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Part 89: Big Boz, ready for action!

Last time we saw our Frey, he had been teleported through time and space and

after many adventures, all of which were too long to describe in any detail here, he has somehow made it back to Falena, albeit into a strange location we've never seen before.

There's this huge tree inside, and a lone chest. Maybe it was this thing that drew him to it?

Leaving the forest lands us next to the river. There is no way to get out, other than using the Blinking Mirror.

So we did.

The end. Roll credits.

What, you say that's not enough for an update? Fine.

The Southern Mountain Corps.

We'll go kill some dudes, too. (music)

Very well, Your Highness.
Boz, Dinn. Go with His Highness.

My pleasure!

Armes doesn't stand a chance against us. We shall reclaim Sable once and for all!

Admiral Raja. Commander Laden. Childerich's forces have joined with General Novum's unit and General Luger's Fleet. They may mount a rather stubborn defense, but it's nothing the Dragon Cavalry and Raftfleet can't handle.

Sure thing.

It shall be as you wish, Lady Merces.

Well, then... Shall we go to battle now, Your Highness?


We'll make sure they never even think about invading Falena again! Strike 'em, strike 'em hard, and strike 'em again!!

Everybody: *cheering*

I imagine that's the lamest fucking cheer of all time. "Yaaaaay. "

Here we go again! They play the old battle theme again, but I just happened to be listening to some Sabbath as I wrote the update so I recommend this instead.

That sure is a lopsided headcount! Well, I'm good at lopping heads, so

Listen, Jidan. I'm going to set a trap in Sable! I'll give you the signal when I'm ready. All you have to do is lure them into town.

Y-Yes, Commander Sparna!

You can hold until then, can't you?

Of course! Have I ever let you down, Commander Sparna?
Let's go, soldiers! Time to show Commander Sparna what we can do!

...Just don't get too cocky.

Sparna's unit disappears. Kinda crummy unit; they're just down 200 dudes.

Don't worry about Commander Sparna for now. Just focus and do as we planned. Attack fast, attack hard.

You got it, Lucretia! When I'm through, they won't even know what hit 'em! Big Boz, ready for action! Hoo-rah!



J-Jumping into battle like this seems a bit foolhardy...

Come on, what's the worst that could happen? It's not as if these guys have plot arrows or anything.

It'll be all right.

I'm counting on you, too, Your Highness.

Oh, you just watch me.

These rats won't stand a chance. In fact, I'm pretty sure Belcoot can take 'em all on by himself!

shit man what are you doing

get it together

Damn it Belcoot, you had one job...

Run away! Run awaaaaay!

Uh-oh, this isn't good. Good time to retreat!

Don't ask me why he has an all-dwarf unit. It's one of those things that happen.

Well crud. Oh well, I'm sure we can salvage this mission!


I still don't hate Flowing fuckwits as much as Barrage buttheads.

Let's fast forward a few hundred dead dudes. Isn't this a lovely sight?

Special delivery! But wait, we can do better, can't we?

Sure can!

No, wait.


That's 413 dudes in a spell. AoE magic is fuckdiculously good if you manage to get enemies clustered around you.

Oh, uh, Zerase, you do know you're supposed to be strong against Jidan's unit?

For some reason he's not entirely invincible. Magic still does the trick.


Soldier: General Guisu! You won't believe this, but... Commander Sparna's unit is gone! Sable is completely empty!

No... It can't be!
Back to Sable! All troops, follow me!

Unh?! They're on the run! They're high-tailing it to Sable!

Is it a trap?

I said it'll be all right. But it'll complicate things if they hold up in Sable. You must go after them, now.

I'm not sure if I should be mad that I still get this after getting someone killed or smug because the game acknowledges my mad clusterbombing skills.

Not too shabby. We don't have a lot of super useful accessories.

Anyway, let's kill us some Armes archvillains. (music)

I'll handle the riffraff lingerin' outside.

Your Highness! Dinn! You get Jidan!

Yeah, he has like one and a half named characters' blood on his hands! (I'm not sure if Roy counts if it's a different timeline.)

Who will you take with you, Your Highness?

The usual suspects.

Are you happy with these members, Your Highness?


Very well, Your Highness.

The enemy is cornered now. They will be desperate. Proceed with extreme caution.

