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Part 15: Chapter Fifteen: Reunions

Chapter Fifteen: Reunions

We followed Lepant to the Military Commander's house.

: You cannot see Commander Kraze without an appointment.

Kraze?! That fiend!

: What!

Lepant's sword is so powerful, it causes people to cease existing. We followed him into Kraze's house, we had a score to settle with Kraze as well.

: Shut up, you common criminal!

Lepant sent two more soldiers into the beyond, and charged into the next room. However, I didn't follow him this time. Kraze surely had some loot hidden around here.

(Not Pictured: Antique)

I caught up with Lepant, he seemed to have run out of steam.

: Hm? Hey you there! You've come just in time. Lend me a hand.

I sent Antonio packing, because Lepant's sword was definitely better than anything Antonio had going on. Besides, I'm sure I made my point clear.

Of course, Lepant would use his deathsword powers now that we were here to help. (The game PUT him there, and you don't have time to rearrange your party before that fight. )

We made our way through Kraze's house, until we had him cornered.

: How dare you get in the way of my promotion! And now you're getting in the way of my pleasure!

: You're disgusting! Return Eileen immediately!

: I'll never forgive you.

Six of Kraze's men charged us, entering the room behind us. Cleo showed them exactly how angry she was.


(Third level Fire Rune spell )

: Eileen!

: Lepant!

: Liquid!

: That's far enough. Don't come any closer. I wouldn't want to hurt this beautiful lady.

Isn't that what you'd be doing had we not showed up?

: What a rogue. Rotten to the core. When I think that I was taking orders from this creature.

: Say what you will. I have to protect myself. By the way, let me bring out an old friend of yours. Hey! Come on out!

Old friend? Ted?

: Pahn!

: Heh. Pahn, capture those men. This is your chance to wipe the dirt off of General Teo's name.

: Pahn, you're not really going to do as he says?

: Cleo, Gremio... Young Master...

: Pahn...

: I don't regret the decision I made that day. Even now.

: That's right, Pahn.

: Yet my heart still aches. I-I want to follow my heart. Whether my heart is right or wrong will be judged by history.

: Pahn, what are you talking about?

: You're a pig in human skin! Take this!

Pahn charged across the room, and punched Kraze in the face!

: Now wait a minute, take it easy. Think of what will happen to your father Teo if anything happens to me.

(Second Choice)

: Young Master, why spare him? He killed Ted.

Kraze fled the room, it was too late to rethink my mercy.

: Gremio, it's Young Master's decision. He's got a bigger heart than we do. And I'm proud of him.

(Did anybody really think I'd let him go? First Choice)

: You, you d-don't really mean to...h-help.

(Fade to black... SPLAT! End Result)

: I cannot ask to be forgiven, but even so, I would like to be of service to you.

(First choice and loop)

: Please, Master.(No) It's about Ted, I suppose. I'm sorry. I shouldn't even show my face to you. But even so, I want to join.( ) I see. You still can't forgive me.(Loop)

(Second choice, because Pahn is too cool to not forgive)

: Y-young M-master. Thank you so much. My life is in your hands, Commander Tir.

(Pahn's so he gets two.)

: Commander Tir, it appears that I, too, am now a fugitive. I pretended to be blind to the Empire's cruelties, just to protect my family. And look where it's gotten me. Eileen.

: Yes.

: You are no longer my wife.

: W-why, Lepant?

: I am joining the Liberation Army. I probably won't be able to return.

: .......... You're a cruel man. What do you take me for?

: If you come along, you'll suffer.

Lepant has plans for some ?

: I've been prepared for the worst, ever since I married you.

I'm not sure if that confirms or is just an

: Commander Tir, please let me lend the Liberation Army a hand.

: We need a bit of time to prepare, but we'll join you at Odesssa Castle very soon.

(The game doesn't tell you this, but Juppo and Krin joined you at some point, and Eileen joins as well. Here's a to the lot of them, since they don't get cool joinup screens.)

We made our way back to Odessa Castle, where we discovered we had guests.

: Why Varkas... Sydonia... what are you two doing here?

: We heard some rumors about you, and figured this would be a good chance to return the favor we owe you. We'd like to join the Liberation Army. Hey Sydonia, you say something too.

: Heh. Hey there.

: Oh well. By the way, I'd like to say hello to Lady Odessa.

: O-Odessa's...

Right as Gremio was about to ruin everything, Mathiu intercepted.

: Master Tir is our leader while she's away.

: North? Hmmmm? Oh well... In any case, congratulations, Tir. Leader, eh? Very Impressive.

: Commander Tir, how about holding a banquet to welcome Lepant, Varkas, Sydonia, and all of your new friends?

(Second Choice)

What about Camille's mon-

: Great Idea, Master Mathiu. You agree, don't you, Tir?

(First Choice)

: A fine and understanding leader you are.

(End Result)

: Well then, I'll cook my best recipes.

