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Part 33: Chapter Thirty-Three: Sleeping

Chapter Thirty-Three: Sleeping

We made our way out of the Dragon's Den, and onwards to the fortress.

Doesn't look like much, does it? It wasn't any bigger once we arrived. In fact, I was tripping over people.

: You must have remarkable powers of vision to find me, when I can obliterate my very presence and become a shadow. You must be... Ah, leader of the Liberation Army, I see. My name is Fuma, follower of the Ninja Way. Please let me join you as a member of the Liberation Army. (Recruit) Honored, sir.

Inside, we ran into someone else.

: You're Humphrey, aren't you? Commander of the Hundred Man Corps in those days. What's going on? Back then you fought for Barbarosa against my master Emperor Geil, and now you turn against Barbarosa? Wishy washy, aren't we?

: In those days I believed in Emperor Barbarosa.

: Then why are you now in the Liberation Army? A change of heart?

: I haven't changed. The one who changed is... Kreutz, I have a request...

: A request for me, a former foe?

: Our forces are still vastly inferior to the Imperial Army. We need all the support we can muster. You were Geil Rugner's greatest general. You could be a great help. Please join us.

: .......... My only master is Geil Rugner. But if this is an opportunity to kill Barbarosa, the killer of my master, then it's an appealing thought. All right. I'm with you, Master Tir.

We made our way upstairs, to talk to Joshua.

: Humphrey! It's you, is it? Been a long time.

: Yes...

: I was so worried about you. After that incident at Kalekka, you vanished without a trace.

: I had my reasons. Joshua, this is COmmander Tir of the Liberation Army.

: So you're Commander Tir. I'm Joshua, Commander of the Knights of the Dragon's Den. I have heard a great deal about the Liberation Army.

: I have come to discuss an important matter with you.

: Important matter? What is it?

(Is it just me, or does Joshua have the Solid Snake repeating everything as a question issue?)

(Second Choice )

: On a dragon? I d-don't know if...

(First Choice)

: Help your army? It is true that many of us have been dissatisfied with the present Emperor...

(End Result)

: Is there a problem? Something to do with their sleep, perhaps?

: So you've seen them. I tried to keep it a secret by barring the gates, but... A few months ago, the dragons fell asleep and have no awakened since. We tried everything we could think of, but to no avail.

: Never awakened?

(Et tu, Humphrey?)

: At the moment, the Knights of the Dragon's Den are completely powerless. We brought many doctors here, but not one was able to cure them. We sent a man to look for Liukan, whom people call the Holy Doctor, but he has apparently disappeared.

: So you think that Liukan can cure the dragons?

: He's the finest doctor in the land. He can probably find a cure.

: Tir, this is our chance. He'll end up owing us a favor.

: .........?

: It's nothing, never mind.

Well, we had Liukan, all I had to do was go get him. But first...

Back at Odessa Castle...

(Level 4 Castle!)

Now that Odessa Castle was big enough to support more people, I set out to collect some stragglers.


: I have a letter here. Will you deliver it to him?

Will do.

: To think that he would want me to help!

: I'll do anything to win this war. Even if it means asking you for your help.

: You're right. I don't trust you. Even now I suspect you. But I do trust your power. Please give it to us. Please!

: You, bowing to me. Very well then. But I never thought we'd fight together again!

: In any case, I never though that anyone could defeat Neclord. (Recruit) Liberation Army? So you're defying the Imperials. Hmmm. ALl right. I understand that he's now part of the Imperial Army.

: (Recruit) Leader of the Liberation Army? I'm just passing through this land. Not that I have a particular destination and maybe I'll find a clue here. What? Oh, nothing. Just talking to myself. OK. I'll give you a hand.

Now... what was I doing?