind in Sauronix Castle. He's workin' on the battle preparations. And not exactly happy about it!

I'm sure he'll live. He had plenty of fun in Gordius.

Sir Rahal would have appreciated your assistance in the battle preparations, Sir Roog.

Nah, that technical stuff's not my thing. I'd rather be your bodyguard. ...Uh, for the honor, of course!

I somehow doubt the sincerity of your comments, Sir Roog.

...I have the sudden feeling that I must never allow Craig and Dinn to come into contact with one another. They may fuse together into a single super-honourable, super-boring entity, and then I'd be down one Star and one fabric of reality.

Most of the Dragon Cavalry have already set out from Sauronix Castle, Your Royal Highness. The entire force should arrive here by tomorrow morning.
We, the Dragon Cavalry, entrust our orders to your most honorable command, Your Royal Highness. Godwin and Armes have wronged the lands and rivers of Falena. Therefore, it is our sworn duty to drive them out! We will ride under Your Highness' banner until this task is completed!

It's about time.

As on the other path, Lance joins with Craig, but this time we don't get Flail, who's presumably still at Sauronix with Rahal.

Roog is going to work hard enough for two though, so it's okay.

Sir Roog, such hubris is unbecoming. Do not forget that the enemy now occupies His Royal Highness' castle.

Only because we let them.

Oh, but the Dragon Cavalry need not worry about driving them out.
...His Highness will handle it.

I will?


I mean

of course I fucking well will, it's my damn castle!

Huh? The Prince?

Your Highness, would you mind going to the Ceras Lake ruins with Zweig?

Yes. I have a lot of people I'd rather go with.

And by "Ceras Lake ruins," I don't mean Salzburg Castle. I mean the sluice gate ruins.

No shit!

Let's get it over with, then.

You never cease to amaze me, Your Highness. You know exactly what I have in mind, don't you?

Well gee, let me see, there are two things we know we can do in the Ceras ruins:

Which one would be helpful in this situation? Let me think.

Lucretia, may I ask you something?

Yes, Zweig.

It's about that "defense-in-depth" strategy you've been following... You didn't really intend to lure the enemy into our castle from the very start, did you?

Ha! Good question. And I'll leave the answer to your imagination.

Then the answer is "I'm the worst character in a game that has people like Euram Barows in it."

Well, it was a brilliant move, if I do say so myself. After all, we minimized our losses, and now we outnumber them.

You know what else would have let us outnumber them? Allowing me to kill them all.

You never let me have any fun.

...well, I probably shouldn't say that considering what we're about to do, but still.

Humble as ever, I see...



That means we can reach the ruins undetected, which is critical for this operation. Let's go, Prince.


I was waiting for you, silly!

Now then. They don't actually tell you where you need to go, but the mine cart has a new destination available.

It looks pretty much the same as all the rest.

But it ends in what looks like it might have been an entrance of some sort. Well, it's still an entrance, but not on purpose.

We emerge inside the ruins. This door was under water last time we were here, so good thing for us it's lowered since then!

No bosses or anything this time. Just a run up the stairs and across the bridge...

...and we're in place.

Uh, rune prism power... or something... I guess?

The Sindar ruins throw up the horns.

Good, good...

Tell me, why did we need you here again?

The flow to the underground water vein is still blocked, and now the upper sluice gate is closed. This is going to be interesting. Let's hurry back. We don't want to miss the start of the operation.

The operation don't start till I walk in.

Yak yak.

'sup, bitches?

Here we are, Prince! Just like we promised!

We deeply apologize for keeping you waiting, Your Highness. The Dragon Cavalry has arrived, ready to drive all vile forces from Falena's lands and rivers!

Good for you! Not exactly bad for us, either.

Kind of very bad for some other people though, but I'm sure no one really cares about them.

Rahal predictably brought Flail with him.

We, the Dragon Cavalry, are ready to push as far as Ceras Lake on Your Royal Highness' command.

Our Raftfleet allies are ready as well. Your Highness, now's the time to take back our castle. Just give the order.

Make me proud, Frey!

...goddammit, that's a terrible order. "Bring me Childerich's head!" would have been good.

You don't have to play along just to make me feel better.

Meanwhile, in Salzburg, Childerich is about to get some very distressing news. (music)

???: S-Sir Childerich! Sir Childerich!!!

