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Part 29: Election

With the new equipment we've received from the Alliance, I've managed to make some upgrades to your office.
Thanks Chigara.
Eh-heh ... I also took the liberty of adding a few more memorabilia to your office as well.


Elswhere ...

Uh … What are you doing here? Ava'll throw you into the brig if she catches you playing doctor again.
Ah-ah-ah~~ Guess what~~
Medical license reinstated? Claude ... You wouldn't have happened to bribe someone for this, would you?
Captain! I'm shocked at the suggestion! And here I stayed up every night for months taking distance learning classes! All because I wanted to help the ship!
(I'm pretty sure the outfit probably took just as long to make)
By the way, it's time for your checkup, captain ...

Aww … Anyway, now that sickbay is officially open, if someone gets hurt during battle we can put them in a tube containing a high density fluid with billions of nanomachines to quickly patch them back up. With this technique, it'll be possible to quickly put injured pilots back on the battlefield. Well, assuming the flight crew can repair the ryder quickly enough too.
We've requested a shipment of interchangeable parts for our ryders from the Alliance, so we should be good on that front.
You better be careful though. Supplies of the nano machines are highly limited. Traditional medical care should be the normal treatment, except in cases of emergencies.
All right ... I guess we could still use a doctor.
If anything aches, be sure to come right away!
Uh. Right. I'll ... think about it.

We now have a command point ability to put ryders that have been destroyed back into battle at full health.

Back to the office!

Food supplies ... medicine ... spare parts … a new GameStar Seven?
A personal request from a certain pilot.
I'm surprised you left that on there.
You're right. I'm getting too soft. Removed. By the way, have you seen this?
What have we here? The news? Huh, it's election year in the Alliance?
I forgot about it as well. And look who's running on the Universalist ticket.
“Division ... Politics ... Corruption … Deadlock ... While the Veniczar has been conquering the Neutral Rim, the Solar Congress has done nothing but play politics. A vote for Admiral Grey is a vote for honesty, integrity, and courage. Only an admiral can save us from the Veniczar, not a politician!”
“I'm Admiral Grey and I endorse this message.” Huh. All right. You think he has a chance of winning?
Almost certainly. The people are scared, and the Progress Party's appeasement of PACT was disastrous. I find it hard to imagine that the people would elect another Progress Party member to the office.

Choose one:


It's probably for the best if the Admiral wins. That way, we can win this war quickly.

This is bad news for us. Alliance militarization will mean fewer freedoms for the Neutral Rim.