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Part 36: Chapter Thirty-Five: An Alliance

Chapter Thirty-Five: An Alliance

Some time later...

: Let's go to Joshua's quarters to draw up an alliance pact between the Liberation Army and the Dragon Knights. He should agree to helps us now.

: You're right. He hasn't committed to an alliance yet.

: Well then, Joshua.

: It looks like we'll be fighting together again, side by side. But against a different enemy this time. Commander Tir, the Dragon Knights will join you. To defeat the Empire.

: Now we can finally return to Odessa Castle. I can't stand the smell of dragons.

: Humphrey, I have a request.

: Request?

: Come in, Futch.

: Yes, sir.

: A Dragon Knight who has lost his dragon must leave the Dragon's Den. Now that you have lost Black, I cannot keep you here.

: I understand, sir. Black probably died to save my life.

: Futch, don't blame yourself.

: I'm all right. I just want to believe that Black saved me.

: Humphrey, will you take Futch with you? I won't have to worry about him if he's with you.

: ... I understand.

: Thank you, sir.

: Commander Tir, when war breaks out, we'll rush to your aid.

: Master Tir, Master Liukan wanted to return, so we are about to fly him home on a dragon. Would you and the rest of your men like a ride too?

As if I was gonna say no, right?

: Fine. I will be waiting out front with Thrash.

: Futch, take care. Someday you may be able to return.

: Yes, sir.

: Hey, don't look so depressed. I'll teach you how to use a sword.

Yeah, don't be so glum, Futch. It's not like your dragon was killed while on a mission to save all the other dragons, and you're being kicked out for being a hero without a dragon.

Wee! Back at the castle...

: Your instincts? Don't make me laugh. Thanks to your instincts, we almost got captured by the Imperials, remember?

: Hee hee, I wasn't quite myself that time.

: What's the problem here?

: I'm saying that I have a hunch. He's a spy for sure. That's why he won't talk.

: That doesn't necessarily mean he's a spy.

: What's going on here!

: Oh, er, welcome back Sir Flik, Master Tir.

: Hee hee, how ladylike you try to be in front of Tir. But for you it's a lost cause.

: !!!!!!!!!! Watch your mouth, you rat!

: Wh-what the...

: Uh huh.

: ..........? Did you manage to secure an alliance?

: Don't worry, Medical Officer. It's just that Humphrey could be a little friendlier to others.

: Uh huh.

: By the way, who is this silent fellow here?

: Kasumi and Krin captured him hanging around the castle. He refuses to say anything, so we were waiting for you to come back and decide to do with him.

: Tir! Are you Commander Tir of the Liberation Army? Thank goodness. Now I can complete my mission for master Warren. I kept silent because I was under strict orders not to speak to anyone until I met you face to face. Kasim Hazil, who took over the northern defenses after Teo McDohl, has recently begun to apply extreme pressure on rebel factions.

: He's looking for a comeback.

: My Master Warren is a famous man of wealth in the north, long respected even by the Imperials. But as a man of honor and generosity, he harbored many fugitives in his mansion. As a result his home was surrounded by Kasim Hazil and his troops. Master Warren and Sir Viktor, who just happened to have dropped by, fought hard against the Imperials, but they were eventually captured and taken prisoner. This is what Master Warren told me to tell you.

: Commander Tir. Viktor is one of our most powerful soldiers. Warren, despite his wealth, is an honorable man with a large following. We must go and rescue them.

: At present Kasim Hazil's troops number more than 8,000.

: And they're a trained army, whereas we're just a ragtag bunch.

: Commander Tir, despite its name, the Liberation Army is not yet a unified army. To continue fighting in the future, we nee to give the troops some proper military training.

This can't possibly be free...

(First Choice and Loop)

: I feel that our soldiers need to recieve military training before Kasim Hazil attacks. (Nope.)

: Leader, I think you should listen to the Military Stategist's advice. (No.)

: Master Tir, I too agree with Master Mathiu. (Loop)

(Second Choice)

: Let me make the necessary preparations. I suggest you retire now, Commander Tir. You have a busy day ahead.

Before that, however, there was something to take care of.

: Master Mace, we are now members of the Liberation Army. We have not forgotten what you taught us. That is why we chose the path we deemed correct. Master Mace, please give us your support.

: You-you've all grown up. I was planning to rot away here alone, but perhaps I'll take on one more job. Master Tir, I'm at your service.