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Part 9: Base Desires

We still have an obligation to the law. Pick them up and lock them in the brig.
Aye, captain. I'll inform security.
But captain, these guys could just bribe themselves out of jail! They're too dangerous to let live!

Arrgghh, all right, all right, you're right.
Asaga can get a little too excited at times, especially when people are being hurt. I'm glad you're here to keep her on the right path, captain.

Alas, even after that side mission we don’t have enough funds yet to get the Sunrider a shield generator. I do, however, buy a torpedo. Right now we can only carry two.

Okay, with that out of the way, it’s time to hunt some pirates.

All right everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for any pirate vessels. The rocks here are interfering with our scanners, so I'm 120 percent sure the pirates are waiting to ambush us.
Roger that! We're all ready down here in the hanger! Just give the word, capt'n!
Alert, incoming pirate fleet!

Apparently anyone can just phone in to our bridge.

Anyway, we’ve got a familiar-looking pirate fleet consistent of grunts, bombers, and destroyers. Behind them, however …

… is our objective. In theory we just need to blow this up, but doing so will be much easier with the other units out of the way.

Step one, eliminate the bombers.

Getting them off the board is even more important this time, because the asteroid base can fire two volleys of 15 rockets each turn.

That’s a lot of incoming, and even with overlapping flak bubbles four get through.

Fortunately, four isn’t going to do much against heavy armor. Now if that armor was, say, weakened by a few torpedo hits first, then we could be in trouble.

The grunts and destroyers can shoot all the lasers they want, at this early point in the game the Liberty’s shields are more than enough.

Still lacking shields themselves, the remaining pirate units are cleaned up, leaving just the base.

Which is why I bought this.

Chigara turns their flak off, and our torpedo one-hit kills the base.

That’ll buy our new shield generator.

Of course we do, Ava. This is only the beginning of our story.
And I look forward to seeing how it'll continue. The girls should be in the hanger; you should go and celebrate with them.

Without it, their activities in this sector are practically finished. But I don't think we've seen the last of them yet. They've probably retreated deeper into uncolonized space. They'll probably come back for revenge.
Sounds like we've made some enemies today.
Eh-hehh ... As promised, I'll be glad to join you aboard the Sunrider. If you've got a war against PACT, then sign me up!
Good to hear that. PACT is still getting stronger with each day. We'll need all the help we can get if we're going to stop them.
Understood, capt'n! Asaga Oakrun at your service!
We’ll need to assign you a room on the Sunrider.
I'm lookin' forward to a bed! It gets uncomfortable sleeping on the Black Jack sometimes ...
Ava can help you get moved in.
Oh, by the way, I think Chigara's wanted to talk to you. You should go speak to her!

Welcome back, Chigara. You did good out there.
Eh-heh ... Really? I wonder ...
What are your plans now?
Umm ... Well, I guess with Asaga gone, it's going to get more lonely. And business hasn't been so good at the bakery either ...
You should join us on the Sunrider, too. We could use an extra pilot like you.
E-eh!? Really!? Is that allowed?
Of course it is. I'm the captain.
Eh-heh... Well, I guess I don't really have a choice, do I?
Welcome to the Sunrider, Chigara. I've got to go now, but you can speak to Ava if you have any problems with moving in.
Understood, captain. I look forward to working with you.

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