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Part 96: The merest chance for atonement

Frey wakes up in his room as usual. He'd have been very surprised otherwise, he didn't drink that much yesterday!

We have some stuff to do.

Like this!

...though come to think of it, some of those boosts aren't very high. They're certainly blue and shiny, though!

And look at this! We can access Rainwall for the first time in ages!

Let's. (music)

Uh I dunno maybe? I'm kind of out of the loop.

Townswoman: Ah ha ha ha... You silly boy, you! Aren't you a little young to be asking me out on a date?
Not that I'd say no! I kinda like 'em young! Ah ha ha ha ha!

I think I've found a town full of worse people than Sol-Falena.

Rainwall merchants are despised by everyone nowadays! No one will trade with us anymore.

I'm sure it's all your own fault.

You can probably think of a few reasons if you try really hard.

It's all HIS fault that all this terrible stuff happened!

Wait, who said anything about murder? I'm innocent!

The guy who was standing here went off and left these poor things to fend for themselves.

The only ones left here are the old folk or frail people like me or... the people who've gone a bit crazy.
Maybe it's all over for Rainwall now...

People who have "gone" crazy? You mean it's been getting worse?!

The Barows family's wrongs weren't limited to just the Dawn Rune.

Yes. Terrible, terrible people.

Well except Luserina, she's okay.

Old Townswoman: Your Highness... I know it's a little late to be saying this, but we were wrong. We know now that a mercenary peace is too brittle to last.

About fucking time, you old bat!

Your old man was in the wrong! Let's just forget about it and come back home, okay? Okay?!

Townsman: ...Son?
What was your name again?
...Never mind!

Guys, I think we broke Rainwall.

All thanks to me, and more than you dickbags deserve.

And speaking of dickbags!

Oh, have you heard? I'm the new head of the Barows family. Because... Because...
Ah hah hah hah hah...

You seem to be, uh, taking it well...

That's why she let me live.
Kee hee hee... And I suppose she's right!
This is surely the end of the Barows family line. Extinct. Exanimated. Exterminated. And it's all... ALL...

Give it back! Give back our Barows family honor! Give back Luserina! And Father... Ohhhh, give me back my dear father! Ohhhh, such a tragedy...
Give him back....

You know what, I take back anything I might have said about taking it well.

Father... And the entire House of Barows... We got what we deserved for the way we behaved!

Why... Why can't you understand that?!

You're wrong... That can't be... I didn't...

Pull yourself together, Brother! You're the head of the Barows household now! How is the patriarch of the Barows family supposed to behave?

*sob*... *sob*...

...I can't help but wonder if the answer to her question should be "not like that" or "exactly like that."

It feels more like a general statement than anything else.

Your Highness... Let's leave my brother alone for now.

Where's the fun in that?

I'm gonna go rub his face in it some more


After him!

Uh. Maybe this is a bad time.

Of course, Mother.

I understand...

I... I realize that a few words are woefully insufficient to undo my many misdeeds. But... do you think I have even the merest chance for atonement?

Wow, here I thought you were upset, and then you go and pull out the comedic act!

...Yes... Of course... After all that I've done, I haven't the right to ask for forgiveness... I am sorry to have troubled you.

And then he heads into the room never to be seen again.

Wait, fuck.

We're a kind and benevolent protagonist, damn it.

Oh, Your Highness!

I think you! I bless you! I praise you! Thank you... Thank you so very much!

From this day onward, I, Euram Barows, pledge total allegiance, loyalty, and fealty to His Highness the Prince!

Mark my words! I shall devote my life to your cause! And to Falena!


Luserina. I-I have caused you... unspeakable grief and embarrassment. I am... hardly deserving of the appellation "brother."
I can't expect you to forgive me easily. I only hope that you will allow me the chance to redeem myself.


...his brain seems to have suddenly started working. Don't look at me, I didn't even have to thump him or anything.

Oh, Prince... Thank you so much!

Now, let us work together to restore the luster to the House of Barows.

Forgive me...
And... thank you...

You don't have to thank me. That's what sisters are for.

Oh, but... What about Mother?

She's fine. She said to go ahead and not worry about her.

I see...

I guess we could do that.

Holy shit, what a day.

Well at least we never have to return to Rainwall again!

I shall be on call. If you need anything -- anything at all -- I am at your service.

For some reason Luserina heads downstairs even though she's supposed to be on this floor.

This place has existed since we gained access to the tower. However,

But please give me the chance to try, Your Highness! usually stands empty up until now, since Luserina hangs out on the second floor.

Euram's our last star, and he's also the reason we did not recruit Eresh. If you get her, you cannot recruit Euram.

I don't know what they were thinking. Euram's useless, but recruiting him ties up his and Luserina's entire story, and it shouldn't be missable for something like that. If you don't care to visit Rainwall in the end, that's one thing - but to cut it off because you recruited a character with no hint whatsoever that it blocks off another? It's dumb. Especially since Eresh herself comes with a decent chunk of vague Jeane-related backstory (if you can call it that).

It really isn't worth it, either. Eresh isn't good, but she's at least useable, and she's a second Lightning mage in major battles.

I don't mind having to pick one of several characters, but this is just an overall shitty situation.

But... thank you so much for accepting my brother!

Anyway, Luserina is happy, and I think that's the nicest thing about the whole affair.

That, and we now finally have all 108 Stars of Destiny! Have some new castle music to celebrate. This actually becomes the new castle theme once it upgrades, but I saved it for a special occasion.

Euram can't fight or anything, but he takes up space, and that's all we can ask for.

Also our bunch of meddlers have new lines after the Stormfist fiasco.

I tried deciphering that stone tablet you found at Godwin Castle, but some pieces were missing. They must have taken the missing pieces with them to Sol-Falena.

The tablet I found? What are you being all humble for? It seems out of character and suspicious.

I wonder where that stone tablet came from...

I have a feeling we're going to find out before this is over.

And I found this other random new line as I was wandering about the castle. Don't doubt it for a moment.

...anyway. I put Oboro on Rania after finishing up the investigation on her brother. I don't expect much, but hey, we have the money!

That drug loses its power quickly, so you can't make a lot of it in advance. So the stuff they're using can't be from the old organization. They have to be making new batches. They know how to make it, so that means they'll use it again. I'd be careful if I were you.

And mail. Very ominous looking mail.

What I did to him was inexcusable. He said he'd already forgotten it, but... I don't know.

I don't think Zegai's the kind of guy to pull punches. It turned out all right in the end.

I thought Urda must have been the one to lead Your Highness. through the forest to Lunas, but I was wrong. Humans making it through those woods, on their own... That's amazing!

And that is why we're better than elves.

Well then! Perhaps we should start thinking about that whole "final battle" thing...