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Part 94: Not MORE Godwin idiots!

Last time...

...we saw some things that raised questions no one in our party can answer. Sialeeds' plans and motives remain inscrutable, and the fact remains worrying.

However, we also have other things on our minds. Like the city we just conquered. Not that it was hard or anything.

Took you guys long enough!

Oh, man! Not MORE Godwin idiots!

I can see why you'd think that. (music)

He's on... our side?

Sure is! Kind of useless these days that we have people like Shula on our side, though.

With a crazy grin like that, he could pass for an enemy any day! I mean, just look at that hairdo!

It's very... noticeable.

That was quick. Were you able to bust through the front gate?

It was as you surmised, Sir Georg Prime. The enemy's defenses were far from impregnable.

Hmm... Their chain of command must be a mess now that we've taken out Childerich and General Novum.

Yeah, the enemy units in town are foldin' like decks of cards, too! And you know what that means, right?! Yep, Stormfist is as good as ours!


We just have to get some dudes in place to smack anyone who starts making trouble. (music)

It still looks like a papercraft model to me.


So, Sialeeds is the new bearer of the Twilight Rune. Just like I thought.

So you already knew?

Fucking everyone knew.

No, of course not. I would've said so if I'd known.

So much bullshit.

But I was sure of one thing. I would never have let the Prince go otherwise.


I knew it was dangerous... Still, I believed Lady Sialeeds wouldn't and, in fact, couldn't kill the Prince.

...really can't wait for the war to be over so I won't have to deal with your bullshit any more.

...You mean you've figured out what she's up to?

But does it really matter?


We know exactly what we must do, no matter what Lady Sialeeds has in mind.


"Don't strangle your strategist before the final battle! At least wait until you've won!"

It's Zweig! He found something strange upstairs!

Any excuse to not be around Lucretia sounds good to me!

Stormfist has a new master, and new music too.

Soldier: It would've been tough to capture this castle without Shoon's help. We're lucky he helped us out!

It also has this guy hanging around here now. Eh, I kind of forgot to equip Shoon so he napped through half the battles in here...

We're looking for that one room we couldn't enter last time.


Take a look at these. They were left behind by Godwin's scholars.

Oh boy, what an embarrassing moment to remember that you can't actually read Sindar writing! Frey just stares and nods for a bit and pretends like it makes perfect sense.

Nothing much of importance is written here. That's probably why they left them behind. I don't doubt that they took all the important tablets to Sol-Falena.
Still, the ones here have piqued my interest... They're of the same peculiar stone found only at the Sindar ruins in Falena. They couldn't have come from foreign shores, and they're unlike the stone at Ceras Lake. And we'd have known if anything was looted from the castle.

But the Deep Twilight Forest ruins have been looted so many times over the years! Who says these tablets didn't come from there? I think it might be possible!

If you start thinking that way, the plenty of other things "might" be possible.
Facts. Those are the only things we can believe in. Cold, hard facts...

"As cold and hard as my soul!"

Apparently that's all we're getting out of him. We can go bug him again, but...

And here I was thinking Lord Godwin's little group was nothing but a bunch of pseudo-scholars...

...he won't tell us anything of actual interest.

So we'll have to head down again.


That much we know. What we don't know is exactly where the tablets came from!

I see...

I think it might be worth a further look.

No, don't waste your time.


No matter what turns up at this point, it won't change what we have to do.
Your Highness, let's go. We must head for Sol-Falena!

And once we do, I will finally be rid of you. If I had to put up with this for much longer, I may well start getting urges to take out my aggressions on random minorities as well.

Speaking of which... (music)

No time for pleasantries, Gizel.

Your castle has fallen, Marscal. Dilber and Childerich are dead.

Dilber's... dead?

So... You really do have feelings? I thought that was just a rumor...

I won't deny that I feel a certain loss, but it's a price I'm willing to pay.
The fate of Falena depends on our success.
We may lose a few good men along the way... But with sacrifice comes success.

..."Sacrifice," eh?

So, Gizel... What are your... feelings?

I'm just happy that you returned safely, Lady Sialeeds.

You were the one who made that nutcase Childerich a Queen's Knight in the first place!

And I stand by my decision.
Had Childerich done anything to you, my Lady, I would have never forgiven him.

