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Part 97: Another Moonlit Night

All stars recruited, all enemy strongholds flattened, only the biggest, baddest douchebags left to kill... We're pretty much done! (music)

It's been a rough ride! As rough as a ride in a mining cart! Not one of MY carts, mind you! A human cart, I mean!

Not that rough!

We beavers have been busy as... well, busy as beavers!

And we thank you all. Human, dwarf, beaver, dragon horse...

Yep, and now it's time for the final battle.

Sure took long enough!

We, the Dragon Cavalry, shall ride into battle and deliver Godwin a crushing blow, Your Royal Highness!

Goddammit Craig

We'll be ready for battle tomorrow, Your Highness. What do you think?

What do I think?

Let the river run red!

Very well. Get a good night's sleep, everyone. You'll need it.

And one more thing... I need not remind you that Sol-Falena is home to the Sun Rune.

The Sun Rune possesses devastating power. It is said that it once reduced half of the continent to ashes.

And you don't want to see it when it gets really mad!

That's highly unlikely to happen again, but it can't be completely ruled out, either. I simply ask that those who fear for their lives leave the castle tonight, no questions asked. If you need food or money for your travels, please, take it.

And make sure this message gets to everyone.

Wow, that's awfully human of you. What are you planning now...?

Night falls over Salzburg once more, and unlike certain games I could mention, it's accompanied by the proper music. You should put it on repeat for the duration.

I hope you can forgive me for not being able to go to battle with Your Highness...

Frey starts out just by the stairs, but he might as well look around this floor before he goes anywhere else.

I'm going to protect Lucretia right through to the final battle!

"After that, she's on her own."

We can also chat with the NPC who's there to keep you from accidentally entering your room and going to sleep before you're ready.

Maid: Your Highness, will you be turning in for the evening?


No, not yet.

...we're nowhere near ready.

Maid: As you wish.
I really should be telling you to get some rest for the big day tomorrow... but... Please spend this evening as Your Highness sees fit.

Will do!

I know that's easier said than done... But let me say one thing: She didn't betray you. I promise you that. If you can trust me, then I ask that you please believe what I've said, Your Highness.

Well that's assuming I do trust you and...

Please turn in early tonight. We're going to need you at your best tomorrow, Your Highness.

...actually, let's not get into that tonight.

She was so nervous, so sad... Like a delicate ice sculpture that looked as if it could collapse at any time.

She looks so much better when she's wearing that cute smile of hers!

Let's bring back the little Lym we all know and love, shall we?
Don't worry! I know you can do it, Frey!

I can, and I will! Gizel won't know what hit him.

Well actually that's a lie, he will. Briefly.

I wonder what Sialeeds will do when this is all over...

I'm more worried about what she's going to do tomorrow.


You shouldn't enter a lady's room without permission, you know.

Wait, you're telling me? The first thing I'm doing once we retake Sol-Falena is asking Lym to fire you.

All right, Prince, after you. I'll go ahead and lock it up. Hey, don't worry! I'm not gonna go through her private stuff! ...No need to, if you catch my drift.

Fuck you Kyle, you are the worst knight.

...But four-eyes is smart enough to find his way there on his own.
This might be my chance...

Anyway, we'll start going through the rest of the castle from the top.

There's a group known as the Crimson Pilgrims mentioned in a Sindar legend Killey told me.
I mean, I'm sure it couldn't be... And yet...

And yet what?


You're as bad as he is.

I'm planning to leave this country. That is, after the war's over, of course.

And maybe I'll see you again, some other time, in some other place.

When things get back to normal, I'd like to ask Killey more about it.

Good luck!

...I'm not actually wishing you good luck, just telling you it's hopeless.

Leknaat calls me "traveler of the night and bearer of stars," but I hardly deserve such a title. Though I see the stars that dwell within each of you, I could not possibly hope to know where fate may take you. And I myself am simply one star among many. it "act like a normal human being" day or something?

Do not let your thoughts dwell excessively on the bearer of the Twilight Rune.

"Quickly, don't think about pink alligators!"

