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Part 23: Chapter Twenty-Three: Fire Spears

Chapter Twenty-Three: Fire Spears

I gathered up a group capable of testing Gen's boat, but before we headed out, there were some things to take care of.

(As requested via AIM, I'm going to show you the beginning stats of Krin and Yam Koo, since they're extremely low level in relation to the rest of the group.)

It seemed as good a time as any to bring these two along, perhaps by strengthening their combat performance, I would see an improvement in how they fought in my army.

Ivanov had started painting a mural. I brought him all of the paints we had found so far.

: Wow, this is really something. Everybody hang-on! Let's go!

The speed boat was much faster than our old boat, as expected. Having never really explored the lake before, we were surprised to find a fortress to the west of our castle.

: Wasting away? Me? Watch your mouth! I'll show you who's wasting away! Get ready to fight!

: All right, then! Leonardo, Kanak, don't pull any punches!

(As expected, dragging along those low level people caused me to not win the fight.)

: You've got a lot to learn. I'll let you go. Beat it!

I decided that we needed to strengthen up a bit more, no silly pirates were going to make a fool of me.

I was surprised to see that Krin and Humphrey worked together so well. Tai Ho and Yam Koo had their own teamwork as well.

I hadn't noticed before, but I seemed to have a new power on the Soul Eater.

(This power is gained once Gremio dies.)

After sharpening our weapons and training a bit, it was time for a rematch!

: Not bad, Tai Ho. Sounds like fun! I understand how you feel. Let's teach those Imperials a lesson. What about you two, Leonardo, Kanak?

: If you go, we go too.

: Of course.

We set sail again, this time to the north. We arrived in a town named Kirov.

: Wow, leader of the Liberation Army? I'm nothing compared to you. But a Runemaster once told me that I have a special power. To use it though, I need a rune.

I decided to see what was in stock at the local store. (The merchants back at Odessa Castle will carry the stock of whatever stores you check out, so it's alway s important to check every store you find.)

Sugar? Well, at least the description is helpful.

: (Recruit) The Liberation Army? That should be plenty of laundry. OK, I'll join. But only if you go get me some soap. I just ran out.

(This starts a very boring fetch quest. I'll show you half of it, since the last half just reverses the order.)

: But I'm out of soy sauce. Will you get some for me?

: But first, can you find me a yardstick? I seem to have misplaced mine.

: But you do know that I need sugar, right?

After running all over town to get the soap...

: My name is Sarah. How do you do?

: To put it simply, I'm an idler. Why don't we play a game? If you beat me, I'll join you.

(This is like the card game Memory, except infinitely easier. When you get a match, all adjacent cards flip over, and if there are any matches, the chain continues with more cards flipping. Thus, if you nail a match near the middle, it'll ripple outwards and probably give you a win instantly.)

(The lower number of matches, the higher your probability of the previously mentioned instant win.)

(Well, what do you know?)

: A new record. Well done! You win. As I promised, from now on I'm one of you.

Once we were done in Kirov, we set out, continuing our trek North. We arrived at the ruined town of Kalekka.

: Be careful. In a war, only the strong survive. That's all there is to it. You must recruit as many soldiers as you can.

(Not Pictured: Old Book Vol. 8, Antique, and Sound Crystal)

: .......... I guess I can trust you. Your eyes, they're honest eyes. (Recruit) Eventually, my seeds will sprout. Perhaps I must fight to protect them.

Before we headed onwards to the Secret Factory, however...

: It's calling me! Please, let me have that rune! (Recruit/Give Sound Rune) Thank you. Now..., my power will come alive. Master Tir... Please let me join the Liberation Army. I'd like to use this tiny power for the benefit of all.

We made our way to the north again, making our way past the ruined town of Kalekka.

: Yikes! How can I be so unlucky? First I get chased off the mountain, and then I get captured by a giant woman.

: What did you call me? "Giant woman"?

: N-no, I-I mean...

: My luck's run out, getting beaten by this giant woman.

: If you don't stop insulting me, you'll be sorry.

: W-wait a minute, p-please. I only called you "giant woman" once.

: I only said "giant woman" once too.

: Yeah, but Boss Kessler said "giant woman" twice.

: You bums! Calling me "giant woman" over and over. I'll teach you a lesson!

(Second Choice)

: Eeeeeeeeeeek! Who was it this time?!

(First Choice)

: You...

(End Result)

: You're the one who was with Lady Odessa.

: Do you know these guys, Tir?

(Second Choice)

: Wh-what do you mean? You and Lady Odessa stayed at my inn. Don't you remember that tea? Urgg.. let's forget about that.

(First Choice)

: Yes, yes, that's right. Lady Odessa and this young gentleman here once stayed at my inn.

(End Result)

: You fellows keep saying Odessa. Are you talking about Lady Odessa Silverberg? Who are you? Leader of the Liberation Army? Oh my god. I'd better go tell old Mose. You've business in the secret factory, right? Follow me.

Let's see what Ledon and Kessler are up to here.

: Master Tir, please help poor miserable me. All I did was served them a tea and they destroyed my inn. Master Tir, please let me join the Liberation Army.

: What a disgrace. The Imperial Army began hunting bandits, and we were chased off the mountain. Then I heard that a Liberation Army was formed. I figured I'd join up, and came out here. Guess I was lucky to run into the Liberation Army's leader.

: I'll go on ahead down the mountain. Take care, Master Tir.

: Old man Mose is in the back.

Those are some familiar looking legs up there.

: I work for whomever is willing to pay a proper sum for my services. (Recruit) Invite me to join you? My fee is very high. You'll have to pay me 20,000 bits if you require my services until the end of this war. Do you still want me? (Pay 20,000 bits) Fine. If you accept my worth, my loyalty is yours.

(Also, I made a lot more than 20,000 bits just walking through Kalekka. Not sure why he thinks he's so expensive.)

(Not Pictured: Disappointment )

: We heard that the hideout was attacked, and we were very worried. And what is Odessa doing now?


: I see.... I see... She was a good girl. I guess that blueprint of the Fire Spear has become a keepsake.

: Fire Spear! Do you have Fire Spears?

: Of course we do. But what about a boat? They can't be transported without a boat.

: A boat? I have an idea. There's an old friend of mine in Kirov named Kun To. He may be able to help.

: After I make some preparations, I'll join you at Kirov.

(Again, I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies on how long it took to get this update done. The medications they've put me on are pretty strong, and put me out for most of the day yesterday. I'm feeling much better today, and updates will resume their normal scheduling soon.)