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by Moon Slayer

Part 1: Reminiscent, but Vastly Different


Humanity has spread to the four corners of the galaxy. Subjugating all life, we have become the dominant species throughout the stars. Yet, we are far from secure. War brews from the northern quadrant of the galaxy. PACT, the People’s Alliance, has toppled the once mighty New Empire. Led by a mysterious individual known only as Veniczar Arcadius, PACT seeks to subjugate the galaxy under its new world order.

Distant from the brewing clouds of war, the neutral world of Cera seemed safe from the approaching PACT war machine. It is on this quiet world where our journey begins …

Yes, our protagonist’s name is “Kayto Shields.” He looks like this:

We won’t actually be seeing him very much since we’re looking through his eyes most of the time.

How much further until we get there?
Just a moment now. Can't wait until you meet your girl, can you sir?
I haven't seen Ava since we were in high school. I doubt she even remembers me.
The commander? Psh, not her! I mean the Sunrider. The newest ship in the fleet! Here, let me turn the ship around and give you a view.

Aye, there. Have a look at her. So advanced that the brass needed to train a new line of officers to fly her.
She looks like a fine vessel.
Just hang tight, captain. Won't be long now.

Captain on deck!
Welcome aboard, captain. First Officer Ava Crescentia reporting for duty.

Alas, I’m going to have to cut this first update very short because we have our first decision to make. Kayto seems to have some history with his first officer. So, how does he greet her on this reunion?

A: Professional
At ease, commander. Give me a report on the Sunrider's status.

B: Friendly
It's been a while, Ava.

Choices actually matter in this game, and I’m going to put all of the ones that will actually have an effect in the future up for a vote. These will affect everything from dialogue to character availability to who survives the story. There is also a hidden affection mechanic that plays a part as well. Having said that, though, I want to make it clear that this is not a dating sim. Mostly. Kinda. You’ll see.

Voting will be typically open for roughly 24 hours so that I can keep this thing moving. I’ve yet to LP an entire game in under two years but there’s a first time for everything!