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Part 12: Escort Mission

4.3: Escort Mission

Like all escort missions, this one sucks.

The goal is to either get the Agamemnon to the far right side of the map, or destroy all enemies. Spoiler, clearing the map is easier, because enemies are constantly spawning in. If you just focus on moving, you’re going to get overwhelmed eventually.

We’re still going to make a run for it, just in case the RNG isn’t kind. I also pop All Guard to boost everyone’s defenses. 90% of the time I’m running Full Forward (the boost to damage) but in this case I need to make sure the Agamemnon can take more than a few hits.

Because PACT will go for it hard. Keeping the Agamemnon inside the Liberty’s shield bubble is critical.

Okay, maybe we’re making some progress …

NOPE, time for reinforcements, including:

Bombers. Joy.

Chigara eats a torpedo and I have to burn a turn using her repair ability instead of moving the Agamemnon forward.

Okay, you know what? Fuck this.

Remember the big gun the Sunrider was built around? Well, we got it fixed.



It’s very satisfying. It also uses 2500 command points, so you’d better have enough banked up that you can still keep the attack or defense boost active.

We’re getting nose-to-nose with the PACT fleet, close enough that the Sunrider’s main guns come into play. We’ll be using these a lot more when I can pump more funds into upgrades. In fact, late-game Sunrider is built around dealing kinetic damage.

The remaining bomber is making a nuisance of itself still, but we’re sitting pretty good, until …

Oy! Don't you see what's happening here!? If you go through with this, all those children are gonna die!
And if I don't, a million more will die as PACT conquers planet after planet!
You don't even know if letting everyone die now will prevent that! Screw thinking about what might happen tomorrow! 'Cause you've got innocents to protect today, right in front of you!
You're naïve. War cannot be won without sacrifice. The righteous like you are just blind to reality!
Y-you're crazy!

Icara, possibly having let Asaga get under her skin, flies right up to our fleet.

Fortunately after moving halfway across the map she doesn’t have enough energy to do her melee attack.

Which is good because while Asaga’s armor is holding her HP is getting worrying.

She gladly returns the favor though, and the Phoenix is out. For now. It respawns … I want to say every 2? … turns, forever.

Fortunately, the RNG has been kind this time around. Because I lowered the difficulty level even more. This mission sucks.

HAH! You think you've won? The only thing you'll accomplish today is allow PACT to win this war! And I'll never allow that! With these very hands... I'll rid the galaxy of PACT! For everyone that they've murdered!
Icari, stop!

Why ...
Because you're not like PACT, Icari. Don't ever forget that.

Spool up our warp drive. Get us out of here too. All ryders, return home. That includes you, Icari.
Understood. Phoenix, returning.

Good job, Asaga. I admit, I was starting to sweat pretty heavily there.
Eh-heh ... Any time!
Good job to you too, Chigara.
Eh-heh … Thank-you, captain.

Well, I guess it's better being one of the good guys after all, huh Icari?
… I guess I was wrong. For just a moment there, I would actually have done it. I would have shot at those kids, just to get even with PACT.
My whole family was killed by PACT when I was just twelve years old. We were ... just space explorers. But they still came onboard, demanding charts that we knew nothing about.

I ... barely managed to get to the escape pod before they blasted the ship... I drifted through space for five days until I was rescued by an Alliance patrol. In the end ... I was the only survivor.
They all deserve to die for what they did ... I've spent my whole life trying to avenge my family. And I won't stop now.
You want to avenge your family by murdering a bunch of children? You won't be any better than PACT if you did that.
I know...
I know a better way. Our hangar bay's awfully empty, and we're looking for skilled pilots. You play by our rules, and there might be a space for you onboard this ship. We'll defeat PACT the right way, without harming any innocents. It'll be a hard mission and we might all die trying, but I'd rather be dead than forget about what we're fighting to protect.
You'd still have me on your team? Even after all I've done?
Everyone on this ship knows what it feels like to lose family. Don't think for a second that you're alone.

There is a way to win. PACT won't get away with what they did to Cera, or your family. I'll make sure we all get payback.
All right ... You have a deal. I'll help you defeat PACT ... and in exchange, I'll play by your rules.

Oy, Capt'n, you suppose putting this person on our ship is a good idea? She's already tried to betray us one too many times ...
We're all trying to stop PACT, aren't we? Besides, we'll need all the help we can get.
All right, I guess an extra wing mate isn't so bad ... So long as she's aiming at PACT.
I swear, I'll win your trust. We'll fight together from now.
Yeah ... but I think I'll lock the doors when I sleep, just in case ...
Ah ... W-welcome to the team, Icari ... Eh-heh...

Unbelievable ...
Haahhahahaha! C'mon capt'n! Come join me and Chigara! We have so much to talk about!
Well Ava, looks like you'll be taking a break. And Icari, you too.
S-seriously... I guess I have no choice then …

Next time: Medical Emergence