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Part 13: Chapter Thirteen: Odessa Castle

Chapter Thirteen: Odessa Castle

It only seemed fitting. This castle would serve as Headquarters for the Liberation Army, who fought on in her honor.

: Odessa Castle? Very nice. Let's go with that name.

: Very slick, Gremio.

Don't you mean Odessa Castle?

: Let's designate this day as the New Liberation Army's Founding Day.

: Great idea! Let's have a banquet tonight!

: Hey, what about my money?

: Don't be a bore, young lady. We'll think about that later.

The room was suddenly filled by a bright light! It was Lady Leknaat, she had teleported into the castle.

: I have brought you some gifts. One of them is this. Please accept it.


: This is the Stone Tablet of Promise. Your true power comes from colleagues with whom you share your ideals. So go and find fellow soldiers-in-arms. The names of your new friends will be carved into the Tablet. The other gift is...

More bright lights. Oh no...

: Been a while, eh? Remember me? I'm Luc, Lady Leknaat's number one apprentice.

: His power should be of use to the Liberation Army. Tir, history has only just begun to move. Keep your spirits high. Let us meet again someday.

: And so, I'll be joining you. Hope you don't mind.

And if I do?!

: I'm absolutel sure that Lady Leknaat just got rid of a troublesome burden.

: ...Yeah... I guess so.

: Commander Tir, the "vessel" is now in our possession. Now it is time to find some recruits. In other words, recruit fellow comrades-in-arms. A fellow by the name of Lepant lives in the town of Kouan. Let's recruit him. He's sure to be useful.

I slept on the idea, wondering what kind of people would join such a fledgeling army.

: It's not much of a place, but home is where the heart is. When you're ready, let's go to Master Mathiu's place. We must consult him regarding this fellow Lepant.

: Did you get a good night's sleep? Let's get right down to business. Lepant is in the township of Kouan. He is a man who honors friendship. If you tell him that you come with my introduction, he's sure to join up with you.

: Master Tir, I'll come along too.

: Who else will you take, Commander Tir?

(Really simple. This is the party select screen. I have no soldiers. Let's fix that.)

: Of course I'm not a warrior but I can give your soldiers a bowl of soup when they're tired. Please, Tir. (Recruit) Good. Then let me prepare to move.

: Old Onil here knows everything. I also know that the Liberation Army is short of people. Maybe I should give you a hand. (Recruit) Great. Let's be off to Odessa Castle. Of course I know where it is.

: Liberation Army? Sounds like fun! (Recruit) OK, leave it to me. I've got medicine, serum, anything you need.

: OK, let's go have a look at this castle of yours.

: I heard about you, Tir. You're leading the Liberation Army. No, I'm not criticizing you, it's the path of your own choosing. Nevertheless, what will Teo think? All right, old Kai here will join you. The Master Stickfighter is as good as 10 men. Ha ha ha!

: "A sound body is the same as a sound mind." When the world is twisted, so are people's minds. Please let me join the Liberation Army, so I can help straighten out people's minds. (Recruit) Thank you very much. Let's be on our way to Odessa Castle.

: (Recruit) Join you? Sure. I'll come along.

: After much hard work, I came up with an amazing invention, something that would impress even the dwarves. But non of the castle keepers understand what a wonderful invention it is. What is it, you ask? It's called an "elevator." (recruit) What, you? You're the leader of the Liberation Army? Of course, of course I'll help you! A liberating invention needs a liberated world.

What about that guy that was in the Inn with you?

: I' be glad to work with her. Master Tir, I'd like to join you too. Fighting's not everything, you know.(Recruit) Thank you so much. I'll cook up some delicious meals.

I returned to the Castle, making sure everybody had moved in successfully. After all, the castle was in the middle of a lake.

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