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Original Thread: Summoner - Please don't destroy me, or my entire civilization! [SSLP]



Hey it's SUMMONER. Wait. Does this look familiar?
Keith Parkinson

Summoner, developed by Volition, Inc. was released on October 26, 2000 as a launch title for the PlayStation 2 and was subsequently ported to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.
Volition is best known for the Saint's Row series of games, which I have never played.
Point being, they aren't known for RPGs.

Summoner's combat system is a hybrid system incorporating real-time and turn-based combat,
with characters essentially "taking turns" to attack during real-time gameplay.
There is a Chain Attack mechanic as well, this can lead to absurdly long combos, basically
resulting in you slapping the enemy repeatedly as they stand there and take it until they drop dead.
Special abilities and spells are unlocked as you level and can be assigned to these chain attacks for sweet combos.
Oh yeah, and Joseph can summon stuff, or junk. Whatever.

The the backstory has a bit of depth to it as well. As you will soon see.
Though the naming does try a bit too hard. I'm looking at you Araenugeth!

The game has a pretty good soundtrack. Unreal Tournamenty.
Like a fantasy Deus Ex. Deus Enya... Given the era, that's to be expected I suppose.

Overall, it ends up being quite enjoyable, though flawed in some areas.

The Cast:

Flashing his sweet tat and rings of power.

+Can summon junk, like the devil
+Can use magic
+Can wear heavy armor

-If he dies while summoning, the summon will attack you
-Destroys all civilizations he comes in contact with
-Kind of a baby
-Looks like a freshly exhumed revenant

As deadly as Joseph is whiny

+Highest damage potential
+Can sneak around (Not a lie now)
+Can identify items
+Exploding kicks

-Thinks Joseph is useful at the moment
-Abnormal smile


+Wants to kill Joseph
+Buffest dude around
+Coolest Dude According to the Khosani

-Hasn't killed Joseph yet

Magical Sass Generator

+Can use all offensive magic schools
+Back talks anyone in a 5ft radius
+Can light things on fire while invisible

-Jealous of Joseph because of Yago
-Made of paper
-AI loves to slam her face into enemy fists

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