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Part 18: Wedding Plans

Since the thread has been discussing the mismatch in tones in this story, I should mention that I strongly suspect that there was more than one author. Mostly I think this because when I started really going through the game’s script I immediately noticed that some sections have one space after periods, and other sections are wrong (two spaces). Also I’m pretty sure that one of the authors doesn’t speak English as their first language, as a lot of the typos and weird grammar and syntax I am correcting are the kind of errors that a non-native speaker would make. Other sections are much more naturally written.

I have not, and will not, do any research to verify these theories. Now, back to the show!

However, we've used up our last stock of repair drones.
See if we can get some more from the Mining Union.
Aye captain.
What's the situation on Ryuvia?
Alliance intel reports that four PACT fleets have converged on the planet. The Veniczar's flagship, the Legion, arrived there yesterday. All together, they estimate Asaga is behind approximately six hundred PACT ships and one superdreadnought. Any rescue operation will be akin to suicide now.

Asaga's a member of our crew. I'm not going to abandon her.
Captain, Asaga is merely one person. You have a duty to protect this ship; throwing all our lives away for one pilot would be a foolhardy decision.
Not if we have a plan.
Do we?
Chigara, come in.

Tell us what you got from data we gathered from the Seraphim.
I've managed to reverse engineer the Seraphim's targeting computer, which allowed some substantial upgrades to the Sunrider's navigational computer. We will now be able to make pinpoint FTL jumps with an exit area within eight centimeters of our target and relative speed control within 0.01 meters per second.

I’m going to assume Chigara is being hyperbolic here, because an FTL system that involves the ship materializing around objects sounds like a bad idea. “Materializing with a chunk of space rock travelling ten thousand kilometers per hour relativisticly inside your engine core”’ bad.

And how's that going to help us?
According to Alliance intel, the marriage will take place in low orbit around Ryuvia, in the Star Palace. We'll make a pinpoint jump right next to the main hall, pick Asaga up, then hightail it out of Ryuvia before the PACT fleet can respond.
Captain, you do realize that once the Sunrider warps into low orbit, we won't be able to warp out until we've cleared the planet's gravity well?

More clues on how FTL works in this universe! Ships can warp into gravity wells but not out. Also from the last update we know that drives take time to charge. No hopping around enemy ships like in the mid-season one finale of Star Trek: Discovery.

One thing at a time, Ava. We'll have the element of surprise. Nobody will expect the Sunrider to warp past the entire PACT fleet and come out on top of the Star Palace.

You're as reckless as ever.
I'm going to protect everyone on this ship, Ava. Nobody gets left behind. Not while I'm the captain.
Understood, captain. I ... will be in my office, readying the battle plans.
Everyone's dismissed.


Not that there's anywhere to hide on board our flagship anyways! Bwah-hahah!
You are arrogant, Cullen. You will do well to remember I am still royal consort to Veniczar Arcadius and above your station.
Hah! Above my station, you say? It is you who must consider your position. As long as you are aboard my ship, you belong to me. Your position in that sad little kingdom is meaningless. The Ryuvia of the old is gone. It is I, the governor of the Neutral Rim, who you should obey!

Y-you're disgusting ...
I see you are busy entertaining our guest, Cullen.

This is a guy, BTW.

We will reach Ryuvia momentarily. I've received orders from headquarters that Veniczar Arcadius himself is to take command of the fleet for the state wedding. We are to prepare for his arrival. And you will do well to keep your hands off things which do not belong to you.
Hmph! I was doing no such thing. Now, get me the security plans for the wedding!
Merely because he is young, he thinks he owns this place! I'll show that whelp who owns what once I'm governor of Ryuvia... Hmph! Always interfering at the worst of times…
. I see our old Imperial is still up to his usual habits. Well then, your highness, it is time for me to take my leave as well.

A pleasure. I'm sure we will be seeing each other more often. Well then ... my regards, your highness.

Both Cullen and Fontana are “Veniczars,” as is the still-unseen Arcadius; the implication being that PACT is run by a committee, with Arcadius being a sort of first among equals. Given the rather blatant communist trappings of PACT, that would make the veniczars something akin to the Politburo or the Central Committee.

Since I’m a history and geopolitics dork, I actually think that the writers did a good job with PACT. A “people’s revolution” immediately devolving into factionalism and aggression is the most common outcome of said revolutions, after all. France, Russia, China, just to name a few. Another interesting tidbit is that Cullen is a former Imperial, the opening of the game stating that PACT was a rebellion against something called the “New Empire.” Most likely, he’s someone who turned traitor when he saw which way the wind was blowing.

This is the sort of stuff that makes me forgive a lot of the more annoying anime trappings of this story.