Uh... Yeah, sure, I'll call it "caution."

What, leaving the war zone is cautious!

If we capture Jidan, the others will be forced to surrender!

Not really! But whatever.

There are random battles with Armes soldiers in Sable now.

Sadly they ran into Miakis and then no one ever heard from them again.

We have to go past the town itself and up to the wall in the back.

This one. (no music)

Armes Soldier: G-General Guisu!

What's going on?

Ah, Maha. Truly the boss Jidan deserves.

Ah, I understand. Commander Sparna has abandoned her comrades. She even threw this roadblock together so you couldn't follow.

Heh... Heh heh heh heh heh...

Armes Soldier: General?!

You know, I don't think I've ever seen this part before. I have this weird feeling like I've always gone after Childerich because I actually have a reason to dislike him.



You heard His Highness. Commander Sparna has betrayed you. Your loyalty and this fight mean nothing now. Throw down your weapons!

We get a (pointless) Dinn point for this option. Take the other, and Jidan goes "Prepare to die?" and then right on to the next line.

Hmph... I have not yet BEGUN to fight! I'll drag your head back with me and receive a hero's welcome! Like I deserve! Then, once I crush that treacherous woman like the worm she is... I shall become the new supreme commander!!

Yeesh, good luck with that. I think our good buddy here has finally lost it!

Jidan, you must not let your emotions get the best of you!

Silence! This is all your fault! Prepare... to DIE!!!

Jidan actually manages to KO Miakis, but he's not worth more attention than this.

You're gonna... pay for... this...


And that's the last we'll see of him!

Poor wretch...

I don't see any of those around. Just some miscellaneous douchebags.

We're going back.


It won't take long to recover now that the townspeople are returning as well.

We've done pretty well, I guess.

Your Royal Highness, Doraat was liberated with minimal damage. It is most regrettable, however, that Childerich and General Novum managed to flee...

I'd have been pretty pissed if you had killed Childerich without at least letting me watch!

Bahram gave his life so that they could escape. That fool...

Well, all's well that ends well. I mean this is technically a spoiler for the other path I guess, but I barely even remember who Bahram is at this point so I don't really care.


Yes... But I can't believe all the trouble we went through just to get back to where we were before...

No, no! You humans really know how to get things done!

That's right! You guys aren't bad ...for humans! I hate to say it, but I was sure we were goners there for a while! But you humans gave 'em what's for!

This must be a humiliating turn of events for Godwin. He even tried to save his cause by allying with Armes, a nation he despises. Yet still he failed.
I doubt he has anything else up his sleeve, but he's not one to surrender peacefully.

I agree. If he had wanted to surrender, he would've done so before dragging Armes into this war.

You make a most wise observation, Lady Merces.


In fact, I don't think his alliance with Armes was intended to be a winning strategy. Most likely, it was just a bid to buy time... to prepare for his next move.

Which would be...?

...which would be...?

Oh, fuck you so very much, Lucretia.


Because of my failure, the Western Marine Corps has--

Hey, if you guys are going to keep being incompetent villains, couldn't you do the "you've failed me for the last time" thing at least once? Come on, it's Alenia, no one would miss her. (music)

Oh, Alenia. You need not blame yourself for what happened.

You really are a terrible person, you know that, Gizel?

We should consider ourselves lucky that the eminent Shula Valya went home without even lifting a finger.

But... Your Commandership...

Armes has fulfilled its purpose. We only needed them as a distraction while we laid down the foundations for the next step in our plan.

And what exactly is your "plan"?

Hmm... Having doubts, are we? We're only doing what must be done for Falena.
Under our control, Falena shall become the most revered nation in the world -- united, pure, perfect!

Bah! No nation is perfect...

Well, Lady Sialeeds... Would you like to back out now?

Why are you asking me that?

Oh, no reason.
Perhaps you would be so kind as to do me a favor?

Depends on the favor.


So? What is it?

...and they leave us hanging, too.

Fuck these guys. Fuck the whole lot of them.

Now let me just check my inbox and

I'm sorry, but I must leave. Now that Belcoot is dead, I've no reason to stay. Farewell, my former Liege.

...wait, can they do that?!

I'm sorry. I... I just can't bear to think about Belcoot...


This is not acceptable, you bunch of fucks!