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Part 98: Sol-Falena Siege

Frey wakes up to an empty castle.

It's pretty creepy, but presumably it's supposed to represent everyone moving out to kick some Nazi butt.

I'm sure they'd have stuffed them all in here if they could, but I doubt the PS2 could handle 108 unique models in one place and you can't make it a canned cutscene when you don't know which characters have been recruited. (music)

It's go time.

As you all know, this operation's goal is to liberate Sol-Falena, rescue the Princess, and recover the Sun Rune.

We're ready to set out now, Your Highness.

I can't wait.

We will begin by taking the lake dam south of the city.

I want Estrise and Sable's forces to advance on the dam from the east.

We shall not fail you, Your Highness!

You know you can count on me and Dinn, Prince! We're like a fearsome tag team at this point!

Volunteers from Lordlake and Lelcar will take care of the west side.

Lordlake will fight to the last man, Your Highness!

We'll have to tell Volga's men not to rush too far ahead!

Meanwhile, the Dragon Cavalry will pound the enemy with hit-and-run strikes.

Your Royal Highness shall not be disappointed. That sort of attack is our forte.

Beavers and dwarves, please bring up the rear.

I won't lie... That's where beavers are best-suited. But we'll still give it all we've got!

Hey! Don't you trust dwarves to get the job done?! We're a lot stronger than we look, ya know!

Raftfleet will serve as our main force, sailing up the Feitas River and hitting the enemy head-on from the south.

It will be my pleasure to deliver the first blow!

Video (no music)



You sure you're okay?!

Prince, everybody.


Lyon still hasn't learned to watch out for the window border when she bows.

But it's okay! We finally have all our stars ready for action.

Lorelai's like "whatever."

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


If you would, Prince?


"And remember! The only good Nazi is-"

"-a reformed one who spends their remaining days doing community service and educating others to make sure they don't repeat the mistakes of the past!"


"well okay you heard what the lady said"

"But failing that I will also accept dead as a close second best! Onward!"

To victory!

Let's rock!


You're not a rock! (music)

I'm asking you to please flee while you still can.

My brother's coming to rescue me, you idiot! Why would I want to leave?!

Are you expecting to lose the battle or something? If you are, why don't you just give up now? Or maybe you WANT your soldiers to die for your stupid cause!

Don't be ridiculous. I'm not suggesting we flee because we're going to lose.
If you remain here, you'll witness something you need not see.

Like what?

Both sides are desperate. The battle here will be far more savage than Your Majesty's campaign Against the rebels. And the resulting loss of life will be far worse still.

That's all the more reason why we shouldn't leave!

I'm the almighty Queen, and I say we stay put! Got it?


And... hooboy. As you can see, all but two of these units have locked leaders, meaning our options for customisation are pretty severely limited. I've opted to put beavers in both the free slots since we'll be fighting this on the river.

The attack on Sol-Falena comes with its own unique music, which is pretty good and probably the best thing about this fight.

Stick to the plan. Don't let anybody get cut off. Surround the enemy like a net and close in on them.

Frey isn't part of this attack, so we're using the Dahak as our main unit.

The setup looks something like this. It's kind of but I feel compelled to include it because it's the only way you're going to see the enemy's land troops. (It's also clickable if you want one that's big enough to identify said troops.)

Charge, or something.

There are some nice prizes for beating some of the enemy units on land. You can also end the fight "early" if you reduce either Zahak or Alenia's units to half health - but given the setup we have to work with, I'm going to ignore that and focus on getting the Dahak to the dam. Since we have an overwhelming advantage on the river, both in number and quality of units, that should not take long at all.

The enemies won't move unless you get close to them, so you can just leave your land units behind and Alenihak's groups won't do a thing. There's a Barrage or two and one of their rune archers has Thunder, so they can still put the hurt on your beavers and such if you get close to the shore - but they're tucked away in the corners so it's not really an issue.

With only four enemy ships against two beavers and a dragon cavalry unit, it's an utter pushover.

The only worry is that one of them has Rage, but it doesn't get to use it. Guess they figured it wouldn't be much use against soggy beavers.

I like how the dragon horses just jump over the ship and everything dies.

At least I had enough space to give Zerase an Extra.

It pays off nicely.

