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Sunless Sea

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Part 29: That which came before

Journal entry 28 – That which came before

From The Journal of Captain Petra Blackwood,

continued from the previous entry.

It was there that I discovered the Adventuress in a standoff with the Mayor – I knew, immediately, what I was to do. I don't take being buried alive lightly. And I wasn't going to let her get away with the Legacy.

Fortunately, it seems like everyone present was in agreement in the matter.

The only remaining order of business, then, was determining what was to be done with the Legacy. It was certainly not about to be returned to the tomb. And while I could have made an argument for taking some with me, I was happy to let the monkeys keep the monkey souls for their flying machine crew.

With that matter settles, the Adventuress was taken off to await the terrible mockery of justice that is the law in the Empire of Hands. As my crew made preparations for departure – it took some time, as I had bargained with several of the local monkeys to provide us with a supply of food for the trip ahead – I decided to see just what they'd planned to do.

While I had, in the moment, been strongly in favor of killing her – and I admit, given the chance, I still just might be – What she's having to endure, in the form of wretched humiliation, is probably better. I'll spread the word around in London among the captains that she shouldn't be picked up. Bad luck, I'll say. Traded her soul to the monkeys.

I imagine she might be here for quite a while.

Sepember 2nd, 1888

Our arrival in the Chelonate was, as it often is, heralded by the passing of great rotting beasts and clouds of vile insects.

After I collected my information from my usual sources, I heard the sound of someone offering unusual services. He sought tales, and would record them for a small fee. I now posess a Bound-Shark tooth with images of the Unfinished firing upon a Lorn-Fluke; it's a moving rendition. However, he wanted something else, the story of the killing of the turtle they live in. His direction to find 'History's Shore', to me, sounds like one of two places – On the shores of Parabola, or the shores of Nuncio. I'll have a chance to check them both on the return home.

Sepember 2nd, 1888

Just as our supplies were running thin, Aestival comes out of the darkness like a beacon of hope.

We filled our hold with its bounty, but there was a price to be paid. Slush, old salt that he was, did not tolerate the sun well. We held a service for him – after we got off the island. We each said a few words about the man who might be one of the few in the 'neath lucky enough to have flowers grow out of him instead of mushrooms.

Which isn't to say it WON'T be mushrooms. I failed to secure the Blemmigans while we loaded the hold, figuring they would not be interested in the sunny island. I was, it turns out, incorrect. One of them braved the sun and seems to be intent on setting down roots here. Hopefully it doesn't burn.

Sepember 5th, 1888

We will have visited Irem.

Our arrival has been accompanied by the arrival of a Blemmigan. It will grow in the dark, among rose petals and warm snow. It has always been, but someday they will remove it. For now, though – Blemmigans.

I will have traded most of the Darkdrop Coffee for Linen, but saved one bag to offer to the House of Amber Sky and have been dreaming ever since.

On the far side of dreams I found the Waswood, a place that old stories go and can live evermore.

The place is made for things that are forgotten. I was sharp. I will be guided by the dead. My companions and my wits lead me deep.

But the going had been slow. I was not for this place. People knew me, remembered me – but perhaps the Waswood would change that? I will not ever be completely forgotten. I have abandoned the place for now, but feel I left much of me behind. I must rest and be remembered.

And so, Petra reired to her cabin and plotted a course back to London. On the way, there were stops at Wisdom, Nuncio, Khan's Shadow, Khan's Heart and Gaider's Mourn. A pirate steam-pinnacle was sunk and a giant eel was hunted. The treasures and artifacts gained from Varchas were sold off in Khan's Shadow. No new events were encountered for the whole of the trip, although she did help another man escape from the White-and-Golds in Khan's Heart and she ate some mysterious meat in Gaider's Mourn.