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Part 9: Chapter Nine: Decisions

Chapter Nine: Decisions

We arrived back to Lenankamp, and made our way through the clock's hidden passage.

: What do you mean?...

: Odessa! You're not planning to...

: Yes, I am.

: What? What? What's going on?

: Tir, take a look at this.

: What is it? Show me.

: What's this?

: Plans for a fire spear.

: Fire spear?

: Right. The Liberation Army may be tiny now, but someday we'll be big enough to meet the Imperials head-on. When that day arrives, the fire spear will come in handy.

: We spent good money for this at the Dwarf Mines.

: Tir, this blueprint must reach our secret factory, but we can't leave this hideout unattended. I'd like you to take on this assignment.

: Enough! Don't you understand that we're members of the Imperial Army? How can you expect us to betray them? Let's go, Young Master. No need to stay here any longer!

: Wait! Do you have any idea what the Empire is really doing? Do you know what the people want? Or will you pretend to ignore all that? Gremio, you saw with your own eyes, heard with your own ears. Are you willing to ignore the truth despite all you see and hear? What about you, Tir? Do you still want to return to the Empire? And continue to be McDohl's little boy?

(First Path, Second Choice)

: Fine, I understand. I don't want to force my beliefs upon you. But, if you should change your mind, please come back.

Going back to face Kraze didn't seem like a wise plan. These guys really did need my help. I approached Odessa again.

: Tir! I knew you'd return. Will you help us?

(Second Path, Second Choice)

: I see. You haven't decided. That's all right. I'm willing to wait.

I wasn't going to get anywhere by being wishy-washy about it.

(Second Path, First Choice)

: Thank you.

(First Path, First Choice)

: Wait just a moment, Young Master. Talk like that, and you'll never rejoin the Imperials. Don't you care? Come on Cleo, talk to him.

: I go where Young Master goes. My job is to protect him. Those are the orders I received from Master Teo.

: ..........

(End result, both paths)

: Tir, let me explain. This is a blueprint for a fire spear. It has to be delivered to the Liberation Army's secret factory.

: Northwest of Lenankamp, across the river, lies Mt. Tigerworld. Over the mountain is a village called Sarady. Someone from the factory will meet you there.

It's a good thing I went there already, and know the place like the back of my hand.

: Odessa, Ijust don't get it. Why do you insist on this guy? He may be an Imperial spy. Yet you want to give him the blueprint for something that could change the destiny of the Liberation Army?

: Don't worry, I'm going too.

: What? If you're going, I'm going too.

: Flik, if you come along, who's going to protect this place? It's about time you began acting like a leader.

Yeah, act like a leader and protect this sewer, Flik!

: Don't worry, Flik. I'll protect Odessa, if you promise to protect this hideout.

: It's settled. To Mt. Tigerwolf, then.

Flik seemed really concerned about Odessa. Maybe I should go let him know I'll protect her too.

: If any harm comes to Odessa, you'll be sorry.

Fuck you too then! I noticed then that one person had never so much as uttered a single word. I think his name was Humphrey. Maybe he had something to say about how important this mission was.

You guys are jerks, I'm taking the only girl in your entire army and leaving. I lead the party across the river, and to Mt. Tigerwolf. I wondered if they would be curious about the open boxes strewn about the mountain. I kind of wondered why there were boxes there to begin with.

: I don't want to spend the night out in the open.

: In any case, we have to go up. Let's go.

We climbed the mountain with considerable ease. When Ted and I came this way, we had to run from everything, but this group was capable of killing the evil rabbits and goo. Ted and I? Ted...

This man startled me out of my worries about Ted. We were about halfway through the path, at a building I'd seen my first time though.

: But you'd better stop here and continue tomorrow. It's dangerous around here, what with all the bandits and all. Why don't you spend the night here?

: Sorry. We're in a hurry.

I wasn't particularly eager to spend much longer with this creepy looking fellow either.

: Great idea. My feet are killing me.

: For once I'm in agreement with you. I'm not sure I can go on.

(Second Choice)

You lazy sacks of crap, we're almost done. I walked this path twice in a single day, you bums.

: You must be kidding. I've lost control of my feet.

: Me too.

: Oh well. Odessa, are your feet moving of their own accord too?

: To tell the truth, mine want to rest too.

: I'm going in, Tir.

<> Well, who needs you guys anyway? I'll just finish this mission by myself!

(First Choice)

: That's it then. Say, old man, do you have any tea?

: Of course, sir. Come this way.

: Oh well. Odessa, I guess we have no choice but to spend the night here.

: To tell you the truth, my feet are killing me too.

: It's special tea from Mt. Tigerwolf.

: Let's give it a taste.

: Ugh. It's pretty bitter.

: Very bitter.

: Here's some for you too.

(First Choice and loop)

: Com on, just a taste. (Bitter stuff is gross.) It's not that bad. Besides, it's good for you. (No!) Please have some.(loop)

Fine, I'll have some of the damn tea.

(Second Choice)

: Here you go. But be careful, it's very hot.

: Hmmm. Smells kind of funny, doesn't it?

: Say, old man, what's this tea called?

: It's a special mt. Tigerwolf brew called "Robber's Tea."