That's all.

It took about as long as it looks.

Earlier than we expected...

Are we going to pursue them, my Lady?

No. Give the signal for all troops to halt their advance.

Is anyone honestly surprised?

The Karaya Armband is unique, and gives a Magic boost. It's a bit odd, since the karayans were never known as great mages or anything, but it's nice for your casters so I'm happy with it.


Their confusion is understandable.

But this is a trap. It won't be long before--

Look! Over there!

(no music)


Admiral! Pull Raftfleet back now! Give the signal for the Dragon Cavalry to get back on land! Quickly!

What the hell is going on?!

Ah, no point in asking anyway! You always appear out of nowhere, you crazy cape lady...


B-But that would send the lake's water rushing right this way, my Lady! Raftfleet would be destroyed!

It'll be just like what WE did to Hatred Fortress!

Prince, we must stop Lady Sialeeds before it's too late!

I suppose there's no way around it.

Can't trust Zerase to do it, that's for sure.

You need not worry about me, Your Highness. Just take care of Lady Sialeeds, please.

Who's worrying about you?

Sialeeds... can't be serious, can she?!

You'd be surprised at what Sialeeds can be serious about.

Your Highness! Please, hurry!


Luserina has set up shop below. Unfortunately she hasn't brought anyone else with her so we don't have any last-minute access to storage or shops. You can, of course, still train your skills by grabbing Georg/Zegai or Levi, as appropriate, but Lyon is stuck with whatever she was wearing when she was injured unless you knew to bring a new suit.

Then, we hurry.

The ship's all ready, fellers! Get yer rears a'movin'! Now ain't the time ta be a-snoozin'!

Heh heh... This baby's gonna fly!

I will NOT allow you to use the Twilight Rune!

Oh, really, cape lady? Tough talk for someone who's about to die!

You may have beaten that pathetic excuse for a Queen's Knight, Alenia! But now you're facing a... worthy opponent!

*pant* *pant*
If only I had the Sword of Night...

Sorry to spoil your plans, but I've got important things to take care of! You really were my favorite nutcase, you know! But now it's time for me to shut up your damn riddles once and for--

???: Lady Sialeeds!

Lady Sialeeds! Please! Don't!

Heh heh... So, the Prince's brave little bodyguard thinks her begging will stop me?
Look. Do yourself a favor and listen up! Don't throw your life away, Lyon. You almost threw it away before. But there won't be any second chances this time, little bodyguard.

Lady Sialeeds!

I don't want to kill you, Lyon. But if you won't shut the hell up... I'll have to silence you myself! Forever!

The second battle against Sialeeds plays out much like the first. (music)

Although her magic packs quite a punch if you let her get a turn...

...she falls quickly before the combined might of the Queen's Knights.

(no music)

Trying to play both sides, bossing everyone around with that damn Rune! But take a look at her NOW!

Soldier: Yes, Lady Alenia!

Report this to His Commandership at once!

Soldier: As you wish, my Lady!

Watch the video


Lady Sialeeds... That's enough!

*gasp* *gasp*

There's no time for this! We can't afford to...

It appears Lady Sialeeds has died in battle! I received a report saying Alenia confirmed it!

Father... We must do it now!

(no music)

That light... It's the same as Lordlake...


I told you!


I can't believe it! The Sun Rune...?

You'd better believe it. It's true.

The ship shakes violently...

My Lady, are you okay?!

I'm fine! I'm fine!

...but the shaking...

...gradually abates.

I want a damage report, on the double!

Sailor: Yes, Admiral!

Wh-What just happened, my Lady?!

We were saved. Saved by the beavers, saved by the dwarves... And saved by the wisdom of the ancients...

The Feitas River has flooded regularly since ancient times. The ancients, wise as they were, built drainage systems so intricate that the flooding was never a problem.

But these ancient systems were all but forgotten once the Sol-Falena Dam was built. I asked the beavers and dwarves to make them serviceable again... just in case. And it worked! At a time like this, even I have to admit -- I AM pretty amazing, aren't I?

You don't have to tell me, my Lady!

I knew you were amazing from the moment I first laid eyes on you, my Lady...

Ahem! Enough of the Lucretia Admiration Society! Even if we survive the water, what about--

...stay tuned.