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Part 2: Welcome Aboard

At ease, commander. Give me a report on the Sunrider's status.

We've been working for the past two weeks testing her systems. She's prepped to go on your word, sir.
Good. It sounds like High Command wants us out of here ASAP. Tell me more about the Sunrider.

She's the newest ship in the fleet. She's armed like a warship, but built like a carrier. We can field up to twelve ryders and also provide capital ship support for them. Her biggest asset is the vanguard cannon. They took a gun from a battleship-class warship, modified it extensively, and put it on the front of our ship. It works like a charm and can rip holes through ships over twice as big as ours. Not only that, but the Sunrider can be flown with a crew of just 50 and has one of the most efficient warp drives in the fleet. We'll be able to jump across the galaxy in just days.
Sounds like a fine vessel. What have you heard about this fleet-wide alert?

Don't tell me you don't know. Rynar surrendered to PACT this morning.
Already? That's another neutral world that's been taken by PACT.
Not only that, but PACT's taken Minerva, Barona, and Gerald in the past three months. One neutral planet after another. What do you think that means?
Encirclement. We're next.
Exactly. So that's why High Command's not taking any risks. If any hostiles enter our gravity well, we're to open fire first and ask questions later.
Let's move on. What's next on our agenda?
First, a tour of the ship.
Oh good.
As you've noticed, this is the Sunrider's hangar. We can store up to twelve ryders here.
I don't see any ryders here. Where are they now?
We won't be receiving them until Wednesday.

This is the Sunrider's main bridge. This is where you'll be commanding the ship. I’ll usually be here if you ever need me.

This is engineering. The ship's main reactor is located here and we can also use the lab to research and construct new equipment. Unfortunately, the research lab's not open yet.
That's also going to be available on Wednesday?

This is the ship's mess hall. We can come down here to eat and relax after work.
Sounds good to me.

Finally, these are your personal quarters.
Looks like I've moved up in life. Wow, it's almost like a loft in Cera City.

Please don't mess up your room too much, captain.
I've already got some ideas on how to redecorate it.

You can come here to access your personal logs and other material. Furthermore, if a member of the crew needs your help with something, they'll be waiting outside of your door.
Alright. A happy ship makes for a strong ship.
And that concludes our tour. Like I said, I'll be on the bridge most of the time, so you can come to me if you need help.
What's next?
I'm afraid we'll have to cut the formalities short, captain. Like I said, Command wants us out of drydock as soon as possible. We are scheduled for our first live engine test. We'll be undocking shortly and making one loop around the moon.
Fine with me. Let's return to the bridge and see what the Sunrider's capable of.

All hands, this is your captain speaking. Man your stations. Activate the main reactor and light the engines. Momentarily, we'll begin a live test of our engines by undocking and making one loop of the moon. We are to enter condition two as soon as we clear drydock. Raise shields and scan for any possible hostiles. I know this is just a test, but keep your guard up. I want everyone to be on their feet in case we run into any problems.
Main reactor is coming online, captain. Power is increasing.
Wake our lady up, Ava. We're getting out of here.
Aye sir. Helmsman, light the engines.
Engineering reports the reactor is working within acceptable parameters. Power is increasing to the engines. Umbilicals disconnected. Engine activation in three, two …

Suddenly the screen shakes and there’s an explosion sound. It’s hard to convey so when bangers get dropped on the ship I’ll probably just put in a *BOOM*.

What the hell was that!?

Engineering reports the reactor core is still stable. No explosions reported in either deck 0 or 2. Captain, the only place that blast could have come from is outside.
Outside!? As in-
Contact! PACT warp signatures detected!
Missile boats! They jumped in right under our noses!
Cancel the engine test! Battle stations!
Aye, captain. All hands, battle stations! Set condition one throughout the ship! This is not a drill!
This is turning out to be one hell of a maiden flight. Ava, what's our weapon status?

Limited. The vanguard cannon is still offline. We have flak turrets, saviors, and a few shots of hell darts.
Captain ... you're not seriously thinking of taking the Sunrider into battle, are you? We haven't even completed any of our engine tests, much less any munitions checks.
No time like the present, Ava.


And from the sound of things, I don't think PACT's going to wait for us to finish our tests. Get this ship operational, double time.

Aye sir. Helmsman, all power to engines! Warning, we have one bogey inbound! Computer identifies it as a PACT missile frigate!


Engines online!

We're in the clear. Sunrider is joining the fight.

Next time: The First Battle of Cera!