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Part 22: Chapter Twenty-Two: Teo

Chapter Twenty-Two: Teo

I decided that bringing my most powerful soldiers to storm Milich's Scarleticia Castle would be a good idea.

The inside of the castle was nearly as fancy as Barbarosa's castle in Gregminster, but with less polished floors.

(Not pictured: Magic Robe, Window Setting 1, Magic rune piece, and Spark crystal)

I felt compelled, suddenly, to offer my opinion on Milich.

I suppose, if he's in the same situation Kwanda was in, he is to be pitied... Suddenly, the floor opened up! We found Milich's secret vault! (If you call him a creep, the obvious trapdoor doesn't open.)

: Will you give me my freedom?

: And my loyalty goes only to he who truly understands my songs. And that is my Master Milich.

That fiend! He's kidnapped and brainwashed and artist and a singer! You won't get away with this, Milich!

: Milich! I'll get you!

: Ouch! It hurts, it hurts! My arm is burning. Lady WIndy's rune is melting. Stop it.

Milich looked around, confused. It was pretty clear what was going on here.

: What's this all about?

: Better count your remaining seconds, Milich.

: I'll strike you down to avenge Gremio.

: Likewise. Prepare to die.

: Gremio? Avenge?

: Wait everybody! General Milich, were you wearing a Black Rune...

: Black Rune... Oh, you mean that rune Windy gave me?

: Get out of the way, Mathiu! Black Rune, Pink Balloon, what's the difference? This scoundrel killed Gremio!

Pink Balloon? Viktor should focus more on his swordplay, and leave the wit to the rest of us.

: That's right. We can't forgive him.

: What do you think, Tir?

(First Choice)

: Yes, I suppose so. ALl this has come about because of my carelessness. I was of no use to the Emperor. It's appropriate that I die here. Such a short life, like that of a flower...

: Prepare to die.

: Viktor, let me.

(Second Choice)

: Master Tir, aren't you going to avenge Gremio's death?

: That's right. I can't understand you.

: Stop it, Viktor.

: Flik! Don't stop me.

: That's enough, Viktor. It's the leader's decision. Follow his orders.

: Flik. Who do you mean by "leader"?


: You are... Teo's son........... Commander Tir of the Liberation Army. I have a request. I, Milich Oppenheimer, would like to join your army. The Emperor has been enraptured by Windy's resemblance to his late Empress Claudia. But unlike Empress Claudia, Windy is a sorceress with evil inent. I must stop the Emperor from being misled. So I beg of you. PLease let me join the Liberation Army.

(First Choice)

: Of course! COnsider yourself lucky to be alive!

(Second Choice)

: Thank you very much.


: Why? I can't accept this!

: Stop it Pahn.

(All paths lead here, plus or minus exactly one Peacock Man)

: What's going on, Stallion?

: The Imperial Army is coming! Sanchez says you must return right away.

: What! Commander Tir, we must mobilize our forces immediately.

But what about Ivanov and Kasios? (Also, Kasios? Is that like a Casio? They both play songs )

: Despite my age, I have never seen true freedom. Say, do you mind if I tag along with you? I'd like you to show me the freedom that you see. (Recruit) Thank you.

: Say, you must be the leader of the Liberation Army. Thanks to you, I can now call this town by its original name. Now it's my turn to help you. (Recruit) Leave it to me. My specialty is saying the town's name. I'll just go ahead and... I'll be at Odessa Castle.

Now I'll never forget the name of my Castle.

I finally made my way back to the Castle, and found Mathiu... and his attractive guest!

: The ninja from the village of Rokkaku. Rokkaku held off Imperial rule for a long time, but it finally fell to Teo McDohl's forces. Our boss, Hanzo, helped me to escape, with instructions to report the carnage to the Liberation Army. Master Tir, I would like to join you in battle.

: Master Tir, please hurry. Teo's army is near.

: So this day has finally arrived.

: I am to fight General Teo.

: Let us prepare to meet them.


Pahn is

(As you can see, you really have an extremely low chance of winning the duel if you don't know what you're doing. Teo does ridiculous amounts of damage. Pahn's Desperate Attack does less damage than Teo's normal attack. If you lose, Pahn is executed, and we can't have that.)

: You've improved, Pahn. Alen, Grenseal, let us retreat.

: If you let me, General, I'll take his head.

( )

: Yes, General.

Back at the Castle, I went to see Pahn. I was so glad he was alive.

... I'm going to bed.

: ...Tir... Wake up, Tir.

Well, yeah, you woke me up in the middle of the night.

: Gremio's death, your battle with your father. But you must go on.

(Both choices go directly here)

: It is about time I tell you about myself and my older sister Windy. My sister Windy and I are survivors of the Clan of the Gate. Tir, look at the rune Ted gave you, on your right hand. That rune, the Soul Eater, is one of the 27 True Runes. There are many runes in this world. But they were all born of the 27 True Runes. Therefore the 27 True Runes hide terrible powers within them. That Soul Eater you carry has yet to unleash its true potential. My sister Windy also carries one of the 27 True Runes, the Gate Rune. The Gate Rune is terribly powerful, but she wants something greater. That is why she is after you. If my sister obtains two True Runes and uses them for revenge, it will be catastrophic for this world. The True Runes are far too powerful to be used by humans. Only you can stop my sister. Time is running out. Do not lose your confidence. Be brave.

Well, I'm glad she talked my ear off all night long. Might as well see what's going on with Mathiu and the others.

: What is it? Tell me!

Excuse me, are you the Leader? :c00lbert; Sup, Flik?

: Fire Spears. Remember?

: Sure, we delivered the blueprint to Sarady.

: If we can get those things, we should be able to defeat the armored cavalry. After all, the Fire Spear was Odessa's final gift.

: I don't know. When the old Liberation Army's hideout was attacked, it seemed that other hideouts were destroyed as well. We don't know if the secret factory survived.

: But we have no choice but to find out.

Hmm, well, let's get to looking for that secret factory!

: Not Boss, Master Tir.

: Shut yer mouth. Anyway, take a look at this. A high-speed boat I made. Well, that old geezer helped out too. We're about to have a launching ceremony. Care to take a ride in it?

( Voting is open! )
Unite Attacks

(Okay, Tai Ho MUST come, or we can't go further, so I need FOUR more characters. You can throw anything you want in here, just not 4 S range, unless one is Valeria. Go nuts. )