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Part 40: Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Floating Fortress

Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Floating Fortress

After talking to Ivanov, I set out to find Mathiu.

: The Liberation Army is becoming comparable in force to the core of the Imperial Army, still remaining at the capital.

: Good. We are ready. What target do we attack next? The capital, no doubt.

: To get to the capital, we must get past the Fortress of Kwaba, commanded by Ain Gide, or over the water past General Sonya Shulen's Floating Fortress of Shasarazade.

(That name sort of reminds me of )

: I say via the Fortress of Kwaba. We can't prepare enough boats to attack Shasarazade.

: That is exactly what the enemy will think. Don't worry about the boats. I will have 500 of them prepared by tomorrow.

: 500 boats!


(First Choice and Loop)

: I, Mathiu, promise they will be ready. (No way!) If they are not ready by tomorrow, feel free to cut off my head. (Can't let you do that, Mathiu!)

: Hey Tir, the Strategist says he's sure. Let's believe him. (Loop)

Very well then. I shall have your head by dawn, Mathiu.

(Second Choice)

: Thank you, sir. I swear I will keep my promise. Please look forward to tomorrow.

: It's going to be a big fight tomorrow. Better retire early tonight.

(What follows next is a scene that visits different groups of people. I thought it might seem a little disjointed without an explanation as to why the setting changed so often.)

: Yes, Sir Humphrey.

: I heard that you were once in the Imperial Army. And that the Kalekka Incident was the reason you left.

: That is true. I was unable to prevent that tragedy. In the middle of the way, I discovered my own powerlessness, and left the Imperial forces. I was hoping to lead a quiet life, never to see war again.

: I was one of the soldiers who attacked Kalekka. I have never been able to forget that incident. In my fury, I attacked my own commander, and became a fugitive. That was the first time I attacked someone out of pure hatred. And I hope... that it was the last time.

: Humphrey, this is no time to be distressed. We have a job to do. Once the war is over...

: What are you doing yourself, novice? I told you not to enter my room without permission.

: Geezer. You might drop dead tomorrow, so I came to see your face. Thanks to Master Mathiu's crazy scheme, I've got to work all night. I just took a little break to some see you, and...

: Ho ho! Then I shall bew my finest tea.

: Yes.

: It looks like Young Master has become a very important person.

: True.

: I kind of miss him.

: I miss him a lot.

: Huh? Oh, I was just thinking about tomorrow.

: That's not like you at all. Let's just have a good time tonight. Jut the two of us. Until sunrise.

: Just the two of us? Seems like there's three.

: That's true, Big Brother. The three of us.

: (Damn. Inconsiderate fellow.)

: (Big Brother has a weakness for the ladies. Better stay here and protect him.)

: Huh? Did you say something, Tengaar? Have some of this fish. It's delicious.

: Oh, why are you always like that?

: What? Why do you look so angry?

: I'm not angry!

: Oh, nothing. Just thinking.

: About... Lady Odessa?

: .........

: We have an early morning tomorrow. Better get back to bed. If you can't sleep, I have some good tea.

: Thanks, Sanchez.

: Wow...treasure...Too much to carry...Hee hee hee hee hee...

: We can. We can, but...

: But?

: Many young lives will be lost. The thought pains me.

: Me too. We old ones are prepared, but... It hurts to see young ones die.

: Were you asleep? Amazing how you can sleep before a big battle. Just like a true leader. I have something to give you, Tir. Take it.

: This was Gremio's hatchet. I brought it back from Soniere Prison. I kept it hidden away until now. I thought it would only sadden you more. But I may lose my life tomorrow, so I thought I'd give it to you tonight. Tir, it will be a big battle tomorrow. Many lives will be lost. But you must go on. For all the soldiers who believe in a better future. For Gremio. Right? I'm going back to my room now. Tir. Let's win tomorrow.

Yes, let's win tomorrow, for a better future.

The next morning...

: No kidding. Using my Thrash for something like this.

: Commander TIr, please take a look at this. It's made out of ice. They froze it by using a dragon's breath.

I'll be damned. Mathiu's a genius.

: Incredible. It's floating all right, and pretty sturdy too.

(The army battle is done in screenshot form again, since there are no new elements to the RPS style, and the battle was over almost as quickly as it began.)

Kage! What is their next plan?

Kasumi! Go!

Fuma! You're up!

(As you can see, by this point, just by having the ninjas, it's almost impossible to actually lose an army battle. In 3 turns, I have killed almost 75% of Sonya's soldiers.)


: Commander Tir,w e will burn this fortress down with oil. To do so, you must go and close the floodgate at the far end of this fortress. As soon as it's closed, we'll pour the oil and set the fortress on fire.

: At the far end of the fortress?

: Yes. Kasumi has already scouted the area. Please choose your men.

: Tir, let's get going.

: Tir, Humphrey and I are going to pursue the survivors!

: My hands are full with the injured.

( Voting Time! )

Unite Attacks

(Four characters, 2 S-range limit with the exception of mages. We're getting closer and closer to the end, this is the last real dungeon of the game. Cast those votes )