All right, already! What is it?!

???: Something terrible's happening! The lake's water level is rising! Fast!

Rising?! What the hell?!

Rising indeed!

It doesn't look that rising, but trust me, it totally is.

Godwin Officer: Get to higher ground! Hurry, before it's too late!

Godwin Officer: Get that boat over here! Those who can swim, swim!

Godwin Soldier: Shut yer trap, man! Why don't YOU swim?!

Godwin Soldier: Outta my way, Armes scum! WE go first!

Armes Soldier: Oh, you're gonna regret saying that!

Godwin soldier: You want a piece of me?! Bring it on!

Ah, what a wonderful sight.

First, I need you to CALM DOWN!

Childerich telling other people to calm down just doesn't seem right.

Now, then. It's not like we're on a sinking ship. We still have time.

Those foolish soldiers are still fighting among themselves! We'll have a massacre between allies on our hands long before we drown!

Bah! Allies, indeed!

What's that supposed to mean?

Yesss, kill each other for my amusement!


Godwin Soldier: The rebel army! They're here!

The rebels?! HERE?!


Oh, I wouldn't bet on that.

Behold, your doom!

And... some other guys too!

The age of boats is more or less past.

From now on, it's beavers and dragon horses all the way! Anything else is just leftovers. (And Raja. Raja is cool, too.)

Only dragon horse people can go in dragon horse units, and sadly enough that leaves us one person short. Still, we're better off now than we were in the last battle, so commence operation Murder Fucking Everything!

Not that there's a lot to murder. 1500 enemies is kind of embarrassing at this stage.

We're getting the new war theme even when we're attacking the place, but it is not quite upbeat enough for the beatdown that is about to commence.

Damn you, Dolph! Damn you to hell! You've ruined everything! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!

Don't blame Dolph for that. Blame me. It was our fault.

You're half right, though. I did use a "dam."

Rally the troops! NOW!

Godwin Soldier: That's just it, sir... Many soldiers fled from the flooding without their weapons and armor! They're practically useless now!

Those cowards!
Hmmm... As long as they have bodies, they're not useless! Put them in front! We'll use them as human shields!

Godwin Soldier: S-Sir! If I may respectfully d--

Something wrong? Would you like to be a human shield, too?

Godwin Soldier: Huh...?! Noooooooooo! I'll see to it at once, sir!

The Dragon Cavalry wasn't supposed to be here!

Jidan, give me an update on our troop status!

I'm sorry to report that about half our forces have deserted us, Commander Sparna!

Wow, what a face.

And morale is terrible even among the troops we DO have!

Damn cowards...

If things get ugly, make a break for it! No sense in us getting killed, too!

You're all such good friends.

A little threat of force should send them scurrying out of the castle. But don't pursue them too far.

You're going to keep me from killing them again?! What more do you fucking want of me? I've done everything you wanted!

...but fuck me, I guess, I only get to kill 750 dudes before they run away.

This is not nearly enough dudes.

I realize I haven't actually shown this off in motion, so this battle is also available as moving pictures.

Anyway, this is going to be over quickly. The beavers get to the boats before the dragon cavalry can...

...and chew through them in short order.

A-rank commanders clash...

...but type advantage is a whole lot more important than rank.

Wilhelm hunts Childerich down, charging straight through the enemy cavalry.

And as usual, the slippery little coward runs away as soon as things start looking difficult.

Dammit! How did it come to this?! Pull out! NOW!!

That's what sh... no, no, I can't do it.

Bah! I knew it! That rat's nothing but a coward when push comes to shove! We're pulling out, too! Jidan! Better hurry, or I'll leave you behind!

Y-Yes, Commander Sparna!

Anyone who doubted this outcome clearly hasn't been paying attention.

Same reward as for winning the defence campaign. I think we already have one...

And then we're back in our castle. You know, if we're going to get chased out of our base by the enemy, I'd have appreciated some tension, not a quick side trip and an immediate return! It kind of ruins the suspense.

But I get to see Miakis do a little dance so it's all good.

*sigh* But look at this place! It's sopping wet!

Oh my goodness, it's going to take a lot of work to get it back to what it was...

I knew I should have gone with "Soggy Beaver Castle."

At least the flood has already washed away their filth! If you know what I mean...

You got a point there! Ga ha ha ha ha!