Of course, of course. But it means nothing compared to your life.

Because I'm the only one worthy of mastering this Rune...

If you really were a "master," the rebel army would have been wiped out long ago!
...And I can't help but wonder if YOU played some role in the deaths of Childerich and General Novum!

Alenia, that's enough.

Your Commandership, I don't understand why you--

I understand why you have your doubts, Alenia. But you, of all people, should know how hard it is to control this Rune.


I'm just getting warmed up. You'll see just how much of a "master" I can be.

Excellent. I hope you will make full use of your power in the coming showdown. The rebel army is finally making its way here to Sol-Falena.

Preparations are underway for a full-scale battle. It's pointless to try to hold Rainwall now. Let's call our troops back here.

Rainwall, eh...? Seems like the perfect time...
I'll go bring the troops back, then.

I don't think the matter necessitates sending you, Lady Sialeeds.


On Frey's end, we're waking up alone in our room again.

Only one thing to do: go out and bother as many people as possible!

Well, there are problems, but it's a sister's right to trouble her brother. Isn't that correct, Your Highness?

And also read our mail and Frey is not going to answer that.

I wanted to settle things with him myself. What a shame.

I'm not sure if there are letters for allowing others to fight Childerich, or if you only get the whining ones.

I wanted to settle things with him myself... But you, Your Highness, got to him first. Lucky for him, eh?

Almost the exact same letter. No, it really wasn't, Boz, because I killed him in two hits. Maybe if you had been a playable character you could have helped.

They say the elves and dwarves are really going at each other up in the northern continent. But don't worry. We dwarves here in Falena never even think about elves.

That's probably the sanest thing you can do with elves.

"Those two see each other as rivals, so they're mean to each other whenever they meet. I guess you could say they're so similar that they drive each other up the wall. We should just let them be."
That's what Genoh said...
- From Fuwalafuwalu

I might care if Byakuren weren't the worst character in my entire army, including the ones that started out as random encounters.

Falenan dwarves are a bit different from the ones I know. Up north, the dwarves are all shut-ins. They hate men, they hate elves, they just keep to their own.
Still, the northern continent's got plenty to see. Your Highness should go there someday.

I didn't really get the feeling they hated everyone that much. They were certainly more polite than the fucking elves, that's for sure.

Egbert, was it? I certainly never expected to run into him again here at your castle, Your Highness.

You're probably the only one who didn't see it coming.

I had some stuff here to take care of, so I stayed behind.

Anyway. We have something important to do.

Oh, what's this? You brought me a new hammer, human?

Now we can forge even more powerful weapons!

Indeed we can! Frey gets +20 attack from this, which isn't a lot, but every little bit helps.

She couldn't.

Does Lord Godwin actually still think he can win?

Wouldn't put it past him!

And since we're wandering around doing random stuff already, let's hang this painting I won from random Stormfront goons on my wall. It says "knights" but there's only one. On the other hand, it's the best knight.

Not this update.

...What? Of... course... I'm... all... right...
*pant* *pant*
I... just... lie here all... the time... What... could... be wrong...?
*pant* *pant*


Hey, doc.

You think there's something odd about Lyon's condition? You must be imagining things. She's sound asleep.

Why do I get the feeling someone's not telling me something?

(I have become very good at telling when someone's not telling me something. From experience. fuck you lucretia)

Oboro's not telling me much either.

You must be exhausted...

Eh. It's not as if any of this has been difficult or anything.

If you wanna talk business, talk to Oboro.

Speaking of people being difficult...

And of course there's another issue out.

The Dawn Times - Issue 19 posted:

Front Page - Godwin's Stronghold Collapses posted:

The Iodine in Hell Army recently pushed its troops into Stormfist, the Godwin faction's stronghold and, after a fierce engagement, succeeded in capturing the town. A group of former gladiators joined forces with the Prince's forces, contributing significantly to the victory.

Lord Godwin and the main force had already moved to Sol-Falena, so the capture of Stormfist doesn't mean an end to the war. But General Novum and Childerich both died during this battle so, combined with the loss of their castle, the Godwin faction has been dealt a heavy blow indeed.

