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Part 39: Chapter Thirty-Eight: Kasim Hazil

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Kasim Hazil

Meanwhile, Mathiu's plan is set into motion...

: Why did you leave the Imperial Army? Because of that incident?

: That is one reason. But more because I dislike myself intensely when I am fighting.

: And yet you joined the Liberation Army. Strange man. Why don't you come back to us? I'd rather not execute you as a traitor.

: You needn't worry about that.

: What do you mean?

: Ah, I see. Those attacks on the fortresses were a decoy. You're getting rusty, Mathiu. When the reinforcements return, the Liberation Army will be wiped out.

: If they return, that is.

: What's that?

: What! Why those... You did this, Mathiu!

: That is correct. I sent Jowston a letter informing them of the Imperial Army plans to invade their land. The City-State of Jowston is hungry for this Empire. It's quite easy to manipulate them.

: Traitor! You dare sell out this land to the City-State!

: I have no such ambitions. I merely manipulated them. In no way have I joined hands with Jowston. It is likely that the City-State will temporarily occupy this region. But the Liberation Army will permit no more than that.

: Damn you to hell, you conniving turncoat!

: ...yo.

: General Kasim Hazil. Now it is my turn to make a request. Please surrender. The ideal Empire you once envisioned has changed beyond recognition. The Emperor himself, to whom you pledged loyalty, has changed too. Do you still plan to cling to the past?

: I still...

: Think about it. Do you really think that the Emperor is the same man we once knew?

: I don't...

: You know he isn't. You are one of the Emperor's loyal followers. Isn't it your duty, then, to try to convince him to mend his wrongful ways? The Five Great Generals were unable to prevent the Empire from deteriorating. Therefore, the time has come to help the Emperor open his eyes. Do you not agree?

: .......... All right. I surrender.

: I'm glad you understand, General Kasim.

: We must retreat immediately, Commander Tir. If we wait around too long, the City-State will attack us.

: What? Nothing for me to do? Shucks, I was looking forward to a good rumble.

Wait guys, aren't you forgetting something?

Okay, now we can go.

: What a beautiful thing friendship is. I, Vansan, shall never forget this day as long as I live. God, what an awful creature that Kasim is, suddenly locking me up in this place. The Empire's going to hell, I tell you. What? You, Tir, you're the leader of the Liberation Army? My my! Why didn't you tell me sooner? I, Vansan, in the name of friendship, renounce my aristocratic standing and swear to fight by your side.

... I mean

(Also, Vansan? )

We made our way back through the Northern Checkpoint...

: We must give the Liberation Army a hand. DOn't be late, Sancho!

: Yes, Master!

: Ready, charge!

: We must hurry to Moravia Castle!

: M-master...

: What is it, Sancho?

: Th-this fellow...

: I said what is it, Sancho?

: He's Master TIr, leader of the Liberation Army.

: What?! My god! Please forgive my rudeness. My name is Maximilian, former Commandeer of the late lamented Knights of Maximilian. As a final job, I'd like to lend a hand to the Liberation Army. Please let me join, I beg you.

: P-please grant my Master his wish, sir. Please.

Well, he DID ask nicely.

: Thank you. Please watch me in my final blaze of glory.

: It's wonderful, isn't it, Master.


Back at the Castle, I gave Ivanov the rest of the paint for his picture.

: Thank you Tir. I'm beginning to understand. Thank you so much. It's not much of a token of gratitude, but will you take this? I won't be needing it anymore.