: That's a weird naaamm ffgghhrrr...

: My god! This is...

: Hey you! What have you gggvvvnnn uusmmgghh...

: Damn! Such an old trickkggghhh...

: Ynnngggghhh MMsshhttrrr...

Ledon's a . (Personally, I think Viktor's pose looks like he just passed out drunk.)

: Wow! For a bunch of stragglers, these guys are loaded. Looks like we'll be living the good life for a while.

: Why it's Boss Kessler. Welcome, welcome. As you see, I just pulled a job.

: And a fine-looking woman in the bunch too. Wait a minute, this here is...

Poor Odessa.

: Ledon! What have you done, you fool!

: W-what do you mean?

: Do you know who this is?

: Just some stupid traveler, I should think.

: Idiot! Even an ignoramus like you must have heard of Lady Odessa of the Liberation Army.

: Why of course, Boss. Even kids know who Lady ODessa is... You don't mean that this here is??

The one and only.

: Yes I do. Hurry up and prepare an antidote.

: Uh, let me see, a rabbit's tail, rose leaves, a handful of sugar...

: Ledon, if anything happens to Lady Odessa, you can say goodbye to your head!

: Yikes! Rose's tail, sugar leaf, handful of rabbits...

A handful of rabbits later...

: If you like, I'll make Ledon here pay with his...

: Please sir! Spare my head.

: Don't be ridiculous. I'll have to be more careful from now on. Maybe I do trust people too much, like Flik says.

: I have no way of apologizing, but please stay here for the night. I'll do what I can by way of hospitality.

: But no more poison, you hear?

It was an uneasy night, knowing we could've been killed if it weren't for Kessler. I woke up early the next morning, not being able to sleep well. I couldn't help but wonder how many victims Ledon had claimed.


: Lady Odessa is a true heroine. She's serious about overthrowing the Empire. There are many who express discontent, but only she means to do something about it. I hate the Empire too, but I'm just a bandit. Lady Odessa is our hope for freedom.

: I'm going to give up serving poisoned tea. I've learned my lesson.

Finally, the rest of my party woke up, and joined us in the main room.

: Good morning, Young Master.

: You're up early, Tir.

: ..........

: Hey, Gremio, why is Cleo in such a bad mood?

: Don't bother her, Viktor. Cleo is always in a bad mood when she wakes up.

: I see everyone's here. Today we reach Sarady.

: Leaving already? I'll unlock the door.

It didn't take us much longer to actually arrive at Sarady. I wanted to put that inn as far away from me as I could.

: Where could it be?

: It's a small town. We'll find it soon.

Using my powerful skills with the process of elimination, I took us to the inn. It was the only place I didn't visit my last time through.

We checked out a room and wasted the day lounging around the inn. It was nice to not have to do anything. Soon, night fell, and we went to bed. I still couldn't sleep, and neither could Odessa.

: Me neither. But the night breeze makes me feel better. Can I tell you something?

(Second Choice)

: I see... Let me ask you this, then. Do you still want to return to the Empire?

(First Choice)

: Kessler of Mt. Tigerwolf, Flik, Humphrey, Sanchez--they all expect so much of me. But sometimes, I feel like running away. I'm not sure I'm worthy of their hopes. What do you plan to do? Will you return to the Empire?

(End Result)

(First Choice)

: I see. So the next time we meet, we'll be enemies. Tir, just as I follow my destiny, so must you follow yours. But when you return to the Empire, remember this: You must see with your own eyes, think for yourself, and follow your heart.

(Second Choice)

: Use your head. You have the ability to judge right from wrong. Your father is a Great General of the Empire. Perhaps you'll be able to return to a peaceful life. But remember that you can't turn away from what you see and what you feel. Because if you do, that's a sin...

While I didn't agree with her definition of sin, she was right. I couldn't turn away from the things I'd experienced, the things I'd learned about the Empire.

(End Result)

: You're strange. I feel compassion when I'm with you. I suppose Viktor brought you to us because he felt that special quality in you. There are many in the Liberation Army. Humphrey, Sanchez, Mose... and Flik... but nobody has eyes like yours. Eyes that draw people to you. Many people... If I should ever...

I felt bad for the Liberation army, she literally counted off their members on her fingers. Suddenly...

: Who is it?!

: Mose certainly keeps unusual company. How is he? I received a letter from him mentioning that a pigeon of his was sick. I find it hard to imagine Mose taking care of a sick pigeon.

: Very strange, lady. Sir Mose does not keep any pigeons.

: I'm sorry. I was just testing you.

: I never betray a contract.

: This is the blueprint for the Fire Spear. Please deliver this. The future of the Liberation Movement depends on it.

: Understood. I will go now.

! So cool!

: It's getting late. Tir, we'd better rest.

Oh, there wasn't going to be any resting done this evening. The next morning...

: We finished our business last night, didn't we, Tir?

Oh yeah, we finished some business last night.

: Come to think of it, Young Master's bed was empty in the middle of the night.

: Y-y-young M-m-mast-ter, what were you up to? Something you can't tell me?

: Come, let's get going, Tir.

: Y-y-young M-m-master!

: Let's go, Gremio.

Man, at least Cleo understood. Gremio was causing a scene over just a little .