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Part 99: The Final Battle

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*gasp* *gasp* So she was ready for it, was she? I really hate that damn woman...

But, Lady Sialeeds! What about you?!

It won't do you any good to run away! Hold up the Dawn Rune! Unless you want to die, do as you're told!


What's going on...?

You, too, Sialeeds.

Me? I...


(no music)

Ah ha ha... I get it now...

Lady Sialeeds! Are you okay?!


Me...? Why did it choose me...?

Hmph... It... abandoned me.

Lady Sialeeds!

You don't have time... to waste here with... a traitor. Hurry! Go!


"But," nothing! You came here... to kill me, after all.

Lady Sialeeds...

Please, Doctor, help her...

Zerase said we need not worry about the Sun Rune for a while. This is a golden opportunity to charge into Sol-Falena and get the Princess and the Sun Rune back.
...And I want YOU to take command of this operation, Prince.


I told you to go already!

If you hesitate, they might move the Princess and the Sun Rune elsewhere. Please hurry.

(no music)

Doctor... Don't bother with me anymore... I already know...


Heh... Why does the last thing I see... have to be your damn face, Lucretia?



You knew that we would occupy this dam if we attacked Sol-Falena.

That's why you wanted to destroy the dam before that could happen, right?

Do you really think my little nephew is capable of cleaning up the Senate...? I don't... That's why I...

I knew what you were trying to do. But your logic is no different from Godwin's.

Ha ha ha... What can I say...? I guess, I'm just not as smart as you are...
It was the only thing... I could think of... to do for them...
*gasp* *gasp*

Ha ha ha...

(no music)


It would be for the best if... you could watch over him.



The Sun Rune may have been pacified for the moment, but we still have to take the castle before they un-pacify it again. This is it: the final battle. You can see the map in the background - we're charging straight up the big bridge to the palace.

Like the previous battle, this one starts us with most of our units pre-packed; unlike the previous, I will be killing everything there is to kill. This being the final battle, I've included a video to show it off. The music is the same in the second part of the attack.

Their main force will have to cross the bridge! Surround it with our ships and strike them down!

Yeah, that's gonna work!

Bringing either Zahak or Alenia to half health, again, ends the map; that means it is sadly impossible to kill them without cheating, since nothing we have deals in excess of 50% damage (or, I suppose, straight up 250 points worth). Regardless, we'll be humiliating them quite thoroughly, once we've dealt with the trash.

Nothing stands in our way now, Your Highness. Head straight for the Sun Palace! Raftfleet and the Dragon Cavalry will storm through the break in the dam and provide reinforcements!

It's time.

Unlike the last fight, all enemies but the knights will come charging straight at you (as you can see by their map markers lighting up). The goal of the map is to get Frey to Sol-Falena, but like I said I'll be taking the "kill everything" path.

The units are grouped weirdly - you have most of your units on the bridge, and only two land units moving in on them. One of the units is infantry with a Charge and the other a rune archer with Rage; both A-ranked but you have more than enough tools to deal with them.

Your naval units are also odd - you have Zerase on the left against three enemy ships that have no skills whatsoever. On the other, you have Kisara facing two Barrage buttheads and a Thunder user. Zerase and Fuwala won't break a sweat wiping these three out.

Meanwhile, the other beaver unit and Kisara are going to have a little more trouble. Fortunately though, the Parent/Child Archer unit has two Recovers. If I'd thought about it a little more, I might have stacked a couple more on them...

This hurts, but it's the very last Barrage we'll ever eat! I don't know about you, but I'm ready to celebrate.

Fuwala's taken out his ships, Moroon has about one and a half left. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get Talgeyl (actually, Josephine) up to the big dickbags. They'll move if you get right up in their faces, but not much. The danger is mostly getting yanked across the screen by another encounter and being unable to give orders in time.

Ah, the sweet, sweet sight of Zahak being set on fire.

With careful positioning, he dodges Zahak's unit as it gets back in place and hits Alenia's.

Burn, bitch, burn!

...and now Talgeyl's work is done, so he runs like hell. Don't want him doing something we might regret.

And there we go, last regular enemy down, one very lucky beaver. Frey may not be in the best of moods right now, but beating the crap out of Zahak and Alenia is going to improve it considerably and of course no war battle is complete without...

"Prepare to taste my wrath, villains!"


"...pardon, Your Highness?"


"I should have seen that coming, shouldn't I."

*nod nod*


"Well nuts to that, I have a hammer..."

"...and I'm gonna break stuff!"

"Become the light, fucknuts."

"I was wondering what the human needed that for."

"...we'll make sure he washes it before he returns it."

Scale back the line of defense! Defend the Sun Palace at all costs!

With that final Dawn blast, Zahak and Alenia are both reduced to 40% health, and so we trigger both their escape conditions at the same time. It's the most complete victory we can get.

As much as I wish I could say otherwise, there's... really nothing special about this battle aside from the unit constrictions, which are special in all the wrong ways. If you've grown accustomed to throwing the Lindwurm mercs and Jeane at everything, I suppose it does force you to alter your tactics a bit, but in the end it's just the same as always. The enemies charging at you all at once means you'll be bouncing back and forth much like the Lelcar battle - the difference being that there are less edges for enemies to get stuck on here. The attack on Stormfist is actually more fun since it lets you play with all your toys, but though inferior, these substitute ones are still enough to win us the match.

And the prize is a joke. A fortune piece? At this stage?! Yeech. But the important part is that we have a clear path into Sol-Falena. Who could possibly stand in our way? time, we'll find out.