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Part 33: Captured

No. I'm going with this to the press. The truth must be told.
Captain. Your idealism is noble. But it is not going to deliver food and medicine for the people of Ongess. Neither is it going to fuel our ships!
... I saw ...

Captain, in war, accidents happen!
Only when good men fail to act!
… You … Every Grey since the High Admiral has dedicated their lives to serving the Alliance. So many of us have died to protect the Alliance's ideals throughout the galaxy, only to see it torn apart by the squabbling politicians in the Solar Congress! I will not let them end me here! Not with all we've accomplished!
Then this has nothing to do with the innocents of Ongess. It's about you getting elected. Face it, admiral. You've become a politician. You're going to bury this under the carpet just to score a few votes with the public! While innocent children are getting killed, you'd rather play politics than stand for doing what's right!
... Very well, captain.

I did not join the military to cover up atrocities. Neither did my ancestors. We are ... honorable people. Here in the Alliance. I will open a public investigation. As well as attempt to make amends to the Ongessians.
Thank you, admiral.
Now, if you’ll excuse me …
Yes, sir.
And captain ...

I know.

Lieutenant Stares, please report to my office.

Before you say anything, as your liaison officer, I offer you my humblest apologies, sir! I was responsible for your safety during the inspection. And in that regard, I failed. I will accept whatever punishment you deem fit.
At ease, lieutenant. No, the inspection let me see a lot of things.

Choose one:

The Alliance cannot be trusted.

We have to stop Cosette and her gang together.