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Part 21: Chapter Twenty-One: Viktor's Hunch

Chapter Twenty-One: Viktor's Hunch

We arrived at Soniere Prison quickly with Viki's help.

: At ease, soldier. We carry orders from General Milich himself.

: Yes, sir, they are indeed, sir. Please enter.

Once we entered the prison, we were assaulted by some sort of card monster and some red jello!

What's this that it dropped?

(This seriously dropped off of the first fight in the prison. )

(Not Pictured: Old Book Vol. 6, Antitoxin, Half Helmet, and Sound Setting 0)

It wasn't long before we ran into what looked like a dead end. A room with a very thick door, and a switch. What a security system. We entered the lower levels of Soniere Prison, when we were attacked by snakes. Well, they weren't just poisonous snakes, they were MONSTERS!!

We reached the first checkpoint, and we were approached by guards.

This is who we are!

We continued onward, to the second checkpoint. More guards.

We were finally at the prison cells. We checked the first cell.

Liberating is our business!

There was only a treasure chest in the first cell. We moved on to the second cell.

Do we want to fight? Let me ask the guys. Do you guys want to fight?

Get out of my way!

What the hell? There was only treasure in this cell too. What does Milich need a prison of this size for, if all he arrests are boxes with stuff in them? We approached the last cell. It was strangely unguarded...

: That would be a problem. We came to rescue you.

: You're... those troublemakers who came to my house.

: Whatever you say. Right now we have to get you out!

: Good idea. I'm beginning to miss the sunlight.

The only unguarded cell in the entire prison is the cell holding the prison's only prisoner! We made our way out of the prison, fighting more monsters. What's this?

Ahhh, we were finally out of the dungeon section of the prison. We were almost free.

Nothing could possibly go wrong, we were so close to the exit.

It's Peacock Man! ~

: Good timing. Let's fight it out right here. We'll save some time this way.

: My my, how barbarous. I'm not bad with a sword, but right now I'm not in the mood. So I'll give you this instead.

: This bottle is filled with the Spores of Agony. Aren't they beautiful? It took a lot of work to fill this bottle. Did you know that these spores eat humans? Man-eating spores they are.

: What! What do you plan to do with that stuff?

: Why, I plan to do this, of course.

: Oh dear, the bottle's broken. You must hurry, or you'll be in big trouble. By the way, that's a dead end, so there's not much you can do. Now if you'll excuse me.

Milich ran out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Viktor chased after him, running into the door.

: Damn, it won't open. That Milich must have locked it. Run! They'll eat us!

Oh god, Oh god! What do we do! Gremio ran over to the switch, and opened the path back to the dungeon.

: Young Master, the door! Hurry!

We ran through the doors but Gremio...


: Viktor. This door can only be opened and closed from this side.

: What are you talking about? We'll get by somehow. So hurry up and come...

: No, it's too late. THe spores are at my feet now, so if I open the door...

(First Choice)

: Young Master, for once I refuse to do as you ask.

(Second Choice)

: No Young Master...

( Result)

: Young Master, can you hear me? I'm sorry I can't protect you any more... But now that you've grown up, you no longer need my protection. Young Master... You make me proud. I wish Master Teo could see you now.

: Gremio...

: Young Master, I think it's time to say goodbye. I can't see anymore. Young Master, I'm proud of you. Promise me you'll always follow your heart. That is my first, and final...request...



Some time later, Mathiu came and opened the door.

: Are you all right, Commander Tir? You were away for so long that I brought the troops along. What's going on here? Where are the Imperial Forces?

: They must have been devoured by the man-eating spores.

: M-Man-eating spores?

: Let's get out of here. Tir needs some rest.

As we made our way out of the Prison...

: Wait a minute.

Viktor walked off, and came back a few moments later.

: All right, let's go.

The next day, I made my way to the meeting room. So many people comforted me on what seemed like the longest walk of my life.

: I can't believe what happened to Gremio. Death and war are inseperable, but still...

: Master Tir, I... I... damn!

: Tir. You managed to fall asleep? Better to think about other things now. This is our chance to attack Milich's castle. If you don't want to command the troops, I will. No, you should. For a leader of the Liberation Army, weakness is unforgivable.

: I heard. Gremio died trying to save you, right? Listen, do your utmost to protect the life that Gremio gave you. Don't you dare let his death be in vain. Otherwise I'll never forgive you.

: Tir. I'm beginning to understand why Odessa chose you. You'd better live up to Odessa's, and Gremio's, expectations.

Before I went to see Mathiu, there was one more thing I needed to do.

: All right. Now I know that you're acting in good faith. I'll come along.

: This here is an antitoxin. I became sick of this world, and retired to the mountains as a recluse, planning to lead a quiet life. But I changed my mind. I would like to fight alongside you. Please let me join you, Commander tir.

Milich must pay!

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