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Part 27: Chapter Twenty-Seven: Qlon

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Qlon

There's a gap in my memory. After being defeated by Neclord, I don't remember anything until I woke up.

: We need a special weapon to beat him. Most ordinary weapons are useless against vampires, especially runic vampires.

(I like how he says this as if he were some sort of expert, yet he was the one who started the fight with Neclord.)

Well, there wasn't much else to do, so we decided to ask Zorak if he had a Sword of Vampire Slaying +1.

: Wait. Perphaps that place...

: What do you have in mind?!

: Yes. West of this village is the Temple of Qlon. This particular temple was founded many years ago by a certain priest, named Qlon.

Qlon? Why does that sound familiar... ? He has his own temple?

: Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh! I'll pull your tongue out! Just tell us what we need to know.

Viktor's unusually violent this morning.

Oh yes, of course. This Qlon Temple is supposed to hide a secret.

: Boy, that really tells us a lot.

: But we have no other leads. Let's visit this place.

We made our way to the Temple of Qlon, where we had previously recruited a gardener and a blind man. Since we were looking for a secret, I ignored the bald man who was present at the entrance, and searched the temple for clues.

: Say brothers, have you seen the War Scroll anywhere? I'm so embarrassed, being the librarian. If you see it, please let me know. I'll repay you.

How do you lose a scroll in a temple this small? I bet it's on this shelf right here.

Well, maybe it's not what he's looking for, but I'll gladly take it. I guess it's time to talk to the bald guy at the front.

: Starmaster? What's that? Do you know Tir?

: Of course. Master Tir is the destined leader of the 108 stars of Heaven and Earth.

: 108 Stars? Cleo, this priest is bonkers.

Yes, bonkers. He must be...

: Viktor, you were born under the Star of Heavenly Loneliness, and Cleo under the Star of Heavenly Fulfillment. You were all born under the signs of the 108 Stars, as was I myself. We are all destined to gather together, once again, under Master Tir's sign, the Star of Heavenly Guidance.

: That's enough babbling, old man. Now listen to what we have to say.

: I already know. You've come here to find out how to destroy Neclord the Vampire. Correct?

: Then you know a way?

: Yes I do. Please follow me.

: This is the entrance to the Cave of the Past. What you are looking for is in there.

: If you knew we were coming, why didn't you make preparations?

: Master Tir, much awaits you in the cave. You must be ready to accept it all. Please go in, and be sure to watch yourselves.

Cave of the Past, eh? I wonder why they call it that. Of course, like any good cave, it was filled with horrible monsters!

Monsters that Ronnie Bell kills in a single hit! The cave had a ton of branching paths, I wondered if we were going to get lost.

(Not Pictured: Medicine, Flowing Crystal, Head Gear, Old Book Vol. 2, money, Escape Talisman, Silverlet, Skill rune piece, and Mega Medicine.)

Hey, that wall up ahead looks strange, I wonder...

We ventured further into the caves, killing Banshees, Golems, and... red balls along the way.

Hmm, another strange looking wall...

Oh, it was hiding a very long tunnel. What could be at the end?

: Recruit me? Hmmm... perhaps when the castle is a little bigger, I'll consider it.

Look you, I'm sick of you picky bastards telling me when you'll join my army! Who are you to be so picky, you live in a, up to this moment, sealed cave that nobody knew or cared about. My castle is bigger than this hole in the wall you live in, so stop making ridiculous demands and join me!

We left Crowley to be picky about the size of my castle, and continued looking for whatever it was we came here for.

But how in the world did this get here?

Finally, we reached the end of the cave... What is that?

: Don't get too close to it.

: No problem, don't worry.

: What?

Oh god no... The sword sucked us into some kind of portal, and we were spat out into some village.

: Who knows? It looks like we got thrown out of the cave. Thanks to you-know-who.

Yeah, thanks Viktor. <>

: Hey, we made it alive, didn't we? Let it go.

We decided to explore the village, since there was no point standing around. Hey, who's that?

Hey, come back here.

(Both Choices)

: Good, I didn't think so. Grandpa looked real angry, so I was worried.

: Yes, Grandpa!

: Master Tir, did he say "Ted"?

(First Choice)

: What's going on?

(Second Choice)

: But he does look like Ted.

(End Result)

: What woman? Messengers? What are you talking about?

: So you have nothing to do with her?

: With who?

: If you don't, you must leave this place immediately. Come, Ted.

: Wait, Grandpa. I want to talk to those people.

: Come with me!

Well, let's see if the other villagers will talk to us.

Hidden Rune? Windy? Old woman hiding treasure from me? I'll have my answers, and that treasure, soon enough. I'm going to find out exactly what's going on here.

: What are you so afraid of? Are you afraid of "that woman" you mentioned?

: "That woman"? Rather a rude way to speak of someone, don't you think?

Windy's here? Right outside the house!

: Damn you, Neclord! How dare you come here! By the way, Cleo, what is this place?

Were you not paying attention at all?

: Who cares?

Why are my friends so stupid?

: What's your business here, Windy?

: Village Chief. I came all the way out here because you refused to give me the rune. You should thank me for making the effort. Now give me the Soul Eater.

: I've never heard of such a thing!

: Don't bother to lie to me. I happen to know that this is the Village of the Hidden Rune.

: Hey Cleo, let's remember that. The Village of the Hidden Rune.

Some guy already blurted it out to us, how many times does this need to be said?

: Village of the Hidden Rune... a boy named Ted...

I know they're a little slow, but isn't this a bit much?

: Did you see that, Chief? While you were in denial, Yuber got bored. Give me the rune or else this village will be charred beyond recognition.

(Given the size and number of the flames... wouldn't that happen anyway?)

: Damn you. Are you that eager to see the cursed power of the Soul Eater? Oh Soul Eater, Cursed Rune, show your power and strike the enemy.