They're my customers, after all. Selling whatever armor I happen to have on hand just won't cut it anymore! I'd like to get involved in the manufacturing process by teaming up with craftsmen.

And down again. Two floors, since we already went through the second one.

A world that didn't need armor would be peaceful. Peaceful, but borin'!

Mohsen seems to have some of his old Godwin-sympathizing reflexes left.

Hey, Prince! I'm thinkin' about doin' business with Armes when the war's over! Traders speak a universal language! Before ya know it, we'll have friendly relations with Armes, too! Just watch! My grandfather's big ol' abacus isn't just a decoration! I gotta talk to Shula, grease a few wheels, make a few deals...

Mohsen might beat your to the Armes trade...

...look, it's not my fault they named their country like that, I just do what I can with the material I have.

I just wish he would have pulled himself together sooner... He caused milady so much pain and anguish...

And I had to pass up an elder god or something to recruit him. Terrible.

Lord Barows may have died... But at least Master Euram and milady are there to restore the Barows name.

That's gonna take a lot of work.

Not half as interesting as you, you colossal tease

Heh heh heh heh... This castle's actually quite a scary place. And I'm not talking about the castle itself! Rather, what's IN it!

Do you know something?! TELL ME, goddammit!

That Rune mistress, that lady in black in front of the Tablet of Promise... She makes even ME nervous!

You're as bad as they are.

They say this will be a decisive battle. But all battles are decisive.
Do not be too concerned. A blade sharpened too often will easily shatter.

Zegai doesn't say much, but he makes sense when he does.

And I thought the ladies would be biting like crazy before the big battle... Grrrrrr!!! I can't figure out why they don't like me!
But wait... This is no time to be carrying on like this! I've just gotta stop being so picky! I'm gonna propose to one lady after the other until one of 'em says "yes"!

I'm gonna get engaged tonight no matter what! One of 'em will "get it"! I just know it!


And on the flip side, we have people who talk a whole damn lot and make absolutely no sense at all.

When this is all over, let's throw a crazy party!
I don't have much luck with that stuff, usually... I always disappear before the food comes out! But not this time! This time I'm gonna eat no matter what!

...and then we have the people who might be making sense, if you understand time travelling wizard speak.

A feast! A delicious feast!

Maybe we should have one before the final battle just to be sure-

Wait, on the other hand, what if that makes her disappear prematurely?

I think I'll spend tonight tending to my collection.

I'm not letting you anywhere near the front lines. You look like you'd snap in half if you so much as tried to lift a sword.

Seems there's no escaping Nether Gate, even after it was disbanded.
Dammit! Killing her wouldn't settle the score with Nether Gate!

Nakula needs a little more time...

Don't you go telling here that I came here!

...but he seems to be heading in the right direction.

Huh? Does it work? Of course it does! It gives you peace of mind.
Even the most expensive good luck charm can only offer peace of mind, so why should my card be any different?

I know there are so many things wrong with what you're saying, and yet I can't argue against it.

I've got a lot of work left, but I think I'll call it a day! It's okay. I'll leave the rest for when I return from Sol-Falena. That way, I'll HAVE to come back here!
Still, if I leave too much work, I may not want to come back at all...

Get Shigure to do some of it for you. He's just moping around right now.

I'm gonna be the only one left. What a pain...


Good night.

...good night.

In fact, he won't even have to revere the holy land anymore. He will probably even start mining the gold in Lunas. The holy land that was protected by Haswar, and by generations of Oracles before her, will be defiled.
I will help you in whatever way I can for the sake of Haswar and the holy land.

I won't let him off with just cleaning a thousand barfish.

Will this barbarous human war never end...?

I'm working on it!

Hmph! A new barbarous human war will surely break out shortly after this one ends!


I'm going to talk to people who don't make me want to tear my hair out.

Or anyone else's, for that matter.

Hey! Visiting hours are over, you know!
...Well, normally they would be, but I'll make an exception tonight. We can continue our conversation later, Lyon.

Okay, Dr. Silva.

I guess I'll go check on my other patients.

