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Part 26: The Battle of Far Port

We may be outnumbered, but we’ve got a bold plan, reinforcements on the way, moxy, and a new ryder to play with.

The Paladin is exactly what it looks like: a tank. It’s slow, heavily armored, and has a kinetic attack on par with the Sunrider. It’ll get a bit more flexibility later in the series, but for now, park Kryska in the middle of your formation and obliterate anything dumb enough to get too close.

Backing us up are two Alliance cruisers, basically smaller versions of the Sunrider.

Hiding behind a screen of cruisers is our objective: the two PACT carriers. What they lack in offensive weaponry they more than make up for in their ability to spawn ryders every turn. I’m not sure there’s even an upper limit to how many they’ll spawn, leaving open the very real possibility that if you leave them alone for too long you’ll get swarmed eventually.

There’s a lot of firepower between us and them, but we have one more trick up our proverbial sleeve.

Chigara’s upgrades to our warp core now let us make pinpoint short-range jumps. That would be pretty useful on its own, but note that it says this can be used with another order in the same turn. Which means we can combine it …

… with the Vanguard cannon.

Eat shit, Cullen.

And because those were command point abilities, we still have our normal attacks this turn.

Not only were those cruisers protecting the carriers, they were providing shields to the forward ryder screen. With them gone, they’re vulnerable to laser attacks. Icari slices one up as well.

And just like that, in one swift move the PACT command fleet has been reduced to two carriers -- one damaged and the other disabled by Chigara -- and a handful of ryders.

One down. The carrier did shit out a bomber on its turn, but some long-range rockets from the Alliance cruisers make short work of it.

PACT is on the ropes when the frigate group makes its appearance.

Unprotected by any shield or flak units, they can’t really accomplish much. Cullen really did screw the pooch on this one.

Kryska finally gets something to do when she dispatches the last PACT vessel. And just like that, it’s over.

The fool. We long suspected his incompetence.
Shall we assist?
Yes, Fontana. Prepare to fire the Legion's main cannon.
Sir ... At this distance, there is a risk that we would hit our own ships as well.
That is irrelevant. Destroy them all.
Understood, my Veniczar.

What's the status of the enemy command fleet?
We've taken down most of the command ships, but Cullen's flagship still remains!
W-wait ... Energy spike detected! It's the Legion!
Order the fleet to take evasive maneuvers!

Hiakili cruiser squadron has been annihilated! Taylor squadron is down to three cruisers! Two of PACT's own vessels were caught in the blast and vaporized as well!
Arcadius ... you insane son of a bitch...
Merge Taylor squadron with Arturia! Move our ships closer to the PACT vessels!
Aye, sir!
Don't let the Legion take down any more of our ships without destroying twice as many of their own!

And why is he allowed to just appear on the bridge!
All ships, target the Sunrider!

Heh! What do you expect to do with those tiny lasers, girl?


Confirmed hit! Cullen’s flagship has been destroyed!


Enemy cruisers are continuing to fire! Our shields are down to 33 percent! We won't be able to survive much more of this!
Order the fleet to scatter! We’ve done everything we can here!
Aye, captain!

Never thought that I'd ever end up like this ...
Wait ...! Look!

I commend you for holding out this long, captain.

Show these reds what happens when you cross the Alliance!

The Alliance First Fleet has arrived with 200 fresh ships. Our intel indicates that more Alliance reinforcements are en route. Shall I commit the Legion to the battle?
… No. The battle no longer favors us. Order our forces to fall back.
Understood, my leader.
… This loss is irrelevant. Soon ... the galaxy will witness the true power of what we accomplished at Diode ... And tremble!

*Assorted celebrations*

Kind of hard to take that seriously when you're grinning ear to ear. Ava.
W-wha...? I'm not --!

Well, I guess you're not that bad of a shot. Just call me Icari from now, alright? I don't like ranks or titles in front of my name.
Of course.
Well, it looks like you two are getting along for a change.
Captain. I apologize for my actions, sir. I expect to be escorted by Commander Crescentia to the brig now that the crisis has passed.
About that … Here's the data you were trying to access. We're going to be a team from now on, so we're going to have to learn to trust each other. The next time you need information, why don't you just ask?
If we're going to get anything done, it's going to be done together.
Understood, sir. I will inform you personally if my superiors wish information in the future.


You did say you'd gather allies from across the galaxy.
Yeah. I did.
Well done, captain. Well done.