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Part 6: Chapter Six: A Dark and Stormy Night

Chapter Six: A Dark and Stormy Night

: Sure beats the dried meat we've been eating. Finally some food fit for humans.

: What are you talking about? You'd eat anything to fill your stomach.

: You've got a point there. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

: Young Master, I've made some tea.

Oh sweet, I love tea. I'm going to go grab it myself.

: Young Master, what in the ... Cleo! Pahn! Give us a hand!

: Ted! What happened?

: All this blood. And this wound, it's not natural. Magic?

: What are you doing? Bring him in immediately. Young Master, give us a hand.

(Option 1)

: Ready? Put your hand on my shoulder and....heave ho...

(Option 2)

: Young Master! Don't just stand there!

: Take it easy on him. Look what's happened to his best friend. He's in shock. Can you blame him? Young Master, let me through.

(The only real difference in the two is that Cleo moves if you refuse to help.)

What about my tea?

: But then, why would he have a magic wound?

: He's coming around.

: Uhhh... ohhh.... where am I? Where are they? The Imperial Guard, aren't they here yet? Help me Tir.

: Relax, everything's fine. Tell us what happened after you calm down.

: Gremio, I...

Ted relayed his story to us. (Flashback!)

: Keep quiet and wait. Commander Kraze is seeing Lady Windy now.

: OK, OK.

: You haven't changed a bit in 300 years. I'm envious.

: You! You're that witch! ( )

: Well now, you remember me, do you? That pleases me. Of course you've never left my mind for a moment. Now give me that rune you have in your right hand.

: No way! I'd rather...

: What are you doing?

: It's the Cursed Rune, the "Soul Eater." Its power...

: Don't be a fool. If you use that here, You'll destroy yourself too.

(End Flashback)

: Hey Ted.

: He's passed out again.

: What is going on here? It seems the Imperial Guard was after him. But how can that happen...

: What are you accusing Ted of? He's a good boy!

: I don't know, Cleo. ( ) Maybe we better contact the Imperial Guard.

: Why? Your best friend would never do anything to harm the Empire! Why should we call the guard?

: But we can't be sure. We can't cause problems while Master Teo is away.

: Well then, we'll wait until Ted wakes up.

: Ted's fever isn't getting any better. I'm going to wake up the shopkeeper and buy some medicine.

You don't need to do that, Pahn. You've got some medicine in your inventory. He must be so upset, he just forgot about it. Poor guy.

: It's a nasty rain. Gives me the shivers.

: Uhhhh...

: He's waking up.

: N.............. I'm be a bother.

: Forget it. What did you mean by "Soul Eater"?

: Tir, please... Will you do something for me?

(Second choice and loop)

: Please, Tir. A big favor. (No.) All right. I'm always asking you for "big favors", but this is the last one. Please... (No.) Please, Tir. I'm in pain. Don't tease me...(loop)

Last favor? In pain? Don't talk like that, Ted.

(First choice)

: Tir, take off my right glove.

Seems a little weird, but okay...

: What's this?

: Not one of the 27 True Runes?

: Yes, it is. This one is called the "Soul Eater"... the Cursed Rune... The source of all this trouble, and why the Court Magician - Windy - is after me...

: Why? Why Lady Windy? Why would she do such a thing?

: I don't know why, but that witch wants this rune. I've been wandering the world for 300 years, trying to escape from her. I never thought she'd find me here. My mistake was using the rune's power at Mt. Seifu.

Of all the Imperial Capitals in all the world, she had to come to this one.

: Is this what you used to blow away the Queen Ant?

: Tir.........with this wound, I'll never escape from that witch. I hate to bring friendship into this. And knowing it will bring unhappiness. But.... But....., you're the only one! Please! Please protect this rune! This Cursed Rune must never fall into the hands of Windy. You're the only one I can entrust this to. Please, take it. Please take this rune.

(Second choice and loop)

: You're the only one... I can depend on. (No.) Please... Please don't let my 300 years of suffering be for nothing. (No.) Tir...You're...the only friend I have...Please...take this rune.(loop)

(First choice)

: Thank you, Tir. This rune... may bring you suffering. If it does, blame me. But you must never...., never let this rune fall into Windy's hands. Give me your right hand, Tir.

: And now... I... can... Relax.

CRASH! What was that noise?!

: Y-yes?

: Out front. follow me, Gremio.

: Yes, Cleo.

Well, I wasn't going to just sit in here alone with Ted. He needed to relax, and I wanted to see what made that loud noise.

: Give us Ted. We know he's here. Loyal Pahn here told us.

Pahn!? What the hell, man?

: Pahn! You!

: Why, Pahn? How can you do this?

: I can't allow any trouble to happen while Master Teo's away. I can't lose his trust in me. Please understand.

: Drag Ted out of there.

: I won't allow it, Kraze. No one, even a Commander of the Imperial Guard can enter Master Teo's house without just cause.

: That's right! I swear on my hatchet I won't let you pass.

<> That's right! You'll have to take Ted over their dead bodies!

: So, you're giving up, huh?

: Tir.... they think... I still have the "Soul Eater". I'll be the bait...while you escape.

: Then what about you, Ted.

(First choice and loop)

: Don't worry about me. I'll get away too... (No.) I trust you. So you must trust me too... (No.) Don't disappoint me. I know that you... You can understand how I feel.(loop)

(Second choice)

: Young Master! With that wound, Ted will never get away.

: Quiet, Gremio. Young Master knows it too. But he must keep his promise to Ted by leaving right away. Right, Young Master?

: H-hurry!

: I understand. Young Master, let's escape through the back of the kitchen.

: In 300 years, you were my only... My only true friend.

Oh no, what are we going to do? Where are we going to go? We've got to get out of here!

Run away!

: Why, aren't you the young Master McDohl? What in the... come on in.

: What the... Oh well, forget it. You probably can't tell me about it. Don't worry. You're welcome to hide out here. I'll put it on your tab.

: Thank you so much.