...Aw, man! The Prince is here, too? *mumbles* Stupid Prince, always buttin' in on my game, always messin' up ev--

Visiting hours are over! Get back to your room and go to sleep!

Why does the Prince get to visit?! No fair! No faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair!!!

Because I'm the Prince. That's why.

I wonder what Roy wanted... He's sure hard to figure sometimes.


...Yes, Lyon. He certainly is.


Prince! Tomorrow we can...

We can... Um...

We can finally save the Princess, right?

That's the plan.

Well, I guess you'd better get some sleep. Tomorrow's a big day!

I think I may have interrupted something.

When I was a younger man, all I thought about was being a good Queen's Knight. I didn't pay attention to anything else. And I put Silva through hell because of it.
Come to think of it, nothing much has changed.

They're so cute together

I told you to scram, didn't I?

I really think I was interrupting something.

As long as Silva has something to live for, I'm satisfied.

...Hmmm? Now why did I start calling him "Apprentice Number 1"? Let's see... When the second apprentice came, I started calling them "Number 1" and "Number 2" to tell them apart!
Heeeeeeeeey! Where did Apprentice Number 2 go, anyway?
Eh, who cares? Gears are all that matter!

...It wouldn't surprise me if you blew him up.

I even have to wash dishes now! It's like SHE'S his apprentice now, not me!

Couldn't have happened to a less terrible character.

What is it, yes, I know you're going off to battle, these gears are far more important to me, now go away, hmmm?

...I'm starting to remember why I've been ignoring you since I recruited you.

Anyway, whatever it is you want, talk to Apprentice Number 1, I'm busy with my research, hmmm?



Speaking of which, I haven't read all of them yet, have I...?

But you've brought me out of retirement, so to speak! Heh heh... You sure are a handful, Prince! And you keep me young, too!

No, no, that's all your own doing. I just stand here looking pretty.

I never thought I'd live to see the day when beavers and humans were able to get along so well. Now if only I live to see Your Highness's victory, I could die in peace...

You better not think about croaking on the very last night, beaver!

Hm? Oh, no no... I intend to live for many, many more years!


Hey, sonny, whaddaya want? This is a gathering for us old-timers! We don't need ya young whippersnappers!
Ha! I'm just pullin' your leg! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you! Drink up, lad! That is, if ya like tea!

Tea is the best.

Oh, Your Highness, you know just how to flatter us old folks! Ho ho ho ho ho ho!

...I don't think he's having tea.

I never thought I'd still be able to work so hard at this age. And it's not just me. The people of Lordlake probably think so, too. It's only possible because you saved us from despair, Your Highness.

That feels like it was a long time ago...

Would you like some tea, Your Highness? I'm going to go make some.

No milk, no sugar, but a small pinch of salt, for old times' sake.

What's so interesting about a gatherin' of old fogies? Well? Answer me, human!

Shouldn't have given me tea, oldtimer! Now you'll never be rid of me.

I think these old bones still have some life left in them.

The rest of you looks pretty lively as well!

There were many times when I feared I'd have to redraw major portions, but Your Highness came through every single time! I'm sure His Majesty Ferid rests in peace, thanks to Your Highness.

Good thing that tea's actual tea, not "tea", otherwise you'd have a drunkenly bawling Frey on your hands right now.

Now that I've finalized the map of Falena, what should I map next? Armes? Nagarea? Ah, THAT would be a challenge!

How about Alseid...?

Oh, no reason.

I can only hope this will be the end to all the carnage.

Go have some tea. You're depressing.

No, no!!
No, no, NO!!!
There must be more! There must be! Some new horizon that mere mediocrities could never even imagine!'s my first time seeing this dialogue; he'll just whine at you if you didn't get all the DoReMi Elves.

I can't say it was worth it.

Don't worry about me being overworked! I'm a chef, not a warrior. This is my contribution to your cause, Prince.

Maybe I could sneak Viki a few morsels before she inevitably sneezes herself to Toran...

I'm gonna help my dad all night! We're preparing fishies like you've never seen before!
Sleepy? No, I'm not sleepy, silly!