Back Page - Sialeeds with Twilight Rune? posted:

During the recent siege of Stormfist, the Godwin faction once again showed its desperation by using the Twilight Rune. This time, however, it was in the hands of the Prince's aunt Sialeeds, not Queen's Knight Alenia, and its power was noticeably stronger.

Sialeeds' actions are becoming more and more enigmatic and unpredictable. Many in the Prince's inner circle have privately confided to "The Dawn Times" that Sialeeds' erratic behavior is becoming a grave concern.

Serials - Portraits of the Enemy: Dilber Novum posted:

Novum, who was defeated by the Prince during the siege of Stormfist, was known as a warrior among warriors. Many, including Lord Wilde, lamented his death. As with his friend General Luger, siding with the Godwin faction was Novum's downfall.

However, one can understand Novum's devotion to the Godwin faction. During the Armes invasion eight years ago, Novum's unit was so enraged by the brutal tactics of the enemy that they deviated from tactician Lucretia's strategic plan and charged the Armes forces.

But they soon found themselves boxed in by the enemy -- only a valiant charge by the Godwin family troops, led by Marscal, rescued Novum and his men. From that day forward, Novum never forgot the debt he owed the Godwin family, and vowed to do absolutely anything for Marscal.

However, because that devotion led to his ultimate demise, "Portraits of the Enemy" wonders if he was satisfied with his choice in the end.

I don't care, no one cares, let's move on!

Nice seeing the castle NPCs reacting to current events. This guy wasn't here before.

As long as I've got Retso's super-duper special lunch to keep me going, I'm invincible!

Curiously, Nikea is one of the few characters who can die in battle. Not that it should really come up.

I stopped by Takamu's place but he had nothing to say. Here's the latest revision to the map, though.

I always did like how Suikoden concentrates its locations to a country-sized part of the world map instead of spreading them around the entire globe the way most JRPGs tend to do.

Because if we attack Sol-Falena, that's exactly what you'll have to do. I just want you to know what to expect.

You say that as if we haven't already fought.

Isn't it always...?

I don't want to know what this guy is dreaming.

Your highness, you'll finally be able to go back to Sol-Falena, won't you?

That's the plan!

Ah, nothing like a nice, quiet game to soothe the flames of eternal, righteous hatred. Care to play?


I think I'll pass.

It's gonna be better than that.


I saw a map of Sol-Falena. It looks far more challenging than Stormfist.


Hope there's not another big twist in this battle, man! I've seen enough of those!

Thanks a lot, I hope you realize you've doomed us all.

I vow to escort Your Highness back to the Sun palace, come what may!

I expect great things.


This will be an all-out engagement? So be it. My blade is ready, my Liege.

Hazuki says pretty much the same thing every time you talk to her. "Oh, we're gonna fight? I'll help." Which is nice, don't get me wrong, but it's not terribly interesting.

They were both fine! And they asked me to say hello to you for them!

Speaking of which, Stormfist is now open to visit, so we'll have to go take a look.

You need not worry about Armes anymore. Concentrate on fighting the Godwins.

Oh, believe me. I will!

I'll be giving him a little payback for that day!

Spoiler: no, you won't, because you won't be present on charges of not being Wilhelm or Shula.

So here we are, at last. It's taken so long...

Actually not as long as I was expecting, honestly. I think my various utility cheats have been cutting down on the behind the scenes stuff considerably. Which is good!

We're going to attack the capital of Falena -- our very own nation! I have very mixed feelings about this...

You can tell Orok all about it when you're sitting the battle out together.

Oh, I expect there will be a few twists and turns even after that. You're not getting away from me that easily!

Just the thought of goin' into Sol-Falena's makin' me nervous!

You're not going either.

I've never been to Sol-Falena, but it's supposed to be really pretty.

You wouldn't like the people, though. I didn't like them before the Nazis moved in.

Nah, n-never mind! Just forget it...!

Lord Rovere always admired the beauty of Sol-Falena. To think that now we must attack it...
Nevertheless, I do realize that it's absolutely necessary.

It certainly is.

Next time! We go show all the people of Stormfist how smug we are.

And we are very smug indeed.

And some Dilber artwork, now that he's dead. I'm not sure why he shares a page with Haleth, but I'm choosing to believe it's because even the artists thought he sucked.