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Part 35: Chapter Thirty-Four: The Other Ingredients

Chapter Thirty-Four: The Other Ingredients

As we made our way out of Seek Valley, we were suddenly confronted by a huge beast.

We boarded Thrash, and made our way back to the fortress.

: Yes, Sir Joshua. Here is the moonlight weed.

: Next we need the black dragon orchid. I'm ready to go anywhere in the world for it.

: But there's a problem.

: What is it?

: Futch went alone to Gregminster Palace to get it.

: The only place where one can obtain the black dragon orchid is the Floating Garden at Gregminster. I shouldn't have mentioned it in front of him.


Check out that moon.

(The only time in the game you play as someone other than Tir is now, and as Futch. Futch.)

: Damn, there are so many that I dn't know which one is the black dragon orchid. Hmmm, this one looks most like the one that Liukan described.

: You're right, that is a black dragon orchid.

: Wh-who is it?

: Y-you're the E-Emperor.

: I never thought I'd run into a flower thief in a sleepless night. Judging from your outgit, you must be a Dragon Knight.

: Y-yes your highness, I-I'm Futch, Dragon Knight 9th Class.

: An apprentice. And what might you be doing here?

: I-I came to g-get a black dragon orchid, your H-Highness. P-please let me go. I really need this orchid. To wake up the other dragons.

: Dragons? It must be Windy again. Young man, you must leave immediately.

: Y-you'll let me g-go?

: Hurry, while I still feeling generous.

( )

: Y-yes, your Highness.

: But he sure was different from all those rumors. He let me go, and... Oh, well, now that I have the black dragon orchid, I'd better hurry home. Right, Black?

: W-who are you?! I've already got the black dragon orchid. Bye!

Oh no.

: Ahhhhhhhhhh!

: Brrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!

She's such a bitch. <>

Sadly, Futch lived

: Ahem! It appears you're awake.

: Huh? What??? Where am I? Where's the orchid?

: Don't worry. When we found you unconscious in the forest, you had the black dragon orchid in your hand. We had a hard time prying it loose.

: I see, then the dragons...

: Yes, I made the antidote from the three ingredients and gave them to the dragons. They should be awakening soon.

: Thank god........... Dr. Liukan, what was the third ingredient?

: Harrumph! The Th-third ingredient?

: Is something the matter?

: ........... I'll tell you. The third ingredient was a dragon's liver. And it came from....


: I'm afraid that when we found him, Black was already dead.

: Hate me if you want, but we had no choice.

: B-but... B-Black...