I've eaten so much fish since I picked these two up, I've actually grown tired of it. Which is good, because then I don't have to stop halfway through an update and go swallow a whole salmon.

I'm so thankful I can use Raftfleet for deliveries. It would've been terrible trying to bring food for everyone by horse and wagon!

I just hope we have a magic rune refrigerator here somewhere.

Um... I-I wanted to do a puppet show about you, Prince. I-I'm currently working on the script. Wh-When it's ready, I-I'd be happy if y-you'd come see it...

I'm sure it'll be a hit, even if a puppet can't possibly capture how devilishly handsome the real thing is.

Aw, I wanted to be the one who made your meal, Prince! I may not look like it, but I'm actually quite a good cook.

After all, the way to a man's money is through his stomach. Heh heh heh...



I came all the way to help, but they told me to scram! I guess I was nibbling too much... But it was just so GOOOOD! A hungry girl like me couldn't help herself!

You know, you've had enough screen time to develop more than two character traits...

I-I'm usually not much help around here, so I wanted to help prepare the food for t-tomorrow's campaign.

I just had an idea. What about a puppet show... about food? Brilliant!

I'm going to help out a bit more, so I' hope you're looking forward to that food!

I'm suddenly very, very worried.

Mmmmmm... Makes my tummy growl just looking at it!

Maybe you should come with me...

It's not a matter of whether you're going to win, it's a matter of what comes afterward. The nobles and the Queendom's Army are in disarray. Rebuilding the nation will require great tenacity. With all the capable people that have gathered here, things might just turn out better than I expected...

I don't know what you were expecting, but we only do good things here, mister

Maybe the Island Nations should think about the implications of maintaining Rune Cannons.

They're certainly caused enough trouble for two games.

We must focus on making the coming battle a success, Your Highness.

I'm focusin'! Can't you see?

Of course, one could tell that simply by looking at you.
My father was a member of the Maximillian Knights. It meant everything to him. That's why he became a hopeless wreck after they were disbanded.
I couldn't stand seeing him that way. I inherited the aspirations that my father once held, and that's why I ended up running away from home.
Looking back now, I don't think I really had a choice, even if people say I was just a naive girl rushing off on a whim.
I'm just happy Mathias came along with me. And grateful as well. And I still haven't given up... I really am my father's daughter, it seems.

Isabel and Mathias could have a whole game to themselves.

Anyway, enough of that! Tomorrow, Godwin's evil will perish by my blade!

It would be glorious.

My father served Lady Isabel's father, but I'm not merely following in his footsteps. I wanted to personally protect and support milady's aspirations. Protecting her is not only my duty -- it's my desire, as well. I imagine Lady Lyon feels the same way about serving you, Your Highness.

I think that's the longest he's gone without talking about loathsome corpses and bodies of water.

If Godwin wins, I bet they'll keep the gladiator system! But we're not gonna let that happen! We'll make sure of it!

Shoon's hanging around down here as well. He's kind of pointless once his story is over with...

You're more than welcome. After all, we're like family now!

I appreciate the thought, but you seem to have your hands full with these two.

Subala always used to come over when we were little... She was a lot cuter then -- and nicer, too! But then the ugly stick came, and BAM! Mean as can be!

I have a feeling it might be a tiny little bit your fault as well, Lun...

I said I didn't wanna hear none of it!

But Kisara wouldn't listen!
Oooh, an' I can't disobey Kisara! She was always a-scoldin' me an' Lun when we was young'uns, so I guess I got useta doin' what she tells me!

Maybe you're not as much of a handful as I imagined-

I didn't mean it like that, put the spear down!

Prince, ya gotta find yerself a good lady! After what happened to yer momma an' yer poppa, ya need someone close ta ya, I think! But I'm sure them girlies'll be throwin' themselves atcha after the war! You bein' a war hero an' all!

I had a helluva time gettin' Kisara ta say "I do"! I ain't thinkin' yer gonna have the same problem, Prince!

It's okay, I have a stick to fend them off with if necessary.

It's great havin' a wife and kids, ya know. They're everythin' ta me.

...well, let's think about winning the war first, at least.