At this point, I hatched a master plan to get all of Gremio's cooking. My friends seemed to turn to me whenever I talked to them, and then stay facing that way. I used this to my benefit.

Viktor am drnk.

Once everybody was sufficiently distracted, I ate as much as I possibly could. (Not Pictured: Tir's tremendous gut. Also, notice that there's no food in front of Viktor, just drinks. Lots of drinks.)

Once I'd had my fill, I waddled out of the room, I needed a good sleep after all that food.

!! I quickly put the would-be assassin on the beating end of my staff. He threw one final attack at me before covering himself with... flower petals.

: Master Tir! Are you all right? You scoundrel!

: Ha ha ha! The Liberation Army indeed. Do you really think you can defeat the Imperial forces? Fools.

: Say that again!

: Watch your back, Tir. Lady Windy is always ready to destroy you!

: No, I'll protect him tonight.

: Stop this silly argument. Why don't you both stand watch?

I went to bed, full and tired. When I woke up the next morning, I saw that Gremio had just stood by my bed all night, watching me sleep.

I headed outside, to enjoy the fresh air. Wait, what the hell is that?

Oh my god, it's a person!

( I was on my way out to do some recruiting, that's why those people are in my party.)

We dragged the person back up to my room.

: Just seein an elf is unusual enough in these parts, but one who swims all the way out here.

: There must be some reason.

: Gurgle... uhhhnnnn... Where am I? I must have survived.

: Are you all right?

: I heard through the wind, and came. Please tell me... is the Liberation Army...

: Don't you worry. This is the Liberation Army's headquarters, Odessa Castle.

: Thank god. I have a request. I must speak to your leader, Odessa.

: ..........

: You can't see Odessa right now. Our present leader is Commander Tir here.

He could see Odessa... as a corpse floating in a sewer! .... Now I've made myself sad.

: Commander Tir, then. Please help us.

: Help who?

: The Great Imperial General Kwanda Rosman is planning to exterminate us elves. Please. Please lend us the Liberation Army's power.

(Second Choice)

: You're right. As Commander Tir says, our forces are still few.

(First Choice)

: Wait, Commander Tir. Our present forces don't amount to much.

(End Result)

: Even with the old Liberation Army's survivors and Varkas' bandits, we still only amount to a few hundred men. It's not a good idea to mobilize our forces yet.

: But that will mean the elves will die.

: Of course, we can't allow that to happen. Our only strength is the hope that people see in us. That we must never betray. Therefore, I suggest that before all else, a small reconnaissance mission be sent out to gather intelligence. Our next step can wait.

: Thank you very much. I'll lead you to our village.

: Young Master, no matter who says what, I'm going.

We set out, we had a lot of ground to cross to get to the Great Forest.

: The Forest Village is southeast of Kouan. We'll find it along the eastern edge of the forest.

Hmmm. My wallet was feeling light. Let's see if someone new is running the dice game in Kaku.

I accepted his challenge.

: All right, here we go.

(I seriously didn't even abuse savestates or anything. This was his first roll, I was completely floored by how awesome that was.)

: You're a lucky one. A lucky man can do anything. I'll throw in my chips with you.

Hey, wasn't that Meg girl here too?

: Why, it's Meg! What are you doing here? Oh my.

It dawned on me that the girl was standing in front of an Inn. Between that fact, and Juppo's shock, there was only one conclusion to be drawn.

: Hee hee. ( ) I was hoping to learn some tricks from you. I didn't know you were a member of the Liberation Army.

: I, ah...

: I'll join too!

: No, you mustn't!

: Why not? Hey, Mister tir, please let me join.

That's Master Tir. (Recruit)

: Hooray! Now I can learn all those tricks from Uncle Juppo.

: Who says I'll teach you?

: Lucky me!

: ..........

... er..

We headed North, to Seika.

: Hey, why don't you come and play with me? Our family's rich, you know.

: Sheena.

: Uh oh, Dad!

: I believe you told me you were going on a journey to learn about the world.

: I, uh... like I said.

: Is chasing women learning about the world?! You're coming with me! I'll beat some sense into you!


: Ouch! OK, OK, I'll do as you say, so don't pull my ear!

I returned to Odessa Castle, to see that it had been upgraded.

I needed more money for this adventure, so I tracked down Gaspar.

: things I get passionate about.

(In an earlier picture, I showed that 9,900 is the maximum initial bet you can make. You may be wondering how this game is supposed to be really profitable. After all, Marco had a 10,000 option too. Here's how.)

(That's right. Every time you win, you have a chance to bet ALL of your winnings, and win MORE.)

With sufficient funds to save some elves, it was time to decide who came with me.

( Voting is now open! )
Unite Attacks

(I need 3 more party members. I have a personal request that Pahn be brought along, but that's your call, voters. Any combination of ranges works, since I have 3 slots open for the front row. Cast your votes!)