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Part 12: Chapter Twelve: Headquarters

Chapter Twelve: Headquarters

We headed across the lake with Tai Ho and Yam Koo, arriving at the castle in the lake.

: You're going too? Please be careful.

: Of course. I wouldn't miss this for anything.

However, I wasn't quite ready to go. I had Yam Koo take us back to Kaku. Tai Ho and Camille needed their weapons sharpened, and all of us needed new armor. I saw a strangely dressed girl in front of the inn..

: But no, I'm busy now. I'm looking for someone. Maybe you know him. His name is Juppo, he's my uncle and he's a trickster.

What are the odds of us meeting this girl? Anyway, she didn't seem interested in coming with us. Tai Ho and Camille weren't as experienced as we were, so we ventured out into the wilderness to strengthen ourselves before venturing into the castle.

Squirrel buckets? (Blind status) When we were done killing wildlife, we went to a runemaster. We had accumulated quite a few different crystals, and now that we had some more people, I decided to put them to use. Gremio was now using a Holy Rune, which allowed us to move faster. Camille, having magical powers similar to Cleo, was given a water rune, which contained powerful healing magic. Tai Ho was given the Prosperity Rune, since it was just sitting around. We finally made it back to the castle, fully armed and ready to fight.

(Not Pictured: Toe Shoes, Antitoxin, Money, Power Rune piece, Pointed hat, Medicine, Hazy crystal, and Wind Crystal. Defense Rune pieces from a few monsters as well.)

There were some strange monsters inside the castle. Living armor, and bizarre creatures wielding spears. The armor was capable of splitting into pieces, to hit three of us at once.

We also saw more of the giant, mutant snails as well. Tai Ho hates snails.

After navigating the cave-like entrance of the castle, we found stairs, and actual floors. We made our way through the interior of the castle, until we found a large room.

What one, Viktor?

Oh my god, that one! We readied our weapons as the dragon charged us.

Cleo and Viktor set about using their runes, dealing some heavy damage to the dragon.

Boss? This was a joke, we were going to mop the floor with this guy. Besides, it's not like he has any good attacks. He can't even hit me!

We continued -ing the dragon, his attack having no major effect until...

Holy crap! Viktor was going to get killed by the dragon if we didn't do something! Camille's water rune!

(Full healing spell )

Finally, after Cleo expended all of her magic, the dragon was defeated.

: That's what you get for acting big even after you're dead.

: Look, the fog...

: There, now the castle's ours. How about giving it a name?

: Good idea. How about Dragon Castle?

: How about White Castle?

( )

: We should definitely call it Tir Castle.

: What name do you like, Young Master?