We've been busy for the longest time. It's been ages since we've all been able to get together like this!

I should probably leave them alone. Luckily, there are more people to bother in this room.

Logg sure did reel in a prime catch... Heh heh heh! But back in the day, the two os uf lived life more... dangerously. In many aspects. Never figured him for one to settle down.

You don't think this is living dangerously?!

A wife? Heh! Not a chance! Bachelorhood is the life for me!

In certain ways, I suppose he thinks Logg lives more dangerously now than he used to.

Logg's wife is... out of his league, frankly. But I'm happy for him.
I used to be married, but my wife left me because of my drinking problem... Well, either that, or she got freaked out by Lord Barows' underlings constantly spying on me...

When this battle is over, I'm going to go find her and try to straighten things out.

Maybe try relocating to someplace that's not a bar. It couldn't hurt.

No need to worry. I won't have too many tonight.

Good, because I'll be counting on you to maybe not be entirely useless tomorrow!

The character of the Aethelbalds will be called into question if I wish misfortune on the House of Godwin. So I decided to restrain myself, just for tonight...
...But I just can't do it! I keep getting this stupid GRIN on my face whenever I THINK of the IMMINENT DEMISE of those FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS!!!

Don't hold anything back.

Hee hee! This is wonderful! WONDERFUL! Those FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS! They'll be... They'll be...

"This... is an EX GODWIN!"

...I'll have to remember that line.

Yes! An exclusive interview! Prince Frey speaks out on the even fo the final battle!
I was kidding, of course. I wouldn't write a cheesy article like that!


I mean, come on! No one would see it until the battle was all over, and it just wouldn't be timely by then!

...I fucking knew it.

Do you have any tea?

We better win tomorrow, human! If we lose, that stupid bald human's gonna zap all us beavers!

He has zapped his last beaver.

Until recently, I never would have thought it possible for me and my siblings to work toward a single goal. Nor did I ever imagine we'd be working together with humans and dwarves.
You sure opened our eyes, Your Highness. We beavers are gonna give it our all in tomorrow's operation!

But you...


No, no, it's too easy.

Everyone took an early bath, so we're already closed for the night. The baths won't open again until the war's over.

That's the worst news I've heard all day. Better get it over quickly!

I just was talking with Toma. He was talking about what he wanted to do in the future. That got me thinking...

Maybe I can convince Lym that we need a law against trailing off without telling people what you're thinking.

Feels great knowing this'll be the LAST time I have to fight alongside you humans!

I'd say "likewise" except I actually think you're kind of cool.

The Elder's over at Raja's, if that's who you're looking for. A bunch of the old-timers are getting together for tea.

And that makes them smarter than you.

Continuing on. There's a weird shadow in this closet...

Wow! You could see me hiding there?! You really ARE something! That makes me feel like it's worth working with you! Ah ha ha ha! See ya tomorrow! Don't wish me luck! I won't need it! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

...and talking to it causes Raven to materialize long enough to Raven at us. Then he disappears.

...and then there's this guy.

Would you mind getting rid of this fool? He won't shut up about ladies, baths, and "bangin' bodies"...

I have a feeling Wilhelm was supposed to be here for this, but he's elsewhere.

I mean, once we go to battle, I won't be able to tend to these guys for quite some time!

And that's all there is to see inside the castle.

I'll bring this stuff to Lordlake when the war's over. If any place could use a little green, it's Lordlake!

Sounds nice!

There are surprisingly few people outside.

I almost feel like I get what she's doing... but not quite. But don't worry about that. I'm behind you and Lym till the very end! Don't you ever forget that!


When I was a little younger than you are now, I made a terrible mistake in battle.

But just when I thought I was done for, Ferid saved me.
I'm your ally because I owe Ferid my life, and because I made a promise to your parents. But those aren't the only reasons. The biggest reason is because... I've seen enough to know you're worth it. And everyone in this castle feels the same way.

We're gonna win tomorrow. I'm sure of it.

I'm going to do better than just victory.

They'll have to invent a whole new word to describe what I'm going to do tomorrow. Possibly one named after me. Like, in upcoming wars you'll hear people say "We're gonna Frey those guys" and then you'll know they're getting serious.