I wouldn't say "finally." That took what, two days? Come on, I've been away for longer on trips I made willingly.

I just hope Childerich remembered to water my bonsai. Those things require a lot of attention.

And, uh, should I go back to the ruins and pull out the plug again so we don't get flooded out? Because that would be kind of annoying after all this work...


Around the same time, things are starting to move in Estrise. (music)

Armes Soldier: I'll definitely be back!

Innkeeper: Thank you! M-My pleasure!

Innkeeper: You're telling me! I mean, why do we have to act all friendly with these southerners? The Prince is fighting against Armes, and yet we're here helping them? It just doesn't feel right...

Proprietor: You might have a point... But they're not causing any trouble. And besides, they actually LIKE our food! They give pretty good tips, too.

Innkeeper: Well, I guess so...
Still, I wonder what they're doing here...

Proprietor: Beats me...

Incidentally, after the last scene with Craig in the "get Roy killed" route, this is where we'd have gone next.

These scenes do not differ between routes. (music)

I know.

Then why do you not take action?! Your Western Marine Corps must join the front lines!

Ah! I've been waiting for you, Sharmista. How did it go?

Sharmista: Well, this is what I've discovered...

...I see, I see. Well done, Sharmista. I suppose we should return home, then.


Inform our soldiers.

Yes, Commander.

Hold on just one second! I demand to know what's going on!

Prices rise when things are in short supply, and that wouldn't be fair to the good people of Estrise.

You really are something, Commander. Always so thoughtful. I shall do as you say.

What the hell do you think you're doing?! Are you going to break the agreement with Commander Gizel?!

Oh, yes. The "agreement"...
Apparently Gizel is quite busy researching the Sun Rune.

Huh?! What does that have to do with the agreement?!

I think it has a lot to do with it. But never mind that. They'll give you a hard time if you return to the Sun Palace empty-handed, so here's a little something for you... It seems the Island Nations Federation Fleet is sailing south towards Estrise as we speak.

The Island Nations?!

I wish I could say Armes was on better terms with the Island Nations, but we're not. So the Western Marine Corps has received orders from our superiors to keep tabs on them until we know what's going on. No hard feelings, okay?


God damn I fucking love Shula Valya. Such a shame the scene isn't voiced.


Some time later...

Mmm-hm. Estrise has been liberated. Aren't you happy about that, Boz?

Well, of course I am! It's just... Something rubs me the wrong way, that's all... I mean, there wasn't even a single battle fought!

Well, the Island Nations' fleet IS approaching Estrise...

Say what?!

It's probably just a bluff, mind you. After all, I seriously doubt they want to start a war with Armes. Still, the Western Marine Corps can't just leave without mounting some sort of a response.

Lemme guess, this was part of your plan, too.

Yes, well... After the Princess' coronation ceremony, I sent another messenger to Admiral Egan.

All I said was, "Godwin may very well ally himself with Armes."

The Prince must've made quite an impression on Admiral Egan to have him do so much for us.

I stand in awe of your mental acumen, Lady Merces.

I'm just glad she's on our side.

I'm surprised the Obel Maritime Council approved it. Even if it is a bluff, one wrong move could spark a war.

No, it was all my father's doing. I doubt he even told the Obel Maritime Council anything about it. If they ever find out, he'll probably just say there were "pirates lurking on the high seas."

Yep. Sounds like something he'd do.

Oh, stop it! I'm just here as a friend, not as some military official from the Island Nations!
At least now the east should no longer be a problem. Now's your chance to strike west and south!

Striking's what I do best!

Prince, the Armes Southern Mountain Corps still lingers near Sable. Childerich's army has fallen back past Lelcar, and it now appears they intend to desperately defend Doraat. Let's get them both and retake both Doraat and Sable.

Hell yes! I'll kill Childerich as many times as it fucking well takes for him to stay dead!

We've got the upper hand now. I bet their soldiers are just shivering in their little boots. Ha! And as for who to go after first... I say we just kill two birds with one stone!

I was thinking the same thing. We're more than capable of striking both of them simultaneously.
Still, there's only one of you, Your Highness, so I'll have to ask you to lead one of the attacks. Who would you rather fight, Your Highness?

Oh, you know me. I just love multiple choice questions!

Next time, I may actually answer it...

...or then again, maybe not.