Then you should go find one while you still can.

I'm sure this line will make sense eventually.

This is bad... And it's all 'cause I've been slacking off on my flute practice.


I feel bad for Nick, but I hope they let me play.


The castle's full of wonderful sounds tonight.

I hope everyone's listening to the music!

We're about to start our ritual. Would Your Highness care to come listen?

Is this one of those rituals where you need a sacrifice for your volcano god? Because I don't have any cat people on hand...






I couldn't agree more.

Ah, Your Royal Highness. You are most welcome to observe our ritual. It's a tradition among the Dragon Cavalry to play the flute on the even of major battles. It is a most sacred ritual. We, the Dragon Cavalry, will do our best to honor Your Royal Highness' presence.
Sir Roog! Sir Rahal! Are you ready to commence the ritual?

Indeed, Commander.

You got it, Commander!

Rania, you may play to your heart's content tonight.

To be in harmony with others is a beautiful thing.

C'mon, Yoran! Nick's no good, so how about you join in?!

Hooray! I'd love to!


Now, then, Dragon Cavalry! Commence the ritual!

They start playing Theme of a Moonlit Night on their flutes. This plays through the entire rest of the night.

If I'd know I'd get to do some cool ritual, I woulda practiced! But they never TELL ya stuff like that!

I... don't think it's much of a ritual, honestly. Sounds nice, though!

Graaank... Aaank...

Even the dragon horses think so.


Good taste.


Draggie horsies.

Hmmm... Doesn't ring a bell, young one... And I've lived a... long, long, long, long, long, long, long time... So... If something like that had really happened... I would... know, young one...
...Ah, yes... Young one, what... was your name again?

Go to bed, Genoh. Just... go to bed.


You too.

The... Sun Rune? If I don't... remember something... that means it... didn't happen... Bu the... way, young one... What am I doing here? Don't I... live by a... waterfall...?

Bed. Now.

Oh, sorry... It's just that I find him a bit interesting. He's famous in one corner of the northern continent.
...I must seem like a spy, I know. Let me share some information with you to show you that I have good intentions.
I belong to a certain organization from a certain country. They sent me here. Lucretia is here for a different reason. She studied military strategy back home, but she wasn't sent here. She is here of her own free will. She is not influenced by that certain country's aims. She does not work under anyone else's orders. I assure you this, Your Highness: There is absolutely no reason to harbor any doubts toward her.

"Seem like" a spy? Lady, you are a spy.

I'll return to the northern continent when the war ends. I don't want to have to bring back any... bad news.

I'm sure the news will be "harmonious" I don't know shut up leave me alone

I've achieved what I came back to Falena to do.

Still, I have mixed emotions about dismantling the gladiator system through war. Many have already suffered great misery, but now they're being forced to sacrifice even more.

You can angst after we win. Suck it up.

As a swordswoman, I shouldn't be saying this, but I detest war. It makes me realize that swordsmanship is nothing more than the art of killing. Still, when war is inevitable, a swordswoman's duty is to shed blood in the place of the helpless masses. That's why we must hone our skills and push ourselves further than others. At least, that's how I justify it...
...Forgive me, my Liege. You need not tolerate such inane rambling from one of your servants.

I'll let you get back to your big angst-off with Belcoot soon.

The end has yet to come. I'll keep fighting until it does.

Unless I get you killed in battle again.

...Whatever happens, I wish to cross swords with Belcoot once more!

He's right there!

We can also head into the inn, but...

...she's every bit as depressing as the two outside.

Too bad the women's bath is already closed, huh? Oh, I know, I know! Say no more! Nudge nudge, wink wink! I mean, YOU like the ladies, too, after all! Catchin' a glimpse before the decisive battle sure would provide that "extra motivation," eh?

Frey's heart belongs to Shula Valya, so he has no idea what you're talking about.

Last night to catch a glimpse of that bangin' bodyguard...

Now he does, but he wishes he didn't.

Frankly, I had my doubts about lettin' that lousy weasel join the Iodine in Hell Army...

But it looks like he's serious! I never shoulda doubted your judgment, Prince!

Let that be a lesson for you, Boz.

How many years has it been since I've been able to speak with my brother like this...?

Were you ever?!

I bear no grudge against Lady Sialeeds, though I saw my father murdered right before my eyes. I finally understand what the House of Barows has done. I have come to grasp the gravity of our sins. I wouldn't have been surprised if I had been killed, too. I shall devote my life to Your Highness, and hold no regrets.

I'm going to have to actually use you in the next battle, aren't I...?

Well, with Lady Luserina keepin' watch over Euram, we probably don't have too much to worry about!

That doesn't seem like you've stopped doubting me.

Don't worry about my father, Your Highness. He got what he deserved. I'm just happy that Rainwall was liberated.

Now it just needs a good cleaning. Fire might work, but it also might not.

Who knows what the future holds? All I can do now is risk my life to ensure that Your Highness wins.

Oh, I don't think you need to worry too much about that.

It's been great training and a whole lotta fun! Thanks!
Guess today's the last day of my blacksmith work here. I can't help but feel a little sad...

You won't be lacking for work if you keep that platinum hammer on hand, unlike some people I could mention!

...speaking of which, do you really need all the old ones, still? Because... well.

I could never say this in front of Master Levi... But I wanna do some really craaaazy magic myself, without any help from him! But I wasn't born in the right body for that... How come dwarves aren't any good at magic, Prince?

It's all in your mind. You can do anything as long as you believe.


That's what you get for asking me! I just found this one day, I don't know anything about things like that!

Wabon went over to that old Raftfleet human's place. He said it was a gathering of "old-timers." This is Wabon's first visit to a human home. Well, willingly.
We dwarves will try to get along better with humans and beavers from now on.

It's so cute I might just throw up.

Wabon thinks quite highly of you. It's the first time I've heard that crotchety old geezer compliment anyone. He doesn't even compliment dwarves, let alone humans! But we dwarves are a selfish lot. We probably wouldn't have joined your cause if not for our own interests.

Hey, I wouldn't have joined my cause if not for my own interests!

We gotta keep an eye on our menfolk! Otherwise, all they'd do is dig, dig, dig! But I'm gonna keep them in line. You just concentrate on being the supreme commander, human!

I can do that!

It would appear that the Armes Southern Mountain Corps have ceased hostilities, just as Shula said. We should have no problem focusing on Sol-Falena now.
Lord Raulbel also said Your Highness need not worry about Sable. He will help out as much as he can.
Each and everyone of Sable's soldiers are with Your Highness until the day you claim victory.

That's very nice, but you're still boring.

...Huh? She's not one yet? Wow! She's all strong, but she's just a helper?!

I think you're the first person to actually listen to us when we say that, though.

Prince, you're gonna go back to the Sun Palace when the war's over, aren't ya? Hmmm...


All right, never mind, then.

The power of the Rune weakens on nights when the moon is full. Only then can I remein in human form.
I'd really like to have a long chat with you, too, Prince, but you'll have to excuse me. I ask that you let me spend this precious time with Norma.

Sure thing!

Sorry, Prince. I wanna chat with Ernst tonight! Alone! I've been looking forward to this full moon for a long time! A very long, long time!

...don't wear yourselves out, we still have a war to fight tomorrow.

Well, whatever. Some things never change. You'll just laugh at me more if I keep rippin' on ya.

But it'd be too easy if ya were happy with me.


Sometimes I think Lyon is right. I have no idea what the hell you just said.

Damn Roy! He never thinks about other people's feelings.

Sure he does! It's just it's the wrong people.

Faylen and Roy both look real mad...

I told 'em they should try to get along before the final battle... Then Roy got all mad at me! You know what he said?! He said "Don't say it's the last battle! It's not like we're gonna die or anything!"

...well you weren't going to, but...

But forget 'bout me! We're gonna go out and win tomorrow! For Falena... but mostly for the sweetie!

You're staying way out of arrow range after a comment like that, mister.

I think they're just stressed out or somethin'. Actually, I'm all stressed, too...

I hear tea helps.

Am I right? I'm right, right?

Hey, Prince! Would you please tell him? That blasted Orok is a huge pain in the neck! He just never learns!

You two are still going?

I am so sorry about the way they're acting, Your Highness. And after all that effort you put into getting Lelcar back on its feet...
I'm quite embarrassed by their behavior, but please don't let it get to you. They don't really mean it.

I guess it's inevitable.

Why can't I get Volga to understand?

I don't think he wants to understand.

Lelcar ended up like it did because that idiot Orok thought he was being so smart!

Well, at least this room's far away from mine. I won't have to hear them when I'm trying to sleep.

Just ignore those two. That's just how they... communicate with each other.

Sound advice.

I wanted to see what kind of character you truly had, Your Highness.
Don't take this the wrong way, but until recently, you were rather inconspicuous, despite being the Prince. But since this is common in Falena, it attracted little attention in Armes. But you were invincible from the war's outset, and you even repulsed Commander Sparna's invasion with no trouble. So, you could imagine why I'd take an interest in meeting a man of your fine caliber.
Had I not come, I would have regretted it the rest of my life. It was a truly wise decision.
If Falena is to be in the hands of one such as you, Armes would be foolish to attack your nation. I'm most sure of that. There is neither a more trustworthy ally nor fearsome foe than you, Your Highness.

I always knew you were an excellent judge of character.

Commander Shula is considering establishing friendly relations with Falena after the war. There may be some bad blood between our nations, but most people in Armes don't wish to be enemies with Falena. Your Highness, please keep an open mind regarding the matter. Being that we are dealing with Your Highness, I am confident we have nothing to worry about.

I keep an open mind regarding a lot of matters. What's one more?

This is not Armes! Why must a FASHION DIVA such as myself come face-to-face with my fashion faux pas of a brother?!
It's absurd!
Entirely disagreeable!!!
I notice your little sister sticks to you like glue! You should be careful... Little sisters can feel suffocated by all that attention! Especially if they fancy themselves FASHION DIVAS!
Oh, uh, I was just speaking in vague generalities, of course! I wasn't referring to MY situation in the least!

I never thought you did.

Commander Shula was frighteningly pretty when he was about your age. Though still attractive, he's no longer "pretty." But I didn't pledge loyalty to Shula's good looks. I'll continue to serve him as long as I live, even after he ages into a wrinkled old prune.
Still, I secretly wish he'd remained that pretty boy I once knew.
You, too, will mature from "pretty" to attractive.
*sigh* What a shame...

I don't think there's anything secret about it.

I also still think you're better than Kyle. Marginally.

The Island Nations, Nagarea, the Kingdom of Zelant, and the Scarlet Moon Empire have taken notice of you. I wouldn't be surprised if they send spies over to keep an eye on things. If they haven't already...

Tell them to get in line behind the harmonians.

But don't tell the harmonians I said that.

Your Highness must be victorious for there to be friendly relations between Falena and Armes. We will do whatever we can to help your side win.

My Highness is going to be victorious for a lot of reasons!

This castle has grown tiresome! It constrains a FASHION DIVA such as I!

You can insult my clothes, but insulting my castle is going too far! I want an apology.

Maybe fate will bring another pretty boy my way...

I was going to say Roy looked like he could use a distraction, but it would be mean.

And so, we've spoken to everyone who hasn't hidden themselves away where I couldn't find them.

...shut up.


We have an important job to do tomorrow.

Maid: As you wish. Pleasant dreams, Your Highness.

Better get some rest while we still can.



Really? I must say that I'm impressed.

The Sun Rune hasn't been used in any of the battles thus far. It seems everyone believes that only a legitimate Queen of Falena can use it. Some say they're more worried about the Twilight Rune.

Runes aren't the problem. Lady Sialeeds is. I'm worried that we might be playing right into her hands.

What do you mean, my Lady?

Oh, nothing...
Lelei, we should both start getting some rest soon... We wouldn't want to start botching crucial decisions just because we're fatigued.

I'm suddenly very glad these walls